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  1. Hassouni, I think that the enzymes enable the release of moisture in the bananas. The semi dried apricots have less available moisture and may hold onto more product
  2. Did a Bananas Justino but added some amylase also got more product back than started with
  3. Just got my tracking number! Should be delivered by end of day tomorrow. Will hit the border either tomorrow or Saturday for pick up.
  4. May I enquire about your rotostator
  5. Kerry, i have blitzed isomalt in a vitamix. Powders imho very well and looks white. No pics as it was a month or so ago when making a cornbread
  6. It is an oil-less pump. The circulator is separately listed at $299. With a 1500 watt power usage if needed. The sealer is separately listed at $699. So the combo price is very good, basically buy the vac sealer and get a free circulator.
  7. Was browsing Webstaurant this pm and came across this. Effectively complete SV setup for $700. http://www.webstaurantstore.com/ary-vacmaster-vmasvp104-vacuum-packaging-machine-with-sous-vide-head-unit/120VMASVP104.html Haven't looked at the Ary vac sealer, so can not comment on deal worthiness.
  8. Shipping to Canada is normally about $80. So getting in at $129 means I'm getting the device for basically 50. Missed the opportunity to order two, even though already have a polyscience and anova v1. I like the idea of connectivity. It's a big throw down to polyscience.
  9. Matt, the boiling observed in a vacuum is not due to heat, so the meat is not cooked and the proteins are not denatured to the point of being "cooked". Meat thus packaged can be safely frozen and or cooked conventionally, or indeed sous vide. It certainly does not need to be thrown out.
  10. Enjoy it. Pretty much a permanent feature on my counter. My wife, who doesn't cook, even uses it! A successful purchase.
  11. Bump Alanjesq Just wondering how the oven is working out. Would like to hear about real world reviews Thx in advance
  12. Centigrade to Fahrenheit temp x1.8 + 32 Fahrenheit to Centigrade temp -32 / 1.8
  13. Wangjt They sent a tracking number, it was sent in the Wdnesday immediately after the old unit arrived
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