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  1. I stopped using King Arthur flours for pizza and switched to All-Trumps Bleached & Bromated and Caputo 00. The change completely transformed the flavor and texture of my pizzas. Also, curious if the book did a comparison with and without using a roller?
  2. Chrisophe Loeffel has two eBooks for making ice cream and sorbet in a pacojet. https://www.christopheloeffel.com/all-ebooks
  3. The first thing I would do is use more oil. Have you tried thicker pots & pans? The only thing thinner than an ikea kitchen pot is the sheet metal on a Chery car.
  4. The particular brand of Mango puree that she uses has ~31.8% sugar. You can achieve the same results with a vitamix and a good chinois.
  5. jandreas

    Flavored soda

    Fix the Pumps has a great collection of recipes and ideas.
  6. I meant to quote JoNorvelle as she was the one that posted the recipe, but didn't and then your post snuck in before mine. The canistel fruit is also known as an "Egg fruit" and doesn't taste anything like a peach. More like an eggy mango. Using 17 grams less fat (35% versus 40%) won't make any difference to these recipes.
  7. Have you tried making it yet? With all the eggs in the recipe, it really came out tasting like it was made from Canistel (fruit) and not so much a Mango.
  8. A tiny amount of peppermint liqueur works amazingly well with mint leaves. For any sort of fresh leaf/herb, i've always just pulverized it with sugar, to which the oil sticks. It was easier, nearly always better and most importantly repeatable. Hot/Cold macerations were left for dried leaves. There have been some exceptions using nitrous oxide but I haven't tried to infuse milk or water with it for ice cream, yet.
  9. The general rule of thumb from Corvitto for calculating the maximum percentage of skim milk powder that you can use before sandiness can become an issue... Add up the percentage of sugar and fat in the mix, subtract that from 100 and divide by 6.9. If your ice cream has 16.5% sugar and 8% fat; 16.5 + 8 = 24.5 100 - 24.5 = 75.5 75.5 / 6.9 = Use a maximum of 10.94% MSNF. And depending on how much of a control freak you are; there are all sorts of additional rules that can come into play, ex. your protein levels shouldn't be more than 50% whey. The degree of polymerization of your solids will affect when things start turning sandy too. But the Corvitto rule is "safe".
  10. MÁS, ARTISAN TOPPINGS AND MARBLE DECORATION FOR THE ICE CREAM is relatively new and pretty good. The problem with nearly every American ice cream book is that the recipes and techniques bear very little if any resemblance to what the authors actually use in their stores or manufacturing sites. The recipes are changed to better match the audience, and you end up with the paper equivalent of any one of the completely useless housewife recipe blog web sites that litter the internet.
  11. It is a standard Winco 16-8 stainless steel SPJL-404 pan. It was flat when I placed it on the glass, however the first "ring of heat" at the very center caused it to warp almost immediately and pushed up the center where the temperature sensor is located, as the pan is very thin. And then it just snow-balled. Had there been a liquid in the pan to dissipate the heat, it might not have happened. I will try again! What I think I've noticed is that my thinner (cheap) cookware boils water faster than the thicker gear, but I haven't timed it yet to confirm. One other thing I've noticed is that it will overheat and turn itself off, if/when the ambient temp is in the mid to high 80s (located in the caribbean so its always...) and you are heating a few quarts of oil. The fans on the bottom side need to be upgraded to push more air. So we've been supplementing them with a fan on the side. This is separate from the annoying problem of going over 392F on the dial when using oil probe control and having the unit switch back to pan control. Even so, I would replace all of my gas burners with these if possible.
  12. I tried this without a liquid just to see the heating pattern. This is what happens after about 20 seconds with it set to 200F.
  13. 338g Milk 37g Cream 48% 25g SMP 157g Sucrose 18g Dextrose 20g Glucose 38DE 5g Stabilizer 200g Mango 200g Whole Yogurt -- Antonio De Vecchi Or design/modify your sorbet recipe with Inulin to make the texture very cream. 95g Sucrose 54g Dextrose 50g Atomized Glucose (21DE) 20g Inulin 398g Water 5g Stabilizer 300g Mango 100g Passion Fruit -- Jaume Turro Andersen
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