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  1. The use of "unctuous" comes from all the French chefs that relocated in English speaking countries. They were used to the French term "onctueuse", which means "creamy / silky" and is really positive when referred to food. Similar sound, different meaning. Teo
  2. I would say to go with the first, then decide. About the second one, from what I know there are contents that are exclusive to the limited edition and contents that are exclusive to the unlimited edition. There is more stuff in the limited edition, otherwise people who bought it would feel screwed, but they added unreleased contents in the unlimited edition so people who bought the limited will feel the need to buy the unlimited too. This is what I've been said, I never had both editions in my hand to make a comparison. Teo
  3. Didn't know about his winning at the game show, now I need to search on youtube. Kudos to him for his generosity. I read his biography and saying he is honest is an understatement. Teo
  4. teonzo


    You can use a tool for slicing hot dogs / wurst sausages, all pizzerias have one to speed up the cutting process. This is the first result via google. They work well for dates, dried figs and other similar stuff. Teo
  5. Try giving a look to the world of dehydrators. In which case you need to put your sourdough in a closed box, then put the box in the dehydrator. Teo
  6. teonzo

    Vegan comfort food

    Compliments for your good will! I would say the best thing is asking her what she would like to eat. Vegan is just a generic description, every person has likes and dislikes. Try placing yourself in her boots: you are facing such health troubles, a neighbour comes with a food gift, you don't like it. What do you do? Do you say so, or do you say "thanks" and accept it? Almost everyone will say thanks, which is the polite thing to do. And which is what people facing those troubles do, because they have no energies to do otherwise. In those cases people need the most positivity possib
  7. I suppose that at this stage you know how to temper chocolate and check if it is tempered or not. If you are making multiple molds then the answer could be this: you did not stir the bowl after emptying the excess chocolate from the previous molds. After pouring chocolate in the mold it starts crystallizing quicker than when it's in the bowl, mainly due to the drop in temperature becoming in contact with the mold. Then you let it rest for a bit of time before emptying the excess, so it crystallizes even further. Result: the excess chocolate that gets poured back in the bowl has many more cry
  8. You should switch from 100 g cream to 75 g. If a ratio works for dark chocolate then you can bet it won't work for white. To rescue the bonbons you can't cap, try spraying chocolate (the one you use for the shells) until you have a barrier thick enough to avoid troubles. Teo
  9. The recipe you want to recreate has definetely an error in it, most probably it's due to the conversion from metric to imperial. All professionals use metric measures for the ease of it, and they make much bigger batches. So when they are asked to give a recipe for the home users they need to scale down the quantities and convert to imperial. Seems like an error escape through those 2 passages, or they did not scale down the baking powder quantity, or they made an error during the conversion. If the 50:1 ratio would call for just over 2 teaspoons, then I would suggest to use 2 1/2 teaspoo
  10. I would suggest using the same chocolate for the shells and the bottom. Dark chocolate contracts more than milk chocolate because it has more cocoa butter. Teo
  11. As I read the title before opening the thread, I thought "I'm definetely going to rant about this": but you preceded me, so I saved some time. I subscribe every single word, except it's my #1 not #9. Teo
  12. Definetely too high, the flour / baking powder ratio should be around 50:1. One of the many reasons why it's better going metric. Teo
  13. Thanks for talking about this book, I thought it was geared towards the home cooks so I was overlooking it. Another similar book has been published recently: "Toques in Black" by Battman. On one side it's nice to see black chefs and female chefs being noticed at last, but on the other hand they should appear together with all the other ones, not confined on their own. Teo
  14. So dog meat restaurant is just the official name for an under cover brothel? What's the use for the rubber mallet? I've never been in direct touch with an alligator, but I suppose its skin/scales/whatever should be pretty hard. Definetely this. And we should be ashamed, considering all the tons of good food that went to waste in the past decades. Teo
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