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  1. Yes! I think that's it! Very very NOT fancy.
  2. If you only have a short time, it might not be worth it to try to fit in Catania. As a city, Palermo has more to see and plenty of great food. Catania is smaller and rougher but the fish market is unbelievable.
  3. It's been a good long time since we were there but I remember a great seafood meal in a small restaurant beside the fish market in Catania. I wish I could give you the name - if it even exists anymore - but I'm sure there are many places in that area with excellent seafood. The one we went to was very rustic, run by a powerhouse Italian nonna who was probably there since the day it opened. Such a great town - weird and decrepit but great. The fish market is amazing.
  4. The soup kitchen where I volunteer was given a GIGANTIC bag of quick oats mixed half and half with sugar recently. This was handed to me to see what can be done with it. Turns out, it's perfect to make any sort of crumble dessert. Don't need to add sugar - mix in some butter/margarine, a little cinnamon...it's done. also used it to make some jam squares. This is a wonderful thing to donate if, as it sounds, you have more than you can grapple with.
  5. Nyleve Baar

    Ramps: The Topic

    The ramp salt I made is very much just a salty ramp powder. Intensely rampy but also salty.
  6. Nyleve Baar

    Ramps: The Topic

    I've tried it a little but I'm really mostly going to save it for winter when I'll need it. The salt I made is pretty strong but I can't say I would be able to tell it's ramps and not something else. I unintentionally grow a lot of garlic chives and it seems very similar. I can probably make a batch of salt with that and it would taste almost the same. Will be nice to have in January when I need to remember spring.
  7. Nyleve Baar

    Ramps: The Topic

    Oooo I just made something I think I'm going to really like. Ramp salt. Finely chopped 4 oz. leaves (in food processor), mixed with 1/2 cup coarse French sea salt and laid it out on a parchment covered baking sheet. Dried til crispy just on the side of wood cookstove (can just air dry or use dehydrator too). Then I ground it up a little finer in a coffee grinder. It looks wonderful and smells great. Can't wait to try it.
  8. Nyleve Baar

    Ramps: The Topic

    Yesterday! Delicious ramp and porcini gnocchi in a creamy Parmesan sauce. Porcini foraged last fall and frozen whole. Would have loved to make it with morels but they weren’t up yet. We checked. I’m planning to make some ramp salt and probably some ramp butter too.
  9. Scorpion mezcal in Oaxaca. I tried it and lived.
  10. Nyleve Baar

    Passover 2021

    My everything-from-scratch Hungarian mother swore by the Manischewitz matzoh ball mix. So that’s what I use too. If it was good enough for her...
  11. I am concerned about feeding palm oil to cows. Not only does it appear to have some health repercussions for both humans and animals, it is an environmentally damaging product. I don't want it - not in my butter, not in commercial baked goods, not anywhere.
  12. Unless you have your own cow or are able to get organic cream for a good price, you'll be dealing with the same milk that comes from the palm-oiled cows.
  13. They might use some of that for moutarde, but not nearly enough for the mountains of moutarde that they export.
  14. They are not growing the mustard between the grape vines. They are getting it from Canada. 80% of mustard seed used to produce Dijon mustard are grown in Canada.
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