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  1. The chef thing makes me crazy. I am a food writer and good home cook. And people will almost invariably introduce me as a chef. I argue to the point of embarrassing the person who introduced me and then I have to stop arguing. People just WANT to call any competent cook a chef. You can't stop them. Not sure where this came from but I'm guessing TV.
  2. Ok this has been bothering me. So I’m going to ask. What’s the difference between a grain and a seed?i know that all grains are seeds. Wheat, oats, barley...all of them are seeds. Why are some seeds not considered to be grains? Someone (see above) said that technically quinoa and buckwheat are not grains but they’re seeds. But WHY are they not grains just because they’re seeds?!? Sorry for yelling. I don’t understand.
  3. Is this a blinking red light that shines on the floor? Mine shines the red light on the floor - blinking when interrupted or door open and steady red when running. It only appears when you’ve started a cycle and maybe opened the door. You have to press “start” and then shut the door. The light should remain red but not blinking. if it needs Jet Dry it gives you a mysterious code on the display. I google the code (for example “h1 error code Bosch dishwasher”) and that should tell you what the code means.
  4. Nyleve Baar


    Ok got it. This is Yellowfoot Chanterelle. So yes, safe and edible. Not the classic type of chanterelle one normally sees but still ok.
  5. Canadian here. For the first time in over 40 years we had to cancel our usual Thanksgiving-of-Multitudes. I even had to dis-invite our son as he's a filmmaker and was working on a big shoot with lots of people. We had two other couples over for a very small Thanksgiving dinner that was nice-ish. But not right. Worst part of it is that there were no crowds to eat the day-after-leftovers so I ended up feeding stuffing to the chickens. Which is completely tragic. NEXT YEAR. Dammit.
  6. We keep chickens. Double yolks are more common in very young pullets, just starting to lay. It's like they haven't quite figured out the system yet and - oops! Two yolks! As for taste and colour, it has to do with what they eat. In the summer our hens range all over the place and eat everything. Their yolks are very yellow and the eggs are really flavourful. In the winter they only have access to plain old chicken feed, plus whatever kitchen scraps I can save up for them and their eggs are paler and not as tasty. I very much doubt the theory that an older hen lays richer tasting eg
  7. Nyleve Baar


    Argh. That is a type of chanterelle but I can't remember exactly which. I will look it up and post when I have an ID.
  8. Nyleve Baar


    Thanks for the advice. I've never eaten these before. I did toss out a few my husband picked, as they were one step beyond. There may still be more out there - will look when it stops raining. So the interesting thing about porcinis is that I actually don't love the texture of them when they're fresh, although the flavour is wonderful. I prefer to use them dried. These elm oysters have a nice texture but not as much flavour.
  9. Nyleve Baar


    Elm oysters cooking in butter - tossed with roasted butternut squash, sage, garlic, ricotta gnocchi and a little Parmesan. Very good. These mushrooms have great texture, but not as much flavour as some others I’ve tried. Definitely worth picking!
  10. Nyleve Baar


    My husband just found a bunch of elm oysters on our property! Will be cooking up something mushroomy tomorrow. What do you like to do with these?
  11. Nyleve Baar


    Another great porcini season here! Just winding down, which is totally fine with me. We ate as many as we could stand - grilled, risotto, pasta, etc. - and I dried a ton of them. Also froze about 5 lbs. whole, as I’ve seen them sold that way. I think we’re done. This is just one day's worth and we only stopped picking because we couldn't carry any more.
  12. My favourite inexpensive rose - available in Ontario (LCBO Vintages) - apologies if the picture is gigantic. Can't figure out how to make it smaller. Delicious and $15.95.
  13. My black krim tomatoes are all wackypants this year! This one looks to me like a boxing glove. It was so big that it made an entire platter of caprese salad, with a few yellow cherry tomatoes sprinkled about for contrast. Delicious. I think it's my favourite tomato.
  14. I've had a curry leaf plant for about 5 years. Indoors all winter, then out on the patio in the summer. Some years it struggles badly and some years it gets that horrible dreaded scale all over it and I need to go over the whole plant with a q-tip soaked in alcohol to get rid of them. This past winter it was so badly infested with scale that I was going to either throw it away or cut it down to the stalk. I went with cutting it down - cleaned all the scale off the main stem and repotted into fresh dirt. And it came back better than ever! It branched out in several places and put out more leave
  15. To keep myself busy, and to allow me to bake without having to eat everything I bake, I gave myself a job. CoronaCakes Bakery delivers once a week to 4 friends - something different every week. Sometimes they make a special request, other times I just decide what to bake. I have refused to make the Confetti Angel Food Cake with Pink Icing that has been requested several weeks in a row from one particular "client" because I do not want to end up with 4 angel food cakes-worth of egg yolks in my fridge. I bake, then drive the circuit and leave the packages on the porch or in the garage. Lemon squ
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