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  1. Ok that is who I was looking at very hard. That and Chapter One, but that one just as a nice dinner. What is dress code at Greenhouse like?
  2. Will be there in May and have never been. One night only and wondered if there was a mc type restaurant in Dublin at this time? Thanks.
  3. Can anyone give a price range of the various machines? Their websites do not disclose that item.
  4. Doodad


    My daughter made mojito spheres that came out very well. One trick was to freeze the mix prior to going in the calcium bath. Worked like a charm.
  5. Made baby back ribs in the sous vide machine for the first time last night. Freaking awesome. I should have used the torch rather than the broiler at the end, but the results were spectacular. I did them at 176F for 6 hours due to time constraints. I don't know if a longer time at lower temp would be any better as these were perfect in my opinion.
  6. Has anybody tried making a dark roux in a pressure cooker? Can this be done without scortching do you think? I have made roux in the oven before and started wondering about this topic.
  7. Any dish, especially LA influenced, that calls for ham or bacon. Good as part of a filler for omelette as well.
  8. Carrot soup is done. Chicken wings are in the brine and the carotene butter is in the fridge. Working on kimchee now for the pressure cooked brisket tacos.
  9. I have had no problem with any type of sealing bags. It looks to be just a rebranded foodsaver sealer to me.
  10. How so? Inedible, unmalleable wall paper paste.
  11. Any idea if calcium citrate can be subbed for sodium? Also, where does one find that rigid vacuum container shown for infusing items?
  12. I know we tried making the ramen out of Momofuku and failed in the most spectacular fashion.
  13. Got my pressure cooker/canning kit and isi whipper this morning. Looking forward to trying some new things this weekend.
  14. Like what? And corn syrup is hardly unadulterated. But corn syrup is more neutral than the brewers malt syrup which has some definite flavors from degrees of malting of the barley.
  15. Another vote for corn syrup. The stuff from brew stores will have some flavor additives.
  16. Loved the first two episodes. We had to have ramen last night after watching it.
  17. I saw Meaza as well. Also saw a review about parking on Skyline. Thanks for the IM too.
  18. Cool thanks for the suggestion. Anyone know about Skyline Cafe? Someone suggested it.
  19. Just got it this morning and am so excited to try a bunch of stuff. My daughter and I are doing a dinner Thanksgiving weekend.
  20. We booked Brabo for the first night due to Eve having a $100 cancellation fee. I understand it, but our plans are kind of loose and we are not local so it seemed prudent to decline that. How about Ethiopian in NOVA? We love Ethiopian. We are doing a candlelight tour of Mt Vernon one night and coming back would be great to seek out something.
  21. I looked at them and was hoping to here about them. Also saw Vermillion, Brabo's and Hank's Oysters. The ONLY drawback I saw to Eve is the dress code, but I know it is DC.
  22. Can someone recommend a few places for the evenings for the 7-10th. We are staying in old town near the King St station, but will have a car as well. No allergies or dislikes etc we are very adventurous. Price is not really a dealbreaker if it is unique or just that good. Thanks.
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