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  1. Seems standard. If you are cooking it in a water bath at 144.0 F, then the time it takes the center to reach final temperature in the last stages is really long (almost asymptotic). Teo
  2. The eclairs are underbaked. The color on the collapsed side is too light. If they puffed up regularly then you were on the right track, but you had to keep baking them for longer. After puffing they need the consolidating of their structure (starch gelification), so if you stop baking them before they reach that stage then they are going to collapse. The cake seems a mix of troubles. It's really pale, too few browning. You are using a recipe with citrus juice, acids tend to prevent maillard reactions, but it's still too pale. The crumb is really dense, which means it was over
  3. I'm sure there are many vegans in the rich classes too. Some of them are of the "good type" (as I call them), people who really care and believe in that way of being. Some others are of the "bad type", people who go vegan just to feel "morally superior". People with an annual salary in the 6 figures or above don't care that much if they spend $50 or $500 for a meal. It's like asking me if I care spending 15 euro for a gorgonzola+speck pizza with a bottle of beer, instead of 2 euro for a frozen margherita and a bottle of water. Just think about the guys who offered their "sustainable" yacht t
  4. Drink a Duvel and reconsider. Teo
  5. In this short video you are using the wrong movements. If you keep the spatula in vertical position and move it full front, then you are going to add air behind the spatula path. Similar when you scrape the bowl sides. Instead of keeping the spatula in vertical position (90°), try keeping it at 45°, then move it with slow circular movements. You forearm, wrist and hand should be firm, you move only the upper side of your arm. Don't stir too fast. Scrape the sides of the bowl only when it's necessary (when the chocolate on the sides is becoming solid). You just need to learn
  6. There are a boatload of possible reasons for this: wrong recipe; wrong method; wrong gelatin; wrong dimensions, wrong storing... When you ask for help you should try to put people in the best conditions to help, which means writing the details of what you do. If you remain ultra-generic then it's impossible to help. Saving energies in writing the details is against your own interest. Teo
  7. There are no Vitamix here, meaning the producer. You can find professional powerful blenders, but they are more expensive than what you pay for a Vitamix in the USA. The ones I tried gave a worse result than a Thermomix, they had high speed but not great blades. This is the main reason for the Thermomix success in fine dining restaurants. Teo
  8. You can add cold milk to your yolks+sugar+starch, it's not a problem. The only difference is that you will spend more time stirring on the pot. Teo
  9. They could take inspiration from the pear grappa farms: https://www.focus.it/cultura/curiosita/come-si-fa-a-mettere-la-pera-nella-grappa When the small pear is forming on the tree, you attach an empty bottle and let the pear grow inside it. When it's mature, you detach the pear from the tree (leaving it inside the bottle, of course), fill the bottle with grappa and done. You can see many people here doing this in their private gardens (normal homes, not madhouses). To get that link I searched on google "far crescere pere dentro bottiglia" ("growing pears inside bottles").
  10. Strawberries and cream. Luckily for me it's just the start of the season, my dinner menu in May is constant and simple: 500 g strawberries and 250 g cream. Teo
  11. Considering the fanatism of many vegans, getting a reservation there is going to be even harder. Teo
  12. I'm sure I read about this on one of his books. I remember it because it left me puzzled, I always read bad comments about canola oil and I was surprised reading it was his oil of choice for cooking. But for sure he knows much better than me. Besides that, I never saw it on sale here so I have zero experience. If weinoo did not find about this on "Le Bernardin Cookbook" then it must be on "On The Line". I just picked the book to check, canola oil is not listed in the index, I gave a cursory look at some pages to no avail. Sorry but I'm not re-reading the whole book to check this.
  13. This is still regular in Italy, so I'm not surprised it happened in an Italian restaurant in China. I'm a bit surprised it happened at Da Vittorio, those guys should know how to adapt to foreign markets. Best way to deal with this custom is saying something like this when paying the bill: "by law you are required to show prices, so if the lady menu had no prices then it means all her food came for free". Teo
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