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  1. Way back in 2005 (hard to believe it's been 15 years), a bunch of eGulleteers got together at Dean McCord's (known hereabouts as Varmint) place for the Second Occasional Pig Pickin'. One of the featured events was to be a Fried Chicken Cook-off between me and Brooks. Tragically, Hurricane Katrina made landfall about the same time as we arrived at Dean's, preventing Brooks from leaving New Orleans, and the cook-off never transpired. Still, we met up a few times, though only once in NOLA, where Brooks usually lived, and where he mistakenly but stubbornly maintained I was born and rai
  2. . . . you have an excuse to go knife shopping.
  3. Okay, I'm sold on the Edge Pro. Now, which model? We have a combination of American, European (>10 years old) and Japanese knives, if that matters.
  4. Our knife sharpener dude is no longer easily accessible to us. I'm not going to learn how to freehand water stones. I used to have a Chef's Choice, but all that vibrating was nerve-racking to me (and I'm not convinced that even the new models don't take off more metal than is necessary. So I'm thinking Edge Pro -- unless something impressive has come along in the last few months. Anything new on this front?
  5. You might find the discussion that starts here and continues for eight or nine posts to be helpful.
  6. This work quite well, and is the basis for several of the soups we've been making: creamy poblano; leek and potato; garlic with poached eggs, bacon and spinach; curry shrimp and rice; corn with red-pepper puree; carrot with chive oil; and a few others.
  7. Maybe not because it was shorter, but because it was fatter? I would eat this three or four times a week, dental issues or not.
  8. Such helpful responses. Thanks, everyone! As we found out with the quiche, crust is a problem (unless you're the family dog). But we did manage chicken and dumplings the other night, with the chicken chopped very finely and the dumplings having been softened by the sauce. Shredded chicken from a roast chicken, or chicken parts? Our usual method of sous-viding breasts is a non-starter unless we drastically overcook it, and who wants that? Squash-and-onion casserole is a good idea; ground meats, which I thought would be okay, just don't work for her.
  9. I can, and will, eat lentils. However, my partner, who is the one with dental issues, only likes them when prepared with short ribs, a la @Fat Guy. Paneer is tough to come by in our part of the suburbs, but we could make it, or sub queso fresco, or -- my suggestion --- potatoes, as what my partner really digs is the curried spinach, rather than the cheese. If we can get past the lentil issue, then we have to pass the Oatmeal Rubicon (good band name, btw). But I think this is worth a try, actually. Deseeding is smart. We've actually gone back and for
  10. Five weeks into a dental-issue-induced liquid (or at least very-small-solids) diet, we're nearly out of ideas. We've had to up our soup and food-styling games quite a bit, turning normally chunky soups into smooth purees without allowing them to look like pond scum. These are dinner soups, since that's our one shared meal of the day. Consequently, they incorporate a protein (usually an animal protein, as there are no tofu fans in the house), veg and usually a carb Most often, breakfast is yogurt with mashed fruit, and lunch is soup left over from the previous night. Here's what we've had:
  11. It's hard to tell from a photograph (and it would be hard even in person when you can't see the underside where meat markets/departments like to hide what they think is unsightly fat). But based on the color I perceive, and the mostly uniform, parallel grain, I'd say that's loin.
  12. Probably, but the question was not about the best way to cook pork tenderloin, it was about how to cook it in the Instant Pot. Regardless of whether or not you or I think it's a good idea, people are going to cook pork tenderloin in their pressure cookers. They might as well learn how to do it to obtain the best results.
  13. Regardless of peoples' desires or ability to eat out, the economics of running a restaurant are likely to be in flux for quite some time, and prices will almost certainly have to rise. Supply chains have been disrupted -- about the time suppliers get the present situation sorted out (involving everything from fresh produce to industrially packaged toilet paper), they'll have to change again, to whatever the newest normal is to be. Today's logistical mess shows that that's not likely to be easy. And even if you can source decent endive, and can buy enough paper towels from a bodega,
  14. Though some folks have been here since 2001, perhaps many don't know that eGullet was born in the shadow of another catastrophe, that of the 9/11/2001 attacks on the US. Today, we face another challenge. I won't indulge in the fashionable series of dark superlatives that describe the situation that confronts the world today. Instead, we'd like to start a topic that highlights the efforts of individuals and organizations that propose to support our membership with extraordinary offerings. That membership includes cooks, for both sweet and savory concoctions; chefs, for both sweet and savory pro
  15. Congratulations on your rodeo! I agree with your reconsideration of SubZero. The initial cost is steep, and if it breaks (not a lot of "if," really; they seem to be very touchy), its going to be a pain to repair. I have three direct experiences. 1) We have a friend in Raleigh, North Carolina who "inherited" (with the house) a SZ fridge and SZ freezer, both full-sized. He likes them fine until something breaks, and then he has to wait for really expensive and slow-to-arrive parts to be installed by an expensive technician. 2) the kitchen where we used to teach (in an affluent suburb
  16. Sure. Here's a recipe. Of course, just because you can doesn't mean you should. Seems like more trouble than it's worth, but YMMV.
  17. Are you seasoning the beans with anything during the cook? Salt, pepper, cumin, coriander, epazote, chiles?
  18. Sadly, we must report that long-time member (she joined in 2005) and Society donor Lisa Shock has died. A few of us had been wondering about her, not having seen her post since December, 2018. Recently, one of our members came across an announcement regarding her: https://www.alcor.org/blog/2019/01/. (I'll let the notifier out themselves, if they wish; in any case, thank you.) Lisa posted on a wide variety of topics; her curious intellect and eagerness to assist were easily discerned. Her competence, intelligence and integrity were constantly at the fore in the few interactions I p
  19. Yeah, but could you do it more efficiently than Lay's? I don't think I could. Phew.
  20. Potatoes themselves have very little fat or sodium, so almost all of those that are in the nutritional info linked to above are coming from the frying and salting. There's an entry in that same database for just "Potato Chips," but no details about how they're made. It might even just be an average of manufactured products. If I had to guess, I'd say that homemade would probably be higher in fat and salt, if for no other reason than manufacturers, for cost reasons, are not going to waste a microgram of any ingredient. I guess you could do your own analysis (weigh the potato, weigh
  21. I'm not sure how helpful that distinction is, though. In comparing the nutrition facts for Pringles and Lay's Potato Chips, one finds that, while they aren't identical, they are awfully similar.
  22. We've been steaming since reading Kenji's 2014 article, mostly on the same subject, in Serious Eats. Now that he has a larger group of test subjects available, he has statistics to back up the (to us) persuasive but largely anecdotal assertions he made in 2014. From the NYT article: Then he outlines his testing techniques, which are pretty sound. He follows those with his findings: Steam! On pressure cookers (including the Instant Pot): Age: There's quite a bit more -- eno
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