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  1. Taste of Persia is at 2.99$ now, don't know if it was mentioned in this great thread.
  2. Teo thanks a lot for the list, i've ordered now Liebrandt's book and El Celler i really want for a long time, price indeed low on this edition.. I have Manresa, Peter Gilmore's books and Marque, really like the last one and didn't look enough into the others.. Wish i could find Origin by Ben Shwery at a decent price but unfortunately didn't pull the triger yers ago when it was pretty cheap.. Baines's book really interesting, indeed pretty high price.. wasn't sure about the Coi book but it sounds like i should have it, so i think i will order Roca's and Coi book as a start :-) Thanks for your post, enjoyed reading it !
  3. Some time has passed and i'm here again, on the hunt for recent modern books.. Would love getting more ideas from your recent purchases of really impressive chefs/restaurants books.. I loved everything i bought in past years - Alinea (amazing book), EMP (very nice, second chapter is out..), Sepia and Atlier Crenn (also great books), Pascal Barbot's L'astrance in French, a very interesting book and cooking style for sure, WD-50 purchased recently seems also like a fun book with many things to try.. Have a "birthday budget" of around 200-300$ for one or several outstanding books and would be grateful again to read recent thoughts like the great ones i got in past years, thanks !
  4. Hi :-) Bought 1.7Kg pork chunk, might be a bit of weird cutting, seems like a rack of pork chops caught between V shaped in bones. Would like to sous vide it whole without further cutting to single steaks and would be glad to get a direction for temp and time, from what i've seen 60-62C area might be great to keep it juicy but i'm lost with the time, as it is a big chunk and not single steaks.. Thanks !
  5. I didn't exactly understand your direction, as of course fruits are mainly water :-) At summer i almost don't bother with "cooking a sorbet" as i usually did in the past with pectin or combo of stabilizer+something else "startchy" like tapioca meltadoxterin.. I just juice whatever i have, blendered well with some orange juice and a bit of sugar, a drop of orange flower extract ( or rose water ) and put it just like that in the machine, at some point, quite early and should be "monitored carfully" :-) It gets to an excellent runny "fruit ice" water that is really good, and i think it is close to what you are looking for, but cannot be sure of course, worth experimenting. If churned too much, and in a very good home machine, it gets almost to a more "frothier" sherbet/ice cream consistency, good of course only out of machine, later in home freeze degrees it has of course zero chance to remain something reasonable other then a block of icy fruit.. Have to remark that i do use for that matter a very good home machine ( musso lussino 4080 ), so should be taken into consideration, it has it's own abilities and spinning rate etc... It's also Italian made, so i guess the final product can hold the title "italian ice" "-)
  6. 2017 releases

    Thanks everyone, very helpful. My preferences are exactly those "more complicated" books that have many sub recipes, which are always excellent ideas for the larder and combining generally in home cooking.. So it's more of inspiration and ideas, i think most of us "steal" some things here and there from the complicated books, i guess very few really go all the way and prepare whole dishes, at least when it comes to the "really complicated books".
  7. 2017 releases

    Thanks, didn't think it would be relevant, but on vegetables might be a different story, at least in one recipe sample i saw a dehydrator mentioned "-) Regarding "cheffy", not sure what is sous vide's status nowdays, seems used by many at home, anyways i know it is a very "meaty" focused machine in base but preffer to find interesting ideas for vegi use, so again, if there are interesting sources and books to explore for that matter, would be happy to get info :-)
  8. 2017 releases

    I will also be glad to read thoughts on the "above" mentioned vegetables books by Fox and Mcfadden, looking for a new purchase and really want to order On vegetables.. Is it really interesting and inspiring in dishes and technique ? Am looking for the more complicated books, prefferebly with strong use of "flavor concentration" tools like dehydrator, sous vide and.. that's it i think :-) Centrifuges are too much i guess.. Any other good chef books lately that do use those tools, especially the dehydrator ? Thx..
  9. As mentioned, the perfect scoop is the perfect beginners book for home ice cream, Sweet cream and sugar cones from B-Rite creamery is not bad either, fewer but solid basic recipes. For higher level of home gelato - Gelato Messina is a great book.
  10. Tsukemono book ?

    Thanks Jim, will go through the preview and maybe order this one. Thanks helenjp, I think my hope is to adopt interesting techniques, ideas and recipes to experiment with, as I'm sure I will not be able to find a lot of the excellent pickled ingredients from a recent visit to Japan. I had for example excellent pickled seaweed, might be of different types, very interesting different consistencies, delicate flavours, really delicious stuff. I'm sure I will not be able to come close to this "art level", but I do hope that a serious book, will help me utilize except for salt, some more Japanese staples like the Miso, Sake, Mirin, Soy, Vinegars.. I don't know if this is part of "long term" Japanese traditional fermenting or mainly salt is the star in those..
  11. Tsukemono book ?

    Thanks, interesting, will do.. Is it an Aby in your profile picture ? We have a pair, fantastic cats :-)
  12. Tsukemono book ?

    I'm looking for good titles and web sources that focus on Japanese pickles preparing, will be glad to get any interesting info, thanks :-)
  13. Thanks nickrey, I forgot about this book, there seems to be now a kindle promo, and from few small elements like a promising carrot sorbet that seems much like my base sorbet receipe directions, it is for sure a book i should own, thanks a lot.
  14. A year and too much money spent on books later :-) Answers here turned home library upside down, and i'm having great time getting influence from "more then a few" of the books people mentioned. The urge is strong again, and i wonder about two books that i didn't purchase yet and actually have some connection (Chihiro Masui..) - Pascal Barbot's cookbook and Noriyuki Hamada's Yukawatan, would be glad to get more info on the content and which of them might be more of a cooking influence/useful ideas, and not just amazing pictures. Also any other "newer" revealations from past year that were not mentioned in this thread and can cause me more financial damage, please do brong them on "-) Oh and some more questions if it's ok, in a "lighter" manner. thinking about Baneras from Atul K., as a good candidate for inspirational modern indian.. Purchased EMP which is very nice (altough by mistake ordered used in a langauge i don't speak..), did not get Alinea yet, which causes some sleeping problems so i guess it should also stay strong on the radar. And any other books that might concentrate on "flavor extract" and interesting "quite accessible" tools and ideas, like ones heavy on use of the food dehydrator, which i do have and find as a REAL must today in my kitchen. Thanks a lot :-)
  15. At Amazon uk, actually any amazon, i assume nobody buys directly from the first page at "amazon price", as the prices never make much sense, you go below to one of the used or new link options, and then get very good deals, for eg. Notter's book is 30.5 gbp for new, before shipping. Unfortunately not every "shop option" sends to my country, i assume your life is much easier in that sense, and shipping costs are very low if you are in the UK (and Europe..). I think Book depository used to have better prices in the past, but lost a lot of ground in the last couple of years, as it seems that the options i mention from Amazon uk site (below the "amazon price") became signifacently cheaper in past years, without a proper respone from BD.. My feeling and opinion..