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  1. qrn

    Back to the Basics: Salt

    I just looked at the morton box,and it says,its only salt,nothing else,,,,, Bud
  2. qrn

    POS Advice?

    I had a car once that was aPOS,,,,,(joke,probably in bad taste,however Bud
  3. qrn

    Back to the Basics: Salt

    I use morton canning and picklingsalt,its real fine and has no otherchemicals in it,just salt Bud
  4. I go to the localresterant,supply place every few months and get a 50lb bag of high gluten,and a 50 lb bag of a lower gluten,The stuff is from a localflourpackingand supply place,and works well for bread and pizza Bud
  5. they are easy to grow in a pot in the window,I just took a cutting off the one I have had for many years and am in the process of rooting it so i will have 2 plants...they are much better fresh,by the way,,,,Bud
  6. qrn

    Minor's Soup Base

    you are right, Its really great stuff,been using it for many years,and am about to place another order soon Bud
  7. Well, my copy arrived and it's an amazing book, perhaps the definitive regional cookbook. Here is a review that helps place it: http://www.foodarts....talian-cookbook More comprehensive than Artusi, better than Ada Boni, and while the Silver Spoon tries to scratch this itch in English, I never felt compelled to own it after returning my library copy. Of the four, this book is the one if one had to choose. well I guess I had better bone up on my Italian language skills,grand parents were from there and I spoke it till Iwent to Jr high,after leaving their house...Bud
  8. one,but its lots more than a cup,,,(haven't measured its actual size..... Bud
  9. beef liver,,,Have not had any since the mid 50,s Bud.
  10. a CDNthermometer,so I know when stuff is hot enough,,,(or cold enough)
  11. My grandparents were from trentino,and you are correct its not the Italian that shows up here..I cook some things that I remember from my grandmothers cooking,however I have not seen any cookbooks from there.I found a book called the corageous people from the Dolomites,however ,no recipes...Bud
  12. qrn

    Whole Wheat Pizza Crust

    I stopped using a stone for pizza,and went to a suitable sized 1/4inch thick steel plate,which goes on the bottom rack in the oven it is about 4 inches above the lower heating elements,by the time the oven gets to 550deg,the plate is 750deg,I always get nice crisp crust that way...I also do the crust using Canada Daves recipe and letting it age in the veg tray in the reefer for at least 6or 7daysbefore using,Ialso use an infrared thermometer to measure the plate temp,by the way...Bud
  13. qrn


    I would imagine it's farm raised since as far as I know it's illegal to sell wildlife. thats true, but if its wild ,it is not worth eating ,they are bad tasteing(why I do not hunt them any more,If I am not gonna eat it I am not gonna kill it,,,) bud..
  14. qrn

    Brining Chicken

    How is that not brining? well I guess its a semantic thing.its lots easier than brining ,what with all the letting it sit in the brine,it(the salt) just gets absorbed into the meat and does not change the moisture content as a wet brine would do,(sez here in the small print), ho ho,,bud
  15. qrn

    Brining Chicken

    I stopped brining chicken long ago,now I just break it down in to pieces and put them in a big pot-with a lot of mortons canning and pickling salt on it, and let it sit for a half hour or so,then rinse it off and put all the pieces in a large nonstick,pan and bake it at375,untill it looks nice and brown Bud
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