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  1. Ramps: The Topic

    No photo but risotto with ramps, fiddleheads, dried porcini (which I picked) and a few eager-beaver asparagus from my garden. The season has begun. Looked for morels this morning but nothing.
  2. Ramps: The Topic

    I started a few small patches on my property, using ramps I dug up from my main picking spot. They're going to take a lifetime to get to the point where it's possible to harvest from that area, but I'm happy to have them growing in my woods. My grandchildren can pick them. Or their children.
  3. Ramps: The Topic

    Looks like risotto tomorrow.
  4. Spice Storage Ideas

    This works really well for me. I have one shallow drawer dedicated to spices. But I should clear out the one below it - currently filled with my music CDs which I never listen to - and put all my salts and whatnot in there in a similar way. Very easy to find and use everything. I mean, of course, this requires a drawer. Which may or may not be available.
  5. $4.99 at Value Village yesterday. With my 30% Tuesday seniors discount it was under $4.00 including tax. This is one of the smaller ones - maybe 10" diameter. I also have a bigger yellow one that I picked up at our local dump for free several years ago.
  6. Thanksgiving cocktails

    A couple of years ago my son made Dark and Stormy cocktails pre-thanksgiving-dinner with lovely fresh apple cider and Jamaican ginger beer. I haven't had one since but now I want one. Seems the right thing for the time of year.
  7. Costco meat quality decline?

    True true true.
  8. Costco meat quality decline?

    If you buy the large, primal cuts - the vacuum packed whole thingies - they are NOT blade tenderized. I have been doing this and cut my own steaks. It's a little cheaper too.
  9. Thanksgiving Side Dishes

    Oh yes!
  10. Thanksgiving Side Dishes

    One more thing. I make cranberry sauce from fresh cranberries - using the recipe on the bag but substituting red wine for all of the water. Also throw in a strip or two of orange peel. The wine does something very nice to the cranberries and the whole business takes about 10 minutes.
  11. All Things Mushroom

    The mushroom guy is still there. He has white and cremini mushrooms, portobellos, shitakes and a variety of oyster mushrooms - yellow, white, pink. Very sweet guy - always smiling. I have a secret foraging spot for porcini mushrooms near me on a friend's property. They grow with insane abandon during good years. Or else they don't come up at all, which has been the case for the past two years. When they're abundant I can fill a bushel basket with them in about an hour. Usually I just have to stop picking because I can't deal with them all before they go wormy. I still have a couple of jars of dried ones from the good years. Hoping next year they come back - I was very disappointed this fall. Mushrooms are a mysterious thing.
  12. Thanksgiving Side Dishes

    Of all the things to ensure a delicious turkey, the most important one in my opinion, is to make sure you DO NOT OVERCOOK IT. It needs to come to 160o - no more. Let rest a little while before carving. It will be good, even if it's a poor quality cheap grocery store bird. For Thanksgiving I always get a local fresh turkey and it's delicious. But yesterday I had to roast 2 cheap frozen turkeys for a meal at the soup kitchen where I volunteer and they were moist and flavourful also. Much better than what I expected.
  13. Thanksgiving Side Dishes

    This is a braised dish so I don't think it's possible to retain the bright colour while still having that long-cooked blending of flavours. It does lose its brightness very early in the game - the acid (vinegar and wine) change the colour somewhat but it's not exactly back to the original purple anyway. It's just one of those things that you cook forever and it looks like it but tastes divine. As for the jelly, there is really so little in the recipe compared to the volume of cabbage that it doesn't do a whole heck of a lot to the appearance. Your cabbage dish looks very much like mine.
  14. Thanksgiving Side Dishes

    Thanksgiving is completely and psychotically cast in stone at our house. NOTHING CAN CHANGE EVER. Since we're in Canada, Thanksgiving is a long weekend so we always have a houseful of guests from Saturday to Monday and even the other meals - Saturday lunch right through to Monday lunch before everyone leaves - must remain completely intact and unaltered. Snacks can change (as if we need any snacks) but the meals are untouchable. It's sort of weird when new people join the table and don't understand our craziness. But it's our craziness and we stand by it. The red cabbage is going on 40 years now.
  15. Thanksgiving Side Dishes

    It just adds a bit of sweetness and glazing to the dish. You could definitely leave it out if you don't have it. I always add it but that's just me.