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  1. Yes! I think that's it! Very very NOT fancy.
  2. If you only have a short time, it might not be worth it to try to fit in Catania. As a city, Palermo has more to see and plenty of great food. Catania is smaller and rougher but the fish market is unbelievable.
  3. It's been a good long time since we were there but I remember a great seafood meal in a small restaurant beside the fish market in Catania. I wish I could give you the name - if it even exists anymore - but I'm sure there are many places in that area with excellent seafood. The one we went to was very rustic, run by a powerhouse Italian nonna who was probably there since the day it opened. Such a great town - weird and decrepit but great. The fish market is amazing.
  4. The soup kitchen where I volunteer was given a GIGANTIC bag of quick oats mixed half and half with sugar recently. This was handed to me to see what can be done with it. Turns out, it's perfect to make any sort of crumble dessert. Don't need to add sugar - mix in some butter/margarine, a little cinnamon...it's done. also used it to make some jam squares. This is a wonderful thing to donate if, as it sounds, you have more than you can grapple with.
  5. Nyleve Baar

    Ramps: The Topic

    The ramp salt I made is very much just a salty ramp powder. Intensely rampy but also salty.
  6. Nyleve Baar

    Ramps: The Topic

    I've tried it a little but I'm really mostly going to save it for winter when I'll need it. The salt I made is pretty strong but I can't say I would be able to tell it's ramps and not something else. I unintentionally grow a lot of garlic chives and it seems very similar. I can probably make a batch of salt with that and it would taste almost the same. Will be nice to have in January when I need to remember spring.
  7. Nyleve Baar

    Ramps: The Topic

    Oooo I just made something I think I'm going to really like. Ramp salt. Finely chopped 4 oz. leaves (in food processor), mixed with 1/2 cup coarse French sea salt and laid it out on a parchment covered baking sheet. Dried til crispy just on the side of wood cookstove (can just air dry or use dehydrator too). Then I ground it up a little finer in a coffee grinder. It looks wonderful and smells great. Can't wait to try it.
  8. Nyleve Baar

    Ramps: The Topic

    Yesterday! Delicious ramp and porcini gnocchi in a creamy Parmesan sauce. Porcini foraged last fall and frozen whole. Would have loved to make it with morels but they weren’t up yet. We checked. I’m planning to make some ramp salt and probably some ramp butter too.
  9. Scorpion mezcal in Oaxaca. I tried it and lived.
  10. Nyleve Baar

    Passover 2021

    My everything-from-scratch Hungarian mother swore by the Manischewitz matzoh ball mix. So that’s what I use too. If it was good enough for her...
  11. I am concerned about feeding palm oil to cows. Not only does it appear to have some health repercussions for both humans and animals, it is an environmentally damaging product. I don't want it - not in my butter, not in commercial baked goods, not anywhere.
  12. Unless you have your own cow or are able to get organic cream for a good price, you'll be dealing with the same milk that comes from the palm-oiled cows.
  13. They might use some of that for moutarde, but not nearly enough for the mountains of moutarde that they export.
  14. They are not growing the mustard between the grape vines. They are getting it from Canada. 80% of mustard seed used to produce Dijon mustard are grown in Canada.
  15. Nyleve Baar

    Homemade Granola

    Absolutely the best. I've been making this Maple and Olive Oil Granola for a couple of years - easy, delicious. I have to keep a jar filled with it at all times or there is hell to pay. https://food52.com/recipes/15831-nekisia-davis-olive-oil-maple-granola
  16. Several years ago we were in Turkey where freshly squeezed pomegranate juice was available from vendors in Istanbul. It was done in a press exactly like that. Maybe needs a little more straining to eliminate the seeds. But it was delicious!
  17. Wow carp. My parents were Hungarian and we ate a lot of carp at our house. My mother would poach it with carrots, onions, celery, etc. And then serve it cold. The liquid gelled. I could probably eat that again if someone put a gun to my head. (No offense - maybe yours is good.) As for the paprika, I would go for the first one you listed - kulonleges - for everyday cooking (paprikas, gulyas) as it has the typical sweet paprika flavour that you are probably most familiar with. The others will have varying degrees of spiciness, bitterness. I would get a selection, maybe 3, the first one, then maybe one of the csipos types, and another - edesnemes possibly. (Sorry about the lack of accent marks.) Anyway funny you bring this up today - I just made a pot of beef gulyas (maybe more a porkolt, because it’s more stew than soup) with nockerle. Pandemic lockdown comfort food!
  18. After Pepperplate shut down, I imported all my saved recipes to Cookbook App. I need something like this so that I have access to my favourite repeat recipes from anywhere on my phone or iPad. Cookbook works very well, easy to use, pretty intuitive and simple to edit. You can import recipes directly from websites too, which works perfectly about half the time. You just enter the url and everything comes through, even the photo of the dish. Also it's either free or very cheap (I can't remember which, but I know I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a recipe app.) Recommended. https://thecookbookapp.com
  19. Looks like our wood stoves are cousins. Mine is a Elmira Sweetheart - slightly smaller than the Oval. We originally had an antique Findlay Oval, which I loved, for over 20 years. Then our insurance company decided to send out an inspector who told us that we had to remove it or lose our coverage. I was distraught. Fortunately we were able to find the Sweetheart, which is a modern reproduction of the original Findlay model and built to code so that it could be legally installed. What a relief. This stove is the centrepiece of my kitchen, providing heat in the kitchen and a handy cooking surface. In the summer I use it as a filling cabinet and extra counter space. After all these years using the cookstove, I think I'm pretty good at using it to cook on the surface and can make a fire in about 5 minutes, without a match. Never quite got the hang of the oven for actual baking purposes, but it's perfect for keeping things warm, warming up a pan of leftovers or crisping a loaf of bread. As Chromedome very accurately put it, you don't set the temperature you need, you find the temperature you can use. This means juggling pots on the top - far left back corner is usually the hottest and the right front is the coolest. If I need a really hot fire quickly, I'll throw in some small dry bits. To hold a fire overnight, go for the heaviest densest piece of hardwood in the pile. Of course I also have an electric oven and a gas cooktop. But whenever the cookstove is going, it's my first choice.
  20. I would let bread cool just a bit before slicing. You'll find that when it comes out of the oven the crust is very crisp - so when you try to cut the bread it might squish down too much and mash the bread. Maybe that's what they mean about messing up the crumb. But hey - it's bread! Do what you want with it. Seems to me that the structure sets a little as well, once it's cooled a bit.
  21. The chef thing makes me crazy. I am a food writer and good home cook. And people will almost invariably introduce me as a chef. I argue to the point of embarrassing the person who introduced me and then I have to stop arguing. People just WANT to call any competent cook a chef. You can't stop them. Not sure where this came from but I'm guessing TV.
  22. Ok this has been bothering me. So I’m going to ask. What’s the difference between a grain and a seed?i know that all grains are seeds. Wheat, oats, barley...all of them are seeds. Why are some seeds not considered to be grains? Someone (see above) said that technically quinoa and buckwheat are not grains but they’re seeds. But WHY are they not grains just because they’re seeds?!? Sorry for yelling. I don’t understand.
  23. Is this a blinking red light that shines on the floor? Mine shines the red light on the floor - blinking when interrupted or door open and steady red when running. It only appears when you’ve started a cycle and maybe opened the door. You have to press “start” and then shut the door. The light should remain red but not blinking. if it needs Jet Dry it gives you a mysterious code on the display. I google the code (for example “h1 error code Bosch dishwasher”) and that should tell you what the code means.
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