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  1. Actually just checked it now and it's for sure not a "must" book, one part 100% history and vision, other part cooking of several younger chefs that probably trained under him or recreate his classics(?), didn't get it yet.. In the German category i totally love till now Flora that i mentioned, by Nils Henkel, very intelligent cooking and combinations, vegetarian.. Just need more time to make better use and develop inspiration from it etc..
  2. For the chef books collectors, if someone interested, Amazon IT is listing lately interstingly priced used copies of master chef Eckart Witzigman's insanly, truly insanly heavy two parts life long summerizing book, mine got in actually new condiiton, maybe returned items when people realized the storage area needed for it.. Anyways, in German, did not open it yet, might take several years to review.. For the price and especially shipping, i'm most thankful for the transport services that handled it, i salut you guys..
  3. Wanted Flora by Nils Henkel for some time, found used in ok condition, still quite pricy maybe possible to find better in the future.. Vegetarian modern "michelin style" in German that looks promising and interesting but will have a better clue later after reading and a lot of translating.. Quite a lot of interesting modern chef books in German only, published in recent years, hope to find some of them in nicer prices later..
  4. Bday present arrived ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope to open them and check someday soon
  5. For some reason, those two Israeli books are selling for a ridiculous price (was 3$ when i ordered), price is still very low on Amazon, for those interested.
  6. I wish i bought in the past Alleno's French cooking big book when price was nicer.. I'm really impressed with Banctel so that would be my choice, it does have some Japanese influence btw but i'm yet to go through everything there. Le Clarence is also very nice, might be a bit simpler/classic cooking from Banctel and there should be also an English version now.. For an exceptional coffee table and less cookbook, Kei 2, i got them from amazon uk as it was the cheapest for me and fortunately under my country tax limits.. It seems to be still the best price out there, as for most of the Chef books i order..
  7. My main interest in the modern books category is exactly the style you mentioned, European with heavy Japanese influence (or other asian kitchens), a lot of Kaiseki inspiration, Yakitori and Sushi in home cooking in recent years. I do have i think most of Masui's books, i pretty much can't resist them ๐Ÿ™‚ Altough last Kei 2 was a bit dissappointing, it's more of a very stunning pictures book and the recipes at the end are quite basic and confusing. Her latest Racine - Un Japonais a Reims is on the way and I regret not buying her past Yukawatan book when came out, as it seems to worth nowdays X10 (assuming there is someone willing to pay it "-)). I LOVE Sepia by Martin Benn, might be my favorite, bau.steine also very good, Dos Pallilos has fantastic recipes but leans more towards Chinese, My Way by Tim Rau nice and many recipes, Toyo and Sola bth from Masui, are quite nice, Toyo has that Kaiseki influence, i also want to purchase Donburi by Julien Lemarie, looks like a pretty simple Japanese influenced book..
  8. Thanks, would love to read more of your thoughts on Frantzen, i asked about it in a different thread but didn't get much there ๐Ÿ™‚ Some of my latest purchases - upper two found on abebooks used in great condition and a nice price, Jerome Banctel purchased new and at first glance really like it, very comprehensive on the recipes side and this is mainly what i like from the modern chef books (in french of course, no English version yet).
  9. I don't think it will happen ๐Ÿ™‚ It's different with "niche cookbooks".. But i will continue checking prices for sure and maybe something will fall sometime.. And now i see the Disfrutar launched a big volume lately, around 150 euro before shipping, another one to the wish list.. And some other interesting ones, hard self-restraint ๐Ÿ™‚
  10. Yes that's the one.. Montagud publication is i guess sort of a Spanish Phaidon ๐Ÿ™‚ Can't say i loved some books i have related to them, like Atrio, so while Azurmendi 2021 book is of course very interesting, the current prices are intimidating. Most books in those higher price ranges, it's very hard to find appropriate info and references to consider, so eventually it's quite a gamble i have to say ๐Ÿ™‚
  11. Another shot in the dark for info on modern chef/restaurant books ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe somebody purchased this (quite expensive) book and can give some insight on the ratio of culinary and recipes side vs coffee table book aspect ? Thx
  12. Apart from Noma :-) Frantzen has a new book in English, wonder if someone purchased and can share opinion. And i'm very curious about Norway's Maaemo 2018 book, only published in German i think, and quite pricy.. Would be glad to know what people who might have purchased think, any other interesting suggestions are welcome, thx :-)
  13. Thank you very much Teonzo, your lists are always amazing ! I followed several of the books you mentioned hoping to catch them possibly used at better price points but no success, really wanted Kei II and price now in 3 digits land so i will pass, also Jerome Banctel hoping to "fish" sometime.. On others i will try to find some more info, many modern books concentrate nowdays on the "foraging chefs" which is not exactly the book style i'm looking for.. Last option Lummi looks like an interesting book to consider, thank you again for all those lists and knowledge you share..
  14. It's me again, on the look for Chef's books ๐Ÿ™‚ Haven't seen much mentioned on this topic on this board in past year, would be glad to get again good ideas to consider.. Have purchased and started reading lately those three : Christophe Pelรฉ, Le Clarence: Le livre de cuisine - In French so the translator works extra hours, very well made, eye candy for sure, culinary content a bit on the "classy simpler" side but really liked it overall Atrio - Spanish and English, still "digesting" this one, a bit of a disappointment i have to say, as the introductions/conversations/mood photos seem to me as suppressing the place of the culinary content, need to read more into it Atelier by Marc Lepin - Nice overall, not the greatest in it's genre but a very nice effort in a good price level.. Would be happy to read about your latest acquisitions and recommendetations, thanks ๐Ÿ™‚
  15. I don't know about a book related to cooking at Chinese temples, but on the shojin ryori and Japanese temples, i really like "The Heart of Zen Cuisine: A 600 Year Tradition of Vegetarian Cookery" by Soei Yoneda, it's another old one, quite simple but fascinating. But it's amazing to see now the prices on Amazon for those oldies (Bhutan and this one), became i guess real collectors books :-)
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