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ISO: a substitute in Ontario for Poblanos

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Wasn't quite sure where to ask this question, but seeing as I have to buy the answer in Ontario, I decided to go this route.


Poblanos.  A chile that we love and I use a lot of when I could get them, particularly for a Tex/Mex Chile Relleno casserole that I make.   And, of course, cut into rajas which I can add to other recipes like enchiladas and soups.  


For a few years now, we've been able to buy Poblanos in Sobey's, but recently our local store has chosen not to stock them any more.  So now there are not available anywhere in Peterborough, our nearby city.  


What pepper, available in Ontario grocery stores, would be suitable to use as a substitute?


(Just occurred to me...I'm going to grow my own this coming summer if I can.  Richter's carries seeds and plug packs.  I'm not a gardener, but I can do this.)

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