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Flavored soda


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I've been experimenting with flavoring soda water lately, nothing fancy - just extracts, simple syrup and for some flavors a bit of citric acids.


I liked the results of almond extract, orange blossom and vanilla. Haven't tried combining them yet.

The almond one gave me a very Chinese vibe. The vanilla is a common flavor in Georgia. The Georgian also makes an awesome tarragon soda. I might try to make some tarragon syrup at some point.


Less successful were rose water, cherry, and banana flavors.

However I successfully use the cherry one to create cherry coke out of plain one on the rare occasions I feel like having coke. I like cherry coke (the plain one is just OK). It's not available here for more than a decade.

The banana I sometimes use to give this nostalgic flavor to milkshakes and the like.


Other than tarragon, I might try making some orange/lemon syrup at some point. I'd like to try combining orange vanilla and orange blossom, or lemon and rose water.

~ Shai N.

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Are you talking about homemade sweet soda, or flavored seltzer?  Torani syrups + seltzer make a nice beverage.  Herbal syrups like shiso or thai basil also make a fine addition to seltzer.  If the sugar component is not required for your desired result, look into citrus oils.  I handle them thus:  Make a 2-4% solution of citrus oil in Everclear.  Add that stuff to an atomizer bottle.  Spray a spritz or two over seltzer.  ***Don't do this with bergamot.  That stuff is caustic even at this dilution.  

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