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  1. Hi guys! As said, I made my ice cream wih the infused herbs. It was quite tasty, in fact "overtasty" my parents told me I infused 20 gr of mint leaves on 500 ml of milk My next challenge is controlling the color, I put few drops of liquid colorant looking for a soft green but, after adding the yolks and going through the ice cream maker, is a grey - green (and unlikely) color. Time of fine tuning. Thanks for your advice
  2. Welcome!! Grettings from Madrid!
  3. Today I looked at Diverxo website and have only free spots for nov. 24th, till new dates offered (december and on) you have waiting list at best. Dstage seems a very adequate choice. I tasted Diego Guerrero's work at club allard and was awesome.
  4. Broken or Smashed Eggs is a very easy and classic dish that Lucio made famous. Here is the recipe (4 p.) 4 eggs 5oo gr potatoes 1 slice iberian ham (optional) Fry the eggs in a saucepan with high amount of olive oil Peel, cut and fry the potatoes into french fries Cut the slice in mid size pieces (like 2 fries big or so) Serve all together. Cut the eggs so the yolk will drench the fries and ham and mix everything together. You can take this dish as: - A first course and then any other - A main course if you have had some "tapas" or "aperitivo" before. I recommend to pair this with a red wine. I like the "Toro" ones because they have full body and strong flavour. So simple and yet... so hard to pick a seat. It's one of the celebrities spot in Madrid. Booking in advance is a must but going once is well worth it.
  5. Thanks for the link! That's exactly what I meant in my introduction. Reading the course gave me a solution for an issue I was dealing with: "If possible, hold the food stable with a fork instead of your fingers." - It was some kind of hell to peel/cut a tomato, onion, orange... and I never thought of that
  6. Hello everybody! I’ve seen there is quite an interest on those who come to Madrid to find an interesting place. I love my hometown and love talking writing about food and restaurants. So, I’m gonna do my best to summarize the places I like and the places I like to go with my friends or with my family. And remember, if you come to Madrid we have to “tomar unas cañas” Classic Spanish food: City center (In the mood for tourism) Casa Labra (Metro Sol): Although it’s also a restaurant is mostly known for one thing: Cod. Either in croquettes or coated in batter, you can pick 2-3 pieces and a beer/vermouth and eat it right behind Puerta del Sol. www.casalabra.es Casa Lucio (Metro La latina): A house made famous for one dish: Broken eggs. They are so famous that they opened a new bar just to serve them (Los huevos de Lucio). If you want to eat/dine here, reserve well in advance. www.restaurantecasalucio.com/ El Ñeru (Metro Sol): A typical asturian restaurant with the (heavy) classics of northern food: beans, tripe, pasty, hake and above all… cider. And they also have a “daily menu” with affordable price. www.restauranteelneru.com/ Prada a tope (Metro Sol): A tavern decorated in stone and wood specialized in products from El Bierzo. Morcilla, cecina, botillo, cachelos (sorry but I don’t know a proper translation) www.pradaatope.es La Alegría (Metro Callao): A typical “Bar de tapas”. All the classics of Spanish cuisine: Spanish omelette, chorizo frito, lacon, tripes and of course beer (una caña). Is a very small place with no luxury but with an old bar vibe. www.facebook.com/BarLaAlegria Barrio de Salamanca (In the mood for shopping) La Giralda (Metro Serrano): Classic andalusian bar and restaurant with very immersive decoration. Shellfish, fried fish, salads, soups with dishes like gazpacho, cazon adobado o tortillas de camarones www.restauranteslagiralda.com/restaurante-la-giralda-iv/ Casa Carola (Metro Lista): If there’s one dish associated to Madrid, this is the “Cocido”. Is served in 3 stages: the soup, the chickpeas and vegetables and the last one with the meat. I prefer this in autumn/winter because is “serious business”. www.casacarola.com/ Carlos Tartiere (Metro Ibiza): Another restaurant from Asturias. Classic food and good cider. restaurantecarlostartiere.com/ El Barril (Metro Goya): Shellfish, fish and rice at their best. This is a bit expensive restaurant but the food well worth it. A good “Mariscada” is one of the best memoir you can take from Madrid http://elbarrildegoya.com/ Here they go a few, with more soon to come. But, in the meantime, if you have any question or want some advice about places to go in Madrid, drop me a line
  7. Thank you all, After all being said I'm going for the infusion using the given ratios: And, from then on I'll go making adjustments. Thank you very much
  8. Hi, This weekend I'm making the Ben and Jerry's Mint Oreo ice cream for the first time. Recipe says 2 teaspoon of peppermint extract and, if hesitate, that's what I'll do. My point is, whenever is possible I prefer to use the real ingredient (infused, lyo, whatever the form) and use the extract as a booster of the flavour. I was thinking of making a mint leaves + heavy cream infusion and later add few drops of extract. What do you think? How do you flavour your ice creams? Do you find any differences in taste?
  9. Thank you very much for all your kind words. I'm really happy to be here and to share my view from spanish cuisine. From the roots of "mediterranean diet" to the most amazing dishes from the Spanish Top Chefs (and beyond!) We have a long journey together, so let's enjoy the ride!
  10. We have a chef in Spain called David de Jorge whom I recommend to everyone. If you like spanish food it's a must. And now the recipe: 2kg. Prawns 3 cloves garlic, peeled 1 handful parsley leaves 1 glass of Txakoli 1 dash of brandy 1 pinch of tomato concentrate Water 200 g fresh squid into cubes 1 × 1 cm. 2 chopped spring onion 1 green pepper, chopped 4 cloves garlic, minced 6 tablespoons tomato sauce 300 g of rice bomba (La fallera, Sivaris...) The squid ink Olive oil chopped chives Separate the heads of bodies of prawns and peel the tails. For the broth: Put oil in a saucepan + rest of prawns + Garlic mashed with parsley in a mortar. Add txakoli + brandy + tomato concentrate + water and boil 20 mn. For the rice Put olive oil in a paellear (or saucepan) with salt and diced squid over high heat. Add spring onion + peppers + garlic. Mix and add the tomato, the ink and the rice and saute for a while Pour the broth + salt, cook about 18 mn. (3-4 min to high heat and then 13-15 min to low heat) A few minutes before finishing, you cover rice with spiced prawn, scattered across the surface. Let it do with the residual heat. Sprinkle chives. Ready. PS: Broth:Rice ratio is 2.5:1 PS2: You can follow the recipe here: http://blog.daviddejorge.com/2014/05/23/robinfood-arroz-negro-con-chipirones-y-carabineros/
  11. CharlieDi

    Burger King

    I do remember! But in Spain we had the Yumbo available till 1990 to say the least. I'd like to have it back for the sake of memories
  12. Hi eveybody! I'm Charlie, from Spain, and I'm so happy to be with you. I love eating and cooking and hope to learn a lot I'd like to say that I'm phisically disabled (quadriplegia c5-c6) and if is there any other disabled member, I'd like to share all of our tips and tricks for cooking. Thank you for welcoming me. Cheers
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