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( Carnival ) Bacon shortage ?


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16 minutes ago, rotuts said:

no bacon every other day

Wow! Talk about a first world problem. I am not aware of any bacon shortages here but I live a very sheltered life. 

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as I read the article :


""   Heald made it clear that the company won't be rationing bacon. "We are not going to ration you and say you can only have one piece.   ''


love to see how many pieces people take on BaconDay.


saving some for tomorrow ?


after all , its the FoodTroughs that attract many , Id say.

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There was plenty of bacon at the store last time I was there.   I want to get another package of Wrights and try making bacon jam so I'll check prices when I do that.  

One of my brothers is the biggest bacon hound I know and also works for Carnival.  I have forwarded that article to him and asked if he had anything to do with the situation 🙃

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remmen ber the Coffe Cam ?


back when the internet was young


you could watch a coffee pot @  CalTech


and one @ SF State.   riveting .


Carnival would install a BaconCam  for




Carnival is going to run out of Bacon


just sooner using this method.


my 2 cents.

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there was a television episode


in a series that I can't quite remember the name


about the unloading and reloading


of a Carnival style ship in Florida.


the volume of people , baggage , massive food pallets 


was surreal , and timed down to the minute.

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Tangential to rotuts' post, husband and I spent an entirely engrossing afternoon sitting on our room's deck overlooking Camden, ME harbor where a tall-ship was being outfitted for a week's sail.    To borrow a  local mover's slogan, truly "poetry in motion".   

eGullet member #80.

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