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What do you keep in your freezer?


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In the deep freeze at any given time, at least two deer (cut up and very well marked, including weight of pieces and cut), ice cream treats, lots of butter, and the summer's tomatoes and the odd bag of frozen peas and corn. Oh, and a mess of brats from our fav meat markets.

The upstairs freezer (side by side) -- all sorts of nasty things that are unlabled and never should have been saved, excepting the roasted peppers.

Reminder to self: the freezer is not a safe deposit box.

ETA: My favorite freezer story is when my MIL's died. We'd been married some 20+ years. She called and said that she found the top of our wedding cake. Did we want it? Sure. Did we eat it? No! We tossed it out of a second story window of our house. The thing just shattered, and the squirrels were mighty happy.

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Susan Fahning aka "snowangel"
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Upright freezer in room next to kitchen :


Bones for making stock. Got a bit of a fish bone backlog going on in there at the moment.

Frozen blackberries - just starting to pick those.

Icecream maker - cheapy one you have to freeze.


Various ice-creams made for other dishes that really need using up (roquefort, kirsch, apple)

Left over pastry that I have the best intentions for.

Ice packs for dropping in the buckets of brine I'm currently curing ham in.

Little chest freezer in the barn :

About 3/4 of a lamb.


Veal shins.

A few pigeons.

Big chest freezer in the barn :

3 pigs. In bits. I don't think I could squeeze another one in there.

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Funny this topic should pop up now, as I just started a massive freezer inventory project to prepare for a year of frugality while my wife is in grad school. I created an online google doc that I'm keeping accurate; I've added dates on prepared items bc I want to use them earlier than others.

Here's the current status downstairs:

Fresh Meats & Fat

2 # seasoned ground beef

3 # cubed sirloin

10 # boneless pork shoulder

4 # boneless lamb shoulder

2 boneless legs of lamb

6 # pork back fat

1 # pork lard

1 # leaf lard

13 oz rendered duck fat

Homemade Prepared Meats

4/08 1.5# andouille

9/08 2# Mergez

9/08 1.5 # hunter sausage

12/08 duck ham

5/09 1 # tasso

5/09 1.5 # kielbasa

8 Chinese sausage (lap cheung)

2# Chinese bacon (lap yuk)

8 oz bacon

5 oz rosemary bacon

2 # pancetta

5 # Cured fresh bacon to smoke (this weekend's project)


3 x 4 c bags asian chicken stock

7 x 4 c bags roasted chicken stock

5 x 4 c bags basic chicken stock

2 c veal stock

Homemade Prepared Dishes

8/09 1 # puttanesca sauce

8/09 2 # pasta puttanesca

7/09 Mac and Cheese

8/09 Bean soup

8/09 4 packs lamb stuffed cabbage

1/09 1 serving cassoulet

Purchased Prepared Items

4 # hot dogs (Nathan's)

3 bags dumplings

Grains, Rice, Beans, Pasta, Flour

2 x 2# light brown sugar

1 x 2# dark brown sugar

3 x 2# powdered sugar

4 Kg 00 pasta flour

9 x 2# bags rolled oats

1.5# steel cut oats

2 Kg maseca

6 x 2# bags masa corn

1.5# dark rye flour

1.5 # graham flour

1.5 # whole wheat graham flour

7 # self rising flour

1 # coucous

1.5 # bulgur wheat

2 x 1.5 coarse cornmeal

1.5# corn flour

2 # carnaroli rice

1.5 # posole

1 # beans - pinquitos

.5 # beans - black calypso

2 # soldier beans

1 # garbanzo beans

.5 # mung beans

Butter, Cheeses

12 # unsalted butter

3 x 1# blocks parmesan

3 # milk chocolate

5 # dark chocolate

1 # white chocolate


1 # sunflower seeds

8 oz pine nut

10 oz boiled peanuts (for curry sauce)

8 oz sliced almonds

6 oz pecan halves

6 oz pumpkin seeds

1 # apricot kernels

8 oz pistachios

1 # hazelnuts

3 # walnuts


4 tart dough rounds

2 x bag uncooked coconut

2 lb dried apricots

12 oz frozen cranberries

3 # dextrose

8 oz guar gum

8 oz xantham gum

1 pkg Bactoferm M-EK-4 (mold culture)

1 pkg Bactoferm F-RM-52 (fermenting culture)

1/2 # pink salt

some salmon cure & generic cure mix

ETA I also have about 50 different spices, herbs, and chile peppers in the downstairs freezer -- keep track of them on another list. Upstairs is pretty much limited to current use items and to cocktail ingredients (Tovolo ice cube trays, lots of glasses, etc.) CA

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Chris Amirault

eG Ethics Signatory

Sir Luscious got gator belts and patty melts

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About half of my freezer is filled with film and photographic materials.

That s great! I just looked ,and I have a bunch of Kodachrome Ectachrome and Kodacolor in 120 and 35 that I had forgotten about...Gonna have to drag out the Linhoff and stuff ,and take some real pictures!


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Wow...you guys have some great stocked up fridges!

In my kitchen fridge I have the

stock makings bags - meat-veg scraps


ice cream

frozen corn and peas

and frozen can cooler holder things to keep canned soda and beer icy :)

In the chest freezer I have -

Frozen pasta

stock cubes and tubs

chops and roast butchered down from a whole loin of pork

Filet and tips from a whole beef tenderloin

Amish Friendship bread starter (I ran out of friend before I ran out of starter :)

I'm slacking off here!

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After tossing too many things from back-of-the-freezer death and buying doubles of too many other things bc I didn't realize I had them on hand already, I've gone against form and become extremely anal about freezer organization lately. We'll see how it goes: best laid plans of mice and men... all that.

Chris Amirault

eG Ethics Signatory

Sir Luscious got gator belts and patty melts

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  • 4 weeks later...

I prepare alot of produce for use in recipe testing, so I have a few freezers (two above fridges, one small one for the item I'm about to mention, and a large produce one). Most of my stuff is the usual suspects, but there is one frozen article that's probably a bit different.

Cane toads.

They are a pest that verges on plague proportions here in north Australia, and as well as being highly toxic if touched on their glands or eaten by predators, they bump local frogs out of their habitats. People dispose of them in all sorts of ways (mostly not particularly humane) but my approach is the kindest. Put on disposable rubber gloves, go out into the garden, grab the buggers that are flopping around, and pop them into a biodegradable bag and into the cane toad freezer. Then they make their way to toad tip heaven on the next week's council garbage pick up!

Clare at Clare's Kitchen

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  • 3 weeks later...

Only food and ice in my freezer... ah, with the exception of something that hubby has placed in there and labeled "bait". I'm afraid to ask the specific contents! Most of the actual stuff is processed wild game and veggies from the garden.

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  • 3 months later...

From mid-October to mid-December of 2009, I was having severe pain due to inflammation, and had difficulty dressing, bathing, driving and cooking due, as it turned out, to inflammation. Finally, my doctor put me on a low dose of Prednisone which immediately took away all pain. There are lots of side effects to this, including sending my blood sugars into the stratosphere, and he told me that I could only stay on it for 3 to 6 months. Most people do not have a reoccurance of this pain when the course of treatment is over, but I don't usually react like most people.

Since I have been feeling OK, I have undertaken to fill my freezer with ready to eat meals, a lot of soups since I like soup in the winter. Now the freezer is full, with about 35 meals plus all the other stuff I keep in there (like about 15 kinds of flour). Now I think I must have jumped the gun, as the stuff will never be in great condition if I go the full 6 months. So while everyone else is cleaning out, I have been filling up. Here's what's in my small upright:

Freezer. January 27, 2010 (Ready to eat in caps)

Top Shelf:

Bacon 3 lbs.

Catfish Filets

Chicken Thighs

Flat Iron Steak 2

Ground Pork 2



Large bag of shrimp

Pork Chops

Pork stir fry


Sausage Patties 2


Shrimp for Cocktail 1

Smoked Salmon






Second Shelf

Berry Mix



Brussels Sprouts

Carrots for Pudding 2

Chopped onions

Cranberries, lots

Italian beans

Lemon Juice Cubes

Lima beans










Third Shelf

Apples, dried

Apricots, dried

Black Cocoa

Butter 5 lbs.

Candied Fruit

Cheese Mex. Grated 3

Cheese, Parm. 1

Chocolate for baking

Cookie Dough 2-15


Dulce de Leche

Egg Whites

Nuts, Pecans

Pie shells 3





Bottom Shelf

Bread crumbs


Ice packs

Roll dough

Sourdough loaves 3


Anise Seed

Caraway Seed

Clam juice

Dill weed


Non-fat dry milk

Nuts, misc.

Nuts, walnuts


Poppy seed

Sesame seed

Smoked Paprika


White bread

I've decided to start using those dinners, replacing with a new one when I've eaten 4 or 5. So it's chili tonight, since it was 20 degrees this morning.

Ruth Dondanville aka "ruthcooks"

“Are you making a statement, or are you making dinner?” Mario Batali

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I had to go on a clear liquid diet for a while, and was apprehensive about hunger, about not feeling well enough to cook, etc. The options are all so sugary. So ahead of time I made a huge pot of beef consomme from Julia Child. It really saved the day, and I am now using the leftovers as a base for stock, etc. I have to admit that I really enjoyed eating popsicles when I didn't feel well, and am continuing to eat the no-sugar added varieties even though I normally never eat them or any treat-type food.

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Nuts of all kinds, esp pine nuts which go rancid so quickly in the fridge

Cranberries (buy enough at Thanksgiving to last all year, then sort, wash, and freeze)

Salt cod


Homemade pesto

Dog stuff--homemade dog food, chicken necks, and diced hot dogs for training treats


Homemade gravlax

Most of any baked goods I make, as there are only two of us and my capacity for baking far exceeds our capacity for eating




Curry leaves

Kaffir lime leaves


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I just have a wee top-of-the-fridge type freezer. A good chunk of space is taken up by raw food for my cats, but I manage to keep it stocked with soups & chili during the winter, homemade ice cream during the summer, and frozen fruits year-round for both baking and smoothies. I almost always have flat packs of homemade vegetable stock, and a dozen or so muffins individually wrapped and ready to reheat. And I might have some frozen perogies, edamame or corn at any given time. I also freeze leftover odds and ends like lemon juice, chopped onion and coconut milk.

I wish I had a larger freezer. As it is, every possible square inch is being used.

I'm gonna go bake something…

wanna come with?

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Let's see...


(2x) gallons ice cream (chocolate and vanilla)

(8x) water-filled juice bottles for the cooler

(6x) ground beef (ziplocked in serving-sized portions)

(4x) pork chops (ditto)

(7x) thin-sliced round (ditto)

2/3 bag pork skin (boneless alternative to trotters, in case anyone wonders)

1 lb chorizo

(8x) old french bread (for croutons/stuffing)

~12 lbs of bacon ends and pieces (bought on sale)

~20 lbs of chicken thighs (ditto)

~9 lbs of shelled pecans (ditto)

~2 lb squid

~2 lb tilapia fillets (not sure why I got this)

2/3 lb unsalted butter

bag o' leftover beef bones (for stock)

leftover roast pork leg from New Years' (for bean soup)

You watch me, I'll get my stuff together and beat Chris at this game...

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This is my skillet. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My skillet is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it, as I must master my life. Without me my skillet is useless. Without my skillet, I am useless. I must season my skillet well. I will. Before God I swear this creed. My skillet and myself are the makers of my meal. We are the masters of our kitchen. So be it, until there are no ingredients, but dinner. Amen.

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Wow. I am impressed by the various methods of inventory.

We currently have one 5 cu. ft. chest freezer which contains ONLY ice packs. Said freezer is for storing "ready meals" which are being picked up by clients. It's taking a lot of my (personal) energy to prevent DH from filling w/ ice cream.

The "home" freezer is 6 cu ft. upright freezer.

Top shelf: various berry freezer jams, about 6 x 1 cup bags

2nd shelf: strawberries, raspberries, sour cherries, about 2 lbs of each

3rd shelf: ravioli, boneless chicken breasts, trim from a tenderloin, 1 qt bag of chicken salad

4th shelf: 1 lb of meatloaf

bottom shelf: empty (previously contained ice packs mentioned above)

There is also a freezer in the bottom of my fridge, which contains

several bags of herbs and pestos

several bags of stock-making veg trim, and diced veg for quick meals

2 cup bag of lemon simple syrup (the last batch went mouldy in the fridge)

medical ice packs, and the ice-maker

2lbs of frozen cherries, purchased when I had forgotten that I already had 5 lbs of sour cherries, picked by my friends from an abandoned tree... :blink:

assorted single servings of sauces...

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Karen Dar Woon

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I just had to do a major freezer audit so we could fit our shipment of beef (also in bits) into the chest freezer. I managed to keep my stock, applesauce, and some cranberries in there. Barely.

In our kitchen freezer :

wild maine blueberries (makes wonderful smoothies for the picky 5 year old)


ice cream (vanilla)

various and sundry nuts (for salads and baking)

english muffin bread (from our local baker)


squash puree (for the 7 month old)


coffee beans

more cranberries

and more beef (stew meat that wouldn't fit in the chest freezer)

oh. And frozen pumpkin cake. But that's my secret. Sssshhhh.

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