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  1. I have a Chefs Choice 1520 and I love it. I have absolutely zero interest in learning the fine art of knife sharpening. I am good at keeping my pots and pans in good shape; I know how to season a cast iron skillet; I can wing a recipe for almost anything from scratch. But knife sharpening is something I can't be bothered learning. The 1520 keeps my knives in good enough shape for most of my needs. I have used one of those sharpeners for well over 40 years (this is my second one) and many of my knives were wedding presents (1977). They're still absolutely fine. The machine has not destroyed them so far.
  2. Oh please please don't use those sticky traps for mice or anything else. The poor creatures get stuck and die a long painful death - it's not ok. Use a snap trap. Disgusting but quick. Those little mice were just looking for a warm place to spend the winter. They don't need to be tortured for that.
  3. The individual milk bags are great storage bags if you rinse them out and hang dry. We don't use a lot of milk these days but when my kids were small I bought the 3-bags-in-a-bag and always reused the bags.
  4. Have you checked the bookstore at Fleming College? They used to sell all kinds of things related to their culinary course. I have definitely seen toques, aprons and jackets there. This was years ago but I think the course is still being taught so you might want to have a look.
  5. Ex-New Yorker now Canadian. And I even lived a stone's throw from Utopia Bagels in Queens. TOTALLY converted to Montreal bagels after son spent years at McGill. It is a different creature but an excellent one. I'll hear no negativity about Montreal bagels. St. Viateur is as good as Fairmount. But in any case they must be sesame, not poppy.
  6. Canadian Thanksgiving here too. We have been doing the EXACT SAME Thanksgiving dinner for nearly 40 years. I am not allowed to change a single thing. Once I tried to make sweet potatoes instead of squash and boy, the uproar! This unruly group arrives on Saturday morning and doesn't leave until midday on Monday. EVERY SINGLE MEAL must follow the script, right down to breakfasts and snacks. I am fine with this Carved-in-Stone sceanario because it relieves me of any expectation to come up with creative approaches to any part of the weekend meal plan. For the actual Thanksgiving dinner I roast a gigantic turkey (fresh), stuffed with my mother's weird Hungarian stuffing; there's sweet and sour red cabbage with apples; my famous Cloud of Squash; homemade red wine cranberry sauce; gravy, of course; honey pumpkin pies and apple pies. It must be so. The Young Ones create an annual cocktail. Last year's included my homemade crabapple vodka.
  7. Just heading to that part of the world tomorrow for 2 weeks! So please keep posting! I assume your meal was in Sorrento?
  8. I never use the convection function for cookies. Bottom heat only. Don't know if you can turn it off on your commercial oven, but that's what I'd do.
  9. My husband's mother would come to visit us and always brought 2 brains. One to cook - scrambled with eggs - while she was here. The other for ME to cook for her darling son in the future. Guess what never happened.
  10. Oh yeah. We had cuy in Peru too. It was...ok.
  11. We were told they were rice paddy rats. So obviously gluten-free and well fed.
  12. During a trip to the Mekong Delta in Vietnam we tried snake - as sausage and just grilled - and grilled rat (or mouse, I'm not sure). The rat was much better than the snake. The snake sausage was the worst. We were on an evening food tour in a market town. I wouldn't bother seeking out either rat or snake again but at least I've done it once.
  13. I have an east coast friend who loves dulse and always brings it home with her when she visits her family. She chews it like, I dunno, gum or something. I tried it. Seems to be a weird substance that the more you chew it the bigger it gets in your mouth. You just can't seem to get rid of it so you end up spitting out a giant wad. I'm not a fan.
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