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  1. I really like the Bagel bombs, but i'm gonna be honest with you. I don't think the sweet potato crust pizza looks very good, or appetizing. I hope you enjoyed it, but if I saw it in a restaurant, I probably wouldn't order it. I hope you aren't upset at that, but I felt the urge to be honest here.
  2. Matthew.Taylor

    Vent about your screw-ups

    No I'd never dream of that. I'm still working on all the start-up stuff for my business right now. Yeah it turned out fine really, though I feel the layers didn't rise as much as they could, and I still don't fell that it tasted as good as it should. I'm going to be very careful about that in the future. White cake is part of what I call the Trifecta of cake (white, yellow, chocolate), and it's reportedly the traditional sponge for wedding cakes, so I need to get one down.
  3. Here’s something else I made today, as part of my bakeries first official order.
  4. OK, here's this weekends work. The cake is White Cake, and the shards are 60% cacao chocolate and colored white chocolate. It's not as tall as I'd like, but it is just practice.The shards were originally a chocolate fan I made with my first attempt at tempering chocolate, using the "melt the chocolate 75% Then take off the heat and add more" method. I think it worked pretty well all in all, though with my final decision for decorating, I felt they wouldn't really work they way I made them.
  5. Matthew.Taylor

    Vent about your screw-ups

    It's not a good weekend for baking. I decided to try out a White cake recipe for the first time tonight. it's in the oven as we speak. I tried tasting the dough before portioning it out, and it tasted really unsweet, which is because I forgot to add the sugar. Sigh. I quickly added the sugar in, and it tasted much better, hopefully it will turn out okay. I need a good wedding cake sponge.
  6. Matthew.Taylor

    Vent about your screw-ups

    OK, once again I have tried to make Macarons, and surprisingly, these were even worse than the first time, cracked all over and not tasting good at all. As such, in honor of this event, I am starting a venting thread for those bakes that just didn't work out. You were sure you were doing everything right, that you were following all the right instructions, but it just wouldn't come out right. So feel free to open up about this as you wish. Tell us about your disasters, offer advice and comfort where it is needed, whatever, Next weeks project: Mastering Macarons.
  7. The only person I really disliked was Ruby from season 2 (I think it was 2, I watch on Netflix and it calls it season 2, but I heard it was actually like 5 or something). She was just so whiny! Every time she was on it was always the same: “oh it’s just so terrible, it looks awful!” “It’s wonderful Ruby.” NEXT WEEK: “oh it’s just so awful!” I started to hope she’d get eliminated just so she’d stop whining.
  8. OK, i'm not really happy with this cake, but I felt I should post it anyway. I ended up rushing through part of it, and didn't make enough frosting to do what I really wanted, though I'm sure it will taste great. It's Vanilla Buttermilk cake, with cream cheese frosting, and raspberry filling. Happy 40th Anniversary Mom & Dad!
  9. I do know a Trader Joe's up on Montgomery rd. and my mother showed interest today in a mixture of Raspberries and cream cheese frosting. So far building a buttercream dam, and filling it with cream and berries seems to be the right way to go. But I'm still considering things. Thanks really for all this advice.
  10. I like the idea of building a dam for them. Though I often wonder if I need to let the cake cool in the fridge afterwards, before fulling frosting it. Though since I am experimenting with the cream (with profiteroles) this weekend, I may try mixing a little puree in some of it, just to see how it goes. I also like the idea of freeze dried raspberries, but I'm not sure I have enough time to make those.
  11. Ok, my parents 40th anniversary is a week from Saturday. They’ve requested A cake from me, they’re only requests was raspberries. Now i’m gonna be working on French pastry cream this weekend, and I was thinking of mixing a purée of raspberries in it to use as filling. How does this sound, and what would be good ratios?
  12. OK, since i'm still working on my portfolio, I made another cake today, took all day but it was worthwhile. Real Happy with this one, though i'm gonna need bigger circular cutters for the future.
  13. OK, With my Niece' fifth Birthday, my family entrusted me with the creation of the Birthday cake. She requested a Unicorn themed cake several months ago at her brother's party (I made a large Chocolate Chip cookie for the cake, it was dinosaur themes). My sister sent a more specific request, and the end result was this. The buttercream is American Vanilla Buttercream, and the cake is a Vanilla Buttermilk Funfetti cake. I'm really proud of myself for this, I'm even thinking of doing some cakes on the side for people, perhaps finally get my long-wanted business up and running. Nevertheless, here we go.
  14. Matthew.Taylor

    Macarons – Baking

    OK, First, MERRY CHRISTMAS Everyone! Second. one of the gifts I got this year was Pierre Herme's book on Macarons. These delightful little buggers continue to elude me, and hopefully this boo can help me find a good recipe (My one attempt at making them tasted good, but clearly needed improvements) So I thought i'd make this thread. Feel free to discuss your own attempts at these occasionally insufferable things.