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Rana: filled egg pasta and more


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Rana pasta ,refrigerated  noodles and filled pasta has been around here for a few years




Ive not looked too closely at it , as its significantly more expensive than 


Contadina ///   buttony /// Trader Joes // other store brands .  


I thought it was just a marketing   ''  Hand Made Italian Artisan ''


'then this showed up :




my thinking is that the company overpriced its niche , and was trolling for lower end shoppers 


i.e. Me.


then I made some , and discovered the pasta is egg pasta , if you will .  Ive made my own pasta , and ravioli in the past


w a standard Italin hand crank machine and a cu9isinart .  loved doing it.   the filled pasta Ive been getting is


pasta w/o the egg.  Ive never made filled pasta w egg pasta


its very different in taste and mouth feel.  and this brand has a version w prosciutto 




I  gave it a try 


mise :




same pot , but w less stock.  IMG_3243.thumb.jpg.d368c60785b000efc3dba69d4339a855.jpg


plated , w a little of the broth in the bowl.  from time to time when Ive made filed pasta 


as a plated dish , rather than in a bowl as soup . the pasta needed a little more stock or got sticky


the plate :




very generous w the EVOO


this stuff is terrific !  if you see this or other refrigerated egg pasta as torts or ray's  


give it a try .


needless to say Ive tried several of their version , ad liked them all


and indeed I stocked up during this sale .



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good to hear .


when you try their sauces 


please post you thoughts here


Ive got a lot of filled pasta now


but  Ill keep in mind fresh refrigerated egg


vs the dried egg pasta 



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I agree. The freshly made egg pasta is not even close to the same product as the massed produced frozen products. 

Given their availability in most grocery stores, sales and taste, they are my go to at timed, often with browned butter or a spoonful marinara with a slug of good olive oil. 

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We eat their cheese-filled pastas fairly often, either en brodo (when good stock is about) or with a pesto-cream sauce of our own making.


We tried the lasagna, but unlike @Maison Rustique, we did not enjoy it.


We've never tried the sauces, and most of the flat pastas and combinations (as meals or with sauce) aren't for sale here.


What we do employ often are the lasagna sheets, cut into extra-wide papardella-ish noodles for stroganoff or short-rib ragu and the like. It's not as good as freshly-made pasta (it's a tiny bit too thick), but it's miles better than dried-and-boxed-or-bagged noodles. It easily meets our 80/20 rule: 80% of the quality for 20% of the work.

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Rana means Frog in Spanish and the below is all I can think of when I see that name 


Sana, sana colita de rana! (something my mother would say in Spanish when I got a bump or bruise as a kid lol)  basically means heal, heal little frogs tail. Not sure I could buy Frog pasta. 



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I've tried two of the products (wild mushroom ravioli and 4 (or 5) cheese tortellini), and I can't see these products becoming part of my larder.


Last night I made the tortellini, and the first thing Sig Eater said after her first bite was: "these are mushy." I have to agree with her.  Indistinct fillings.

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After posting previously about liking their lasagne, I have a bad one to report. Costco had a Rana Meat Lovers Pizza Lasagna a month or two ago so I picked one up. Don't. It was absolutely tasteless. Yes, there were all the meats listed, but I couldn't taste anything except the bacon. The worst Rana product I've ever purchased. 

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