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  1. You must add Wilson, North Carolina, to this list. Wilson is home to both Parker's and Bill Ellis' Barbeque - both excellent representations of Eastern NC barbeque cuisine.
  2. Sadly, Whitey's Restaurant has also closed, as of late 2010. Must find a new spot for breakfast!
  3. I share one member's affection for Caesar salads - or any good veggie-filled salad topped with grilled chicken. My downfall in the calorie department is my love of bleu cheese dressing on a salad, but I've learned to mix it 50/50 with seasoned rice vinegar, which makes a lovely and somewhat lighter version of the bleu cheese.
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    I enjoyed your post, Chris, and thank you for sharing your experience. You might say I have "been there, done that"... up to the point of being able to enjoy an occasional guilty pleasure cocktail. Without much hullabaloo, I will say that I discovered that I have a growth in the liver early this year. The GI specialist felt it was an adenoma, but after I confessed my drinking habits (largely from boredom), he admitted the possibility of it being a fatty deposit. I had already taken the step to stop drinking liquor, with only an occasional glass of wine, but gladly abstained from all with his words. I look forward to my next scan, and hope to see that area diminished, if not completely gone. Having thought a great deal about my drinking practices, I finally determined that the way to do it - if one must - is as you are doing, rather than as if one is being paid to imbibe! I am so thankful that I was able to take this on, without having to seek treatment to curtail my 'habit'. Cheers!
  5. Only food and ice in my freezer... ah, with the exception of something that hubby has placed in there and labeled "bait". I'm afraid to ask the specific contents! Most of the actual stuff is processed wild game and veggies from the garden.
  6. Try swishing warm salt water in the mouth to soothe the irritation. As one other person suggested, the OTC product, "Anbesol", might help, as might Chloroseptic Spray or Lozenges, which is advertised for sore throat pain. Doctors I've worked with have suggested some of all of these things for sore throat & ulcers in the mouth, so it should be helpful for a burned tongue. Good luck!
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