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  1. I use Barilla no cook Lasagna when I cater and It's a dream. I always get asked if it's handmade pasta.
  2. One of my favorites is Food 52, It has very good lay out/design, fun contests, great information and recipes. Hip but not slick.
  3. I'm going down to the San Miguel writers Conference next month and would like some recommendations for not to be missed dining experiences of all kinds , including street food. Many Thanks
  4. chow guy

    Green Onions

    I just sauted some onions and garlic, with salt and freshly ground pepper in EVOO (already peeled from the market). It was a large amount in two pans. They both turned a light green color. I have never seen this before and am concerned. I thought it might be related to covering one of the pans with an aluminum serving tray, but both batches turned green. Any ideas??? Thanks.
  5. Thanks, fyfas. That's very helpful. re: Graham's Grille. I gotta ask: what's the story behind the "JC Penney Burrito?" ← I agree, there is nothing special at the Apple Tree and try Orlando's. But... Don't miss a breakfast or lunch at The Dragonfly (next to the PO on the main drag).
  6. I'm looking for an ice carver to carve a container for seviche and a good seviche recipe for an event next week in Burque. Any Ideas? Thanks
  7. Well, that's almost right. According to Vienna Beef, the Holy 7 are: Pickle Spear Celery Salt Yellow Mustard Sport Pepppers Tomato Neon Green Relish Onion No Ketchup! =R= ← Thanks for the replies. Wikipedia was also my only source for fixins, so I had everything except (the neon part) of the relish. The New Yorkers at the event ate up the onions pronto and not many folks went for the cucumbers. I Did have kraut and ketsup available (even after reading it was a no no), and noticed lots of folks used them both. I was told by two Chicagoans that I nailed the Italian beef and deep dish pizza, I used a five star internet recipe for thr beef and a friends' deep dish dough recipe. I don't know why I get so obsessed with authentic...but I do.
  8. Im catering an opening night reception for "Hellcab" and they want Italian Beef, deep dish pizza and Chicago Hot dogs as part of the spread. Any advice or other Chicago street food ideas would greatly be appreciated. Especially about which garnishes are really required. Many Thanks
  9. Many Thanks for the tips. We went to Earls Pima on Friday night and each of the twelve guests was very happy with the food and service. My friends were also very impressed with eGullet when I explained how I discovered the place. Egullet rocks!
  10. All of these places seem to be perfect, for our mostly East coast group. Many Thanks.
  11. I'm off to Scottsdale to the Marriot Mc Dowell Mountain Resort with a group of 10 next weekend. It'll probably be like hearding cats to get folks to agree on dining options, but I want to have options ready so we don't wind up at PF Changs or the like. Is there anything in the general area, that would be appropriate for a large diverse group? I was also thinking , that I might try and assemble a meal in one of the suites at the hotel from ethnic and prepared food outlets (Not including Whole Foods or Wild Oats) or, possibly, get great takeout: Chinese, Barbeque, pizza etc... Any recommendations? My wife wants to try Roys for an intimate dinner... What's the word on Roys' these days? Thanks in advance for any help you might have.
  12. I had a hip replacement about a month ago and the following week, had a horrendous gout attack. My doctor responded with, "Oh, surgery often brings on an attack". I was surprised to discover that the trusty ole Vicodin I was taking post op had precious little effect on the gout pain. I have only had a few attacks over the last ten years. The first time, the pain was so severe, that even pulling a sheet over my toe sent me screaming. At that time of the first attack, I had been eating very little meat, and in fact an almost vegetarian diet, with lots of spinach,, portabello mushrooms, asaragus and beans. The first doc misdiagnosed it since I did not eat offal, very much meat, drink alcohol etc. After reading up on it, I realized that I ate alot of purine froming foods regularly. I went to another doctor and Bingo, he said I had gout. These days, attacks can be set off by various ingredients. Last June, I ate pork roast three days in a row ( to get rid of leftovers) Bingo!, and the last time it was shrimp that set it off. I wish it were more predictable/ preventable. As many have mentioned above, hydration seems to be key for the cure. So, at the first sign of a twinge I start hydrating. I can't really say if the cherry juice cure works, It seems to simmer down after three days of cherrirs and juicing. But that seems like a long time to me. But, I still take the cure, since I love cherries.
  13. I tried Google, and called or e mailed several of the sources listed..including the big Dutch importer that suppies it to the US. I called and left messages on salespersons voice mails at several wholesalers, but no one has returned my calls or e mails. I even called one Wholesaler in CA, twice. I know it a very uncommon product, but I never dreamed I would have such a hard time.
  14. My wholesale source for Black Salsify or oyster plant has gone out of business. I'm having a very difficult time locating a whholesale source, Any ideas? Thanks.
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