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  1. Not ready yet but well on the way. The BGE has not budged since I got it settled in. No pid controller it does fine on its own . Some apple wood in there. Rubbed but not injected No Texas foil I don't like to foil it but many competitions are won with foil.
  2. I'm with you. She is loud, boorish, dumb-looking, says stupid things, cooks what looks like crap. What's the appeal?This demonstrates that much of the invective directed towards Paula Deen has much more to do with who she is then what she did. People need to know their place. Ms. Deen was to uppity for those of us with much higher intellect and much better taste. She should have been happy to sell sandwiches on the street Of all the fucking nerve. Go get a job at Wal Mart. None of us important people of high culture would dream about going there
  3. Although Kerry won't admit it, but she is not much short of superwoman. Just reading of all she does makes me tired
  4. I have decided that I want Kerry to be my doctor. Great stuff Kerry.
  5. Pasta of one sort or the other was my thought as well. Will you have access to Maine lobsters on the island?
  6. From Jason's description it would seem thet from startt to finish may have bene around two hours? Was it that much better than a way that would cook a seared rare burger in a lot less time? I hope that Jason does not go off the deep end.
  7. Tomato, moz and basil is Maggie's favorite summertime meal. We have it often
  8. This sounds fantastic. My friend Raymond makes black raspberry preserves and has been champion of the Perry County fair with them. To strain his raspberries he uses pantyhose. He tells me he only uses unworn for this purpose. I sincerely hope that to be true
  9. Sanctimonious twits are sanctimonious twits no matter what their choice of diet.
  10. The panel has been assembled in Salem. Mary Walcott will testify. The EG jury of perfection is ready. Only question that remains is the gallows or burning at the stake. Maybe both.
  11. It seems clear that Paula D. is an imperfect human. Earlier, I had asked she be judged the same as Tony B. another imperfect human. I have always believed that we are all imperfect and that one of the basic human endeavors was to attempt to modify those imperfections as best we can. We should all hope to change for the better. It is an ongoing struggle for me. I admit to being highly imperfect. However, my belief has been called into question reading all these posts from those that seem to be beyond any reproach in their humanity. Perhaps they have reached perfection. I salute them for the effort. I have no idea at all if Paula D. is a racist or not. I don't think any of those condeming her do either. Although one poster seems to have the ability to read minds. She is an easy target. large in size, large in personality, cashed in her moments of celebrity. She is not like us, or like some of us, at least. If she had a centrifuge in her kitchen we would like her a lot more. we don't like her because she is not like us. Wait a minute, not liking someone because they are not like us? Sounds pretty damn familiar to me. Let ye who is without sin cast the first stone. Seems we have a fine group here ready to fire away.
  12. I love lemonade. My favorite beverage. In an effort to cut back on sugar consumption I have started drinking Crystal Light mix. This product has two things in common with lemonade. it is liquid and it is yellow. There is not another relationship in the two. My daughter in law's roomate from college is now a physician and advises me that artificial sweeteners are the work of the devil and she holds them as a major cause of cancer My wife has take to using Truvia as her sweetener of choice. it is stevia based, but includes sugar alcohol and the process to make it look like sugar remains unclear. So, what should I do? It seems any of the substances are bad for me in one way or the other. The one that makes lemonade taste best is sugar. Should I go back to sugar? Truvia? A sugar Truvia blend? Help me out here. Try as I may, I can't seem to consume enough bourbon to stay hydrated.
  13. I sort of a fat guy so if it makes you feel better go ahead and mock me too either here or by private message. I did have a salad for lunch and walked a bit aferward. But I can't be sure the lettuce was organic. there is a temendous difference between the hurtful speech used by Tony B. and that used by Paula D. I'm just not clear on what that is, perhaps it is because Tony is a skinny guy and Paula is a fat woman.
  14. way to keep it classy. Not really sure why Paula Dean gets in trouble for what she says, but Bourdain is all but considered a national treasure. Wanna bet Tony never said that? But he is cool and Paula is just an uppity broad. She has a good TV presence that lots of folks seem to like. As do Fieri and Ray, who are also widely hated.
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