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  1. Thanks for all the replies. I tried it with just a Lemon wedge (virgin cocktail) and it was ok. I will probably do that again, or maybe use Grey Goose Citron vodka next.
  2. Hello I recently bought a San Pellegrino variety pack at Costco which had Ginger Beer, Orange flavored Tonic Water, and Oakwood flavored tonic water. I have obviously figured out a use for the Ginger Beer (Moscow Mules). I used the Orange Tonic water in a personal variation of an Aperol Spritz (2 Oz Aperol, 2 Oz Cranberry, 4 Oz Orange Tonic Water). I am scratching my head at what I would use Oak Flavored Tonic water with. If someone can give me a few ideas to go off of, I would really appreciate it. The S. Pellegrino website isn't much help at all. The link is below. Thank
  3. Ok, so I still have not gotten any additional bottles, but I did try a new recipe this morning. My 2nd Mai Tai ever; 1 Oz Appleton 12 1 Oz Wray & Nephew Over Proof 3/4 Oz Cointreau 3/4 Oz Orgeat Juice of a whole small lime (maybe 3/4 oz) NO Simple syrup. It was less sweet, but a bit too strong & boozy for an 11 AM pre-lunch cocktail. I did use crushed ice, and that did make an improvement over the big 2" cubes I used last time. I did find a store that carries Clement 6 & 10 Year and Neisson Blac, along with a few other Agricole'
  4. Ok, so I want to be like Jo. I want to be setup for both white and dark Mai Tai's! Based of this thread, I just bought a bottle of the Wray & Nephew Overproof Rum. It took 4 stores to find it. I also have both Cointreau and Grand Marnier now. I ordered a bottle of Smith & Cross coming later this week, was that a good move? I think this still leaves me without an acricole, right? I am trying to do this with as few bottles as possible, as space is a concern. I have room for 1 more bottle of rum maybe. What should I target as my next bottle?
  5. I am pretty experienced with wine. However, I am VERY new to aged rum. I just bought my first rum bottles this week, and I just made my first Mai Tai ever. I have a few questions after going through all these 17 pages. First the recipe I used. 1 Oz Appleton 12 1 Oz Zacapa 23 3/4 Oz Cointreau 3/4 Oz Orgeat Juice of a whole small lime (maybe 3/4 oz) 1/2 Oz Simple syrup. Questions; 1) I liked the drink, but it's like my first one ever, so I don't have much to compare it to. Can anyone recommend some tweaks to what I did? I am thin
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