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  1. Chef Fowke

    Steven Shaw

    Okay, this is very sat; I really enjoyed Fat Guy and he helped me with my first restaurant, Rare in Vancouver... his advice on "a term not yet coined' social media and concept were invaluable. Then his dog ate the floor out of my car. I was totally pissed off, but... ...I got to meet Anthony Bourdain through him. We chatted on 911 - first hand account of the tragedy as he watched the smoke and destruction from his window a few blocks away. A very surreal day. Ate oysters at 5am, drank wine all day - and was amazed by a lawyer who left a million dollar practice because; as quoted by him "I really enjoyed practising law, with Lunch being my favourite part of the day". Smart guy, fat guy, fun guy and a pompous ass. Glad I was able to spend a little time with him. Fat Guy's Dog Eating!
  2. Good for you! I will be back in 'toon soon - I will make sure to make a scene.
  3. ....let's not forget pork belly at Kits Daily for the under 15 crowd. Always a crowd pleaser.
  4. Bibo is better - and mostly great. Pay the extra $10 and get the premium cheese/toppings. Wow factor of 10/10. Cheaper pizza are good. Still looking for something green and crisp to contrast with the brilliant pizza. Right now it is my go-to-place for a quick in and out pizza. Want to be able to linger for a few hours in the atmosphere. Novo - pizza crust and pizza sauce are off the meter good. Like sitting in a 100 year old pizzeria in NYC good. Toppings are improving everyday. But best of all is the 'other factor'. Nice selection of great menu items (antipasto platter is 10/10) with the wine program being the best of all the new pizza joints.
  5. Had lunch at Bibo on Saturday. Very clean, simple room with a great tomato sauce and dough. Really enjoyed the product - but had to be open minded. The menu is old world and if you do not ask for help... and how to order you will be disappointed. Just ordering a pizza does not work.
  6. To all my good friend here at eGullet.... I am pleased to announce that we have just completed two weeks of ‘soft openings’ and training. The official opening day of KITS DAILY KITCHEN was May 1st 2010 with a sold out room. The new business is very simple – I have opened a fresh, airy room in the heart of Kitsilano – two blocks from the beach and Granville Island with easy access to downtown. The room is open, clean and minimalist; while still showing a Kitsilano charm. The food is fine, but the room is not fine dining, rather comfortable and simple elegance. Quintessential West Coast Cuisine. The same can be said for the service – details are important, but never stuffy or unapproachable. But the Life to the project are the menus. They will be created daily... I will be purchasing, prepping and cooking every dish DAILY. No Sous chef, line cook or pastry cook – I will be preparing a dining experience for 30 people each night. My wife and two of my favourite people will be hosting the tables. The food will be supported with a Daily wine list of 12 – 20 labels that support the food. All my food is sourced locally – with an international flavouring of accoutrements. The menu is very personal, passion driven and I plan to have fun. I might be 6 – 12 months ahead of the economy, but I cannot open a ‘recession driven’ restaurant. My food, service and wine are all leading edge and top quality with strong traditional roots – I will never discount the experience or the quality and will always stand behind my pricing. I can pass on great value in the fine food segment, while still delivering a room that is fun and lively. For more information about the restaurant please visit www.kitsdaily.com If you would like to receive a Daily menu update, please email me at brian@cheffowke.com to join the Daily mailing list. Each day the Daily menu will be emailed to you at 4pm.
  7. No kidding - WOW! Thats more stuff and a better inventory system then at my restaurant.
  8. Biggest peeve - staff washroom. WHY??? ...simple, it goes in the bowl or the waste basket. Not on the rim or floor. (the staff washroom is just off the kitchen at MonBella - to close for such a display)
  9. Surprisingly, lamb cheeks are flooding the market in Vancouver this month - very sweet and easy to braise.
  10. Hey thanks! Kits is cool. 1st ave West is a gem. Make sure to contact me about pre and apres events in the neighbourhood - Granville Island before and a walk on Kits Beach afterwards is a must! Talk to you soon. Brian.
  11. Hey - I am still alive and in Kitsilano!!! Ping me.
  12. I have 20lbs of veal tongue from a local organic, free roaming rancher in BC. I am curing them over night and am going to smoke them tomorrow --- serving them like pulled pork. Anyone done this before? Any suggestions - or advice?
  13. Speaking of Spanish, can I put a request in for kick ass Churros? Light, crispy on the outside, a bit of chew in the middle, dipped in the richest dark hot chocolate.... ← Now that is the perfect brunch food! With a couple of shots of espresso - you will be able to conquer the world. Let me see what I can do....great idea!
  14. We were the table of 5, we`ll definitely have to come by in the next 2 weeks then. Geez, so much for new years`resolution for keeping off the pounds! Thanks again for a great meal! ← Okay - you were the good looking group on the banquet!! (that banquet is the original Lumiere banquet - as are the chairs in Mon Bella - Brad bought all the seating and tables from Lumiere when Rob Feenie left). Next time you are in....Please say hello so I can come out and chat.
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