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    Thanksgiving 2014

    I'm also trying unsuccessfully to track down a dinner roll recipe I found here on eGullet last year-- it was a no-knead recipe, had a bit of lemon zest in it. If that rings any bells, I'd be grateful for someone to point me the way to it. Is this the roll recipe? I saw it today and thought it looked interesting!
  2. onrushpam

    Pimento Cheese

    I, too, use Rachel's recipe when I need a bunch. In a pinch, the Palmetto brand sold down here is pretty good. But, the best of the best is Sweet Grass Dairy's house version, made with their Thomasville Tomme and piquillo peppers. If you want a real treat, pair your favorite pimento cheese with some fruit butter. My favorite is muscadine butter, but it can be hard to come by. Second favorite is peach butter, especially if it has pecans in it. Apple butter works, too. When I first served it to some visiting friends, they were skeptical. Then, we went to visit them and they served it that way, explaining to others, "I know it sounds weird, but you have to try it!" Edited to say, the SGD pimento cheese is available on their website.
  3. When I was a little girl (long, long ago), my favorite Grandma treat was her homemade bread, smeared with butter and sprinkled with sugar (white or brown), with a mug of hot tea or a cup of milk.
  4. What a score on the figs! Sadly, I just really don't like figs. When we moved to this place, there were several mature fig trees. We took them out to make room for our kennel building. Friends were horrified that we would do such a thing!
  5. Recipe for the bierocks, please?
  6. Could we have the recipe for the Summer Torte, please?
  7. Shelby, black walnuts are wonderful! They're just a real chore to get the nut meats out. We used to do it on a concrete sidewalk alongside the house (where it didn't matter too much that the concrete would get stained). We'd spread them out and bash them with a hammer, both to get the outside husks off and to crack the shells. Then, use a nutcracker (the plier-like kind) to crack them further and a nut pick to pry the meat out. If we had a lot of them, we could take them to the feed store and they'd hull/crack them in a machine. This was in Missouri. I'm guessing you could find someplace near you to do the same. I love black walnuts in brownies and banana bread!
  8. I got a set of two of the GreenLife ones for Christmas last year. I like them. But, I mostly use them for eggs and a few other tasks where I really want nonstick. I never use them over very high heat. Mine have soft handles so can only go in a low oven. I've never put them in the oven. They aren't expensive and they server the limited purpose I want them for.
  9. Yep. Like apple butter, but made with muscadines. Very dark and rich.
  10. I'll play, though yesterday's shop was boring: Lewis Produce: Sweet potatoes Yellow sweet corn A humongous green cabbage Was tempted to buy peaches, but remembered I still had a few Wanted butter beans, but they were out. Still had one bag in freezer. Wanted Muscadine butter, but they were out Publix: Milk Cream (Wanted Mexican crema, but they were out) Pork chops Chicken wings Whole chicken Carrots Shallots Celery Dark chocolate covered salted caramel gelato bars (impulse buy!) Rotel Bacon Earlier in the week: Avocado Romaine Flat bread
  11. When we had more than just a couple of items to wash, I used a Rubbermaid tub for the "wash cycle" and just did the rinse in the bar sink. Of course, it helped that I had a bit of counterspace beside the bar sink.
  12. Oh, just remembered... I did make use of disposable aluminium pans quite a bit to cook on the grill when we tired of straight grilled stuff. I made beans, pot roast, braised chicken and veg, etc. in foil pans on the grill. I even did a relatively successful pan of corn bread in my cast iron skillet on the grill.
  13. We were kitchenless for 4 months and had a set-up similar to yours, except we had a bit more storage space, a small counter top and a bar sink. We used the grill (and its side-burner) a lot. I grew tired of grilled veggies (something I never thought could happen). We only did take-out or ate out one or two nights each week, but when we did we often ordered enough Chinese or pizza or BBQ to make two meals. We also made use of some convenience foods (Stouffers lasagna/salad/garlic bread made frequent appearances). I grilled whole chickens or bought rotisserie and made chicken salad with the leftovers, leftover lamb went into gyros, etc. Basically, I tried to turn each meal I cooked or purchased into two. We live WAY out in the boonies, so calling for delivery wasn't an option. As Melissa said, the washing up was the most challenging part and we did use paper goods for some meals. But, it just felt so wasteful, I tried to minimize it. We kept breakfast simple (toast with peanut butter and honey was the most common). DH ate lunch at the hospital where he worked. I took frozen meals or ate lunch at the food court in my building most days. A few years later, we were without power for 11 days. Even with two generators, that was MUCH more challenging than the months without a kitchen, because we had no water and a kennel full of dogs to feed and clean up after! After that, we had our well pump wired to run off a generator, but have never needed to use it. Still, I'd much rather do without my ktichen than my hot showers and A/C!
  14. A very nice Wusthof chef's knife (chosen by my twin, so it perfectly fits my teensy hands). This was much-needed, since DH broke about 2 inches off the end of my previous favorite knife. A couple of ceramic non-stick skillets. THREE fish turners! (One from DH, one from sis and one from DD. I guess I hinted that I wanted one?) Oh, and I'm looking forward to watching Top Chef tonight on the new big-ass TV! :-)
  15. There's not a whole lot nearby the convention center, but you'll have access to easy public transportation. MARTA to Decatur for Cakes and Ale or Brickstore Pub. There are other good places in Decatur and it's a nice area to walk. MARTA or bus to Empire State South. I haven't been there, but it's high on my list of places to try.
  16. I have a couple of Simply Calphalon SS saucepans my daughter bought at BB&B. They are unbelievably nice for the price. I've been using them almost every day for a couple of years and am very happy with them. I haven't tried any of the fry/saute pans of this line, but the saucepans are nice.
  17. I feel so blessed! We love shrimp and eat a lot of them. I won't buy farmed shrimp and vary rarely even previously frozen. Sometimes, when we go to the beach, I load up with head-on fresh shrimp and freeze them at home. But I usually just go to our local market and get what I need on the day. Yesterday, I bought a pound of 21-25 fresh white shrimp for ~ $10. Might've been $12. I know they were still swimming in the Gulf the day before. Publix has previously frozen, wild caught smaller ones for $6.99 this week. I'm now kicking myself for having not bought some of the beautiful whole trigger fish they had on ice yesterday. It's one of my favorites and not always available. We are certainly spoiled by access to wonderful, fresh seafood! I wanted to scream yesterday, when the lady in front of me bought one frozen cold-water lobster tail and one farmed rainbow trout. To each his own, I guess...
  18. I often make Reuben/Rachel/whatever sandwiches as a quickie weeknight dinner. It's not a gourmet version, but everything is sourced from my local Publix and it's pretty darn good... Seeded rye bread from the bakery. I can usually get them to slice a half-loaf for me. It's much better than the pre-sliced. Boar's Head pastrami from the deli, sliced thickish. (I think their pastrami is better than their corned beef, so that's what I get.) Emmentaler cheese from the deli Bubbies kraut (when they have it), otherwise Klaussen or some other brand Marie's 1000 Island dressing from the produce section Meat and kraut warmed on griddle, sandwich assembled, the the whole thing griddled with a little butter, just until it's toasty and the cheese is melted. Usually served with "stepped on potatoes" (my DH's name for them), otherwise known as "hot crash" or "hot smashed"... new potatoes partially cooked, then flattened and crisped with olive oil/S/P in a hot oven. Dill pickles. I really want to try corning my own beef... someday, I'll give that a go!
  19. I do mine with 4 eggs in a small (8 inch?) cast iron skillet. Preheat oven to 350. Cook 1/2 cup veg (I usually do onions and mushrooms). Beat the eggs and stir in 1/2 C cheese (whatever I have), along with a good bit of fresh thyme, salt and pepper. Melt a T of mixed butter and oil. Add veg, then eggs/chese. Cook on medium low flame for 5-10 minutes, until the bottom is fairly firm. Into the oven for another <=10 minutes, just until the top is no longer runny. Let it sit while I saute some potatoes (I prefer them on the side). Serve with Crystal sauce on the side. :-) This produces a frittata of the thinner type. I don't like the big, poofy kind. If you don't let it cool enough, it will disintegrate when you try to cut it. This is perfect for 2 people. Sometimes we have a little left over for one of us to take for lunch the next day. edited to add the butter/oil part...
  20. I just had to replace double electric wall ovens that were ~ 15 years old. Unless you are willing to remodel your cabinets, you must be very, very careful to make sure the ovens you buy will fit your space. 27" ovens are not all equal! It took me 6 months to find ovens that would (1) fit and (2) didn't cost a fortune. Most of the ovens I looked at would fit vertically, but not horizontally. Depth will also be an issue if you are going from non-convection to convection. You need to measure carefully and then look at the specs drawings. Don't trust the dimensions you see on the store descriptions online. They are often off by quite a bit. I wound up going with low-end GE ovens. I don't love them, but they're better than no ovens, which is what I had for nearly a year. I finally just threw up my hands and bought what I could find that would fit. They fit. They work. I've not had any disasters from them. Good luck to you!
  21. onrushpam

    Savory peach ideas

    Okay, this isn't strictly savory (the peach part is sweet), but it's worth a mention... I stopped into the Sweetgrass Dairy store the other day and they were sampling their housemade pimento cheese (Thomasville Tomme, piquillo peppers, housemade mayo) with peach/pecan preserves. Smear some pimento cheese on a cracker and top with just a LEETLE bit of those preserves. OMG! So good! We had to go back and buy more. The combo of the salty/spicy/sweet/crunchy was just perfect. I have frozen peaches left over from last summer. I plan to make some peach preserves with them next weekend.
  22. onrushpam


    I get my grits at Bradley's Country Store, which is near where I live. Their grits are very coarse and take nearly an hour to cook, but they end up SO creamy! I made shrimp and grits and couple of days ago, using the Crooks Corner recipe. So good! I had the leftovers for lunch a few minutes ago.
  23. I LOVE Bubbies kraut... used to be able to get it at my Publix, but they don't carry it anymore.
  24. Rico, Could you do a favor and tell me the width of your kitchen in the area where you have the little island/cart? And, how wide is the island/cart? Is it on wheels? I've been thinking of adding one of these to my kitchen, but am not sure I actually have enough room. Looks like your renovations turned out great!
  25. My grandmothers version of this has Rice Krispies and then is rolled in either nuts or coconut. The crunch from the cereal is a great contrast to the chewiness of the dates.
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