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  1. That's good. What will make or break this is clearly going to be the online community and how well that is implemented and how dependable those features are. The size and wattage is a bonus, but I'd suggest that if you need to hear up loads of water, you don't mind an extra two inches of machine. Likewise, if you're hearing 2 litres, you can make do with less wattage. The aesthetics are good and it fits the Apple iStore styling that middle classes like, so that makes a lot of sense... It's a shame for them that Aniva beat them to getting this in the Apple Stores. It's a great looking and clearly powerful machine - I love the Chefsteps team also, I might add - but I have a feeling they are at least a year too late with this.
  2. Your earlier bottle is a travel retail exclusive. Something to help it stand out as being unique to our fair isle, amongst rows of Gordon's et al. Either that or Heathrow haven't shifted last year's stock, as I saw it on the way to Belgium recently.
  3. Can't post now, out buying all the nutmeg. Also;
  4. Since I own two Anova PC1, with one constantly out in my cook corner and one at my girlfriend's I really can't see the appeal of the Joule. I only ever use the Anova App for odd timings like 17 minutes or such. The open source and community idea is great, but my PCs are hardly big and I never need to use that much liquid when cooking for one or two people. In this photo you can see in using a washing tablet box with a cut out in the flip up lid. It heats up in moment and is plenty stable . Where is the latest info on this?
  5. Help! I fucked up and made a tasty drink based on the subtleties and nuances of ingredients and their compatibility, rather than coming up with a zany pun or service vessel and finding ingredients to fit Name this drink: 1 part cachaca 1 part Swedish punsch 1 part Yellow Chartreuse 1 part lemon 1 dash BT Grapefruit bitters
  6. I was in Milk and Honey LDN the day before he passed. That place is the reason I ever wanted to carry on in this job. I don't really know what else to say. It's odd feeling a connection to a man you didn't ever meet.
  7. Thermodynamics all up in this. Anyway, we don't stir with thermometers because that is #wank, but we do often check our refrigerated and frozen pre-batches to see if they are comparable and therefore viable alternatives to stirred counterparts. Yes, frozen, pre-diluted Manhattan is amazing. See also; Slamhattan shots.
  8. Vermouth requires wormwood, as others have pointed out. Also, for reference Martini Dry contains 30g sugar per litre, to Lillet's 87g. I find Lillet pretty sweet as it's not far off the sugar content required to be a liqueur, YMMV
  9. Joking aside, my manager recently came up with a very simple, yet complex, GPtastic drink to try and use up some Amer 40ml Martini Dry 20ml Amer Picon 10ml Cynar Some Bitter Truth Grapefruit Bitters. Stirred, Up Probably had a lemon twist. Banging. Really impressive for something with next to no alcohol in it.
  10. No it's not and no, it's not.
  11. I crack my tins open with my left elbow/forearm all the time. It looks pretty fly for a white guy, if I do say so myself. Get well soon.
  12. Mine did the same and came loose in a couple of days.
  13. Dry shake with one ice cube after your proper shake, rather than before.
  14. If someone asked me for a Kangaroo, I'd ask what bar they worked at.
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