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Christopher KImball and "Milk Street"


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to be fair , the Milk Street TV show


is more interesting that the ATK's , as it has some international 


ideas.   but you do have to put up w CK Pontificating 


on his travels , when he really has nothing to contribute 



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12 hours ago, btbyrd said:

All I'm saying is, don't start an episode of Milk Street Radio and then immediately cover your hands with water and dish soap so you can't easily control a capacitive touch screen. 

I’m surprised you don’t talk to your devices!

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I know that Milk Street Magazine isn't getting much love on this topic, but I've been enjoying it -- especially now that Saveur and Fine Cooking have both gone down the drain. But now I'm getting irritated. I have a print subscription so I can get the physical magazine. Today I want to make the Eggplant Parmesan from their March-April 2023 issue. (I posted about it here, with some admitted tweaks.) Can I find that issue? No I cannot. I suspect it's in the Princessmobile, which is in the shop. Either that, or it's jumbled in with all the other magazines and tax records and music that I really must deal with this weekend, after I find a shovel.


No problem. I'm a subscriber. I went online to get it...and so far am foiled.


Am I correct in thinking that even if you subscribe in print you have to pay for a separate digital subscription? 

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