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Finding the right size refrigerator


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Hi guys, One year in the new house and I already had to repair this fridge twice (compressor problem) but the technician already warned me, next time you might have to replace the motherboard, he told me! I can already see ice building up in freezer. I am starting looking for a new refrigerator.  Problem is the dimensions. This is a LG lsxs22423s (width 32.8, depth 35.6 and height 66.5), obviously I am thinking of another brand. I am having an hard time looking for a replacement. I like the ice maker and water function. Freezer capacity is also important as now, living on an island, it more difficult to go shopping. Any suggestions? Thanks 


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cheers  @Franci 


consider a call to HomeDepot


w the dimensions .  sometimes you can get a very helpful person.


next is to look around for higher end store 


and call them      


all of this depends on the stores you have around you.


Im sure you've thought this and done most of it already


the HomeDepot website has a lot of information on it


that might help you narrow down the brand choice.

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28 minutes ago, blue_dolphin said:

You can search by dimensions on AJ Madison but I don’t see much in exactly that size. 

😁 that is the big problem! I tried it already, it looks there are not many options available 😅


thanks @rotuts, I will call the HomeDepot 

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Have you tried y-tube on-line trouble shooting?. My fridge is counter depth and specific sized. I know so much about it via videos. I know exactly what to do when I get an ice water build-up at the bottom of the freezer and on the back....every six months. 12 years now. Best fridge I've ever had for veg. And freezer temps. Veg lasts forever and never a hint of frost/freeze. 

We had a hinge re-call 6-7 years ago. The tech that repaired gave me some hints as well. 

Freezer shopping a few years ago was an epic nightmare via big box stores. Like shopping for a mattress. 

If you can keep what you have running tip-top while shopping...without expensive repairs....

My local mom and pop suggested adapting my cabinets....no go. They are 50year old teak original. Not easy nor would I want to. 

It took a while but found a perfect match. 

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