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  1. I'm not sure about the "section 18" thing, but branded salmon is definitely picking up steam, mostly because fishermen in other areas see the prices the Copper River guys get and want to get in on the action. A lot of this is dealt with at the processor stage, but the way these programs usually work is that the branding organization comes up with handling standards that boats that want in have to conform to. That's different than how a specific company, like Icicle or Peter Pan or whoever, might label their products. Well, the thing I'm talking about (and I'm sorry I can't give a specific example as I don't have any on hand) doesn't seem to be used for marketing all--it's just a bit of technical info printed on the vacuum bag, very unobtrusive, and looks like the kind of info that would be there because it's legally required--except not all brands have it. But I take it from your answer that there are no labeling requirements other than country of origin?
  2. I live inland and buy a lot of frozen sides of wild Alaskan sockeye. Some brands are labeled with a designation of the specific area in which the salmon was caught, others are not (I forget the exact language but it's rather technical, not just "Copper River" or whatever. More like "section 18, block 42."). Are both equally legit? Why the difference?
  3. This is caused by Deep Pectoral Myopathy, or Green Muscle Disease--basically, necrosis. It's a direct result of the overbreeding of meat birds for oversize breasts. When the bird tries to flap its wings like a normal chicken, this condition results. Recommended management of the condition boils down to "minimizing unnecessary wing activity." I've encountered it twice, both times in grocery store chickens. Here is a very good explanation of the condition and what causes it: http://www.zootecnicainternational.com/article-archive/veterinary/63-green-muscle-disease.html
  4. Pressure cooker. Those Boos boards are nice but so overpriced. And really, you can cut on a cheaper board, but you can't pressure cook in anything but a pressure cooker.
  5. Dianabanana

    Salt Cod Diary

    I'm sorry I missed your post until now, Linda. I made this again last night and used Arborio, which, I agree, too starchy. In fact I'm sitting here eating leftovers and it's even starchier and creamier than last night. The first time I made it--and I hope you're sitting down, because it's shocking heresy, although we've already established that I can't plan ahead so you shouldn't be too shocked--I used regular old Tamanishiki koshihikari, because I always have a huge sack of that. I liked it a lot better than Arborio, but if I have a sudden change of personality perhaps I'll buy some proper Spanish rice in time to make this the next time, and see how it's supposed to be done. My husband loves this dish as much as I do, specifically requested it last night, then volunteered to make a run for tomatoes in the howling blizzard when I discovered we were out.
  6. Huh. I've had a chest freezer in my uninsulated, unheated, detached garage for 10 years. Every year it gets down to at least 5°F, and occasionally much lower. I've never had a problem. It's from Sears but it's not any kind of fancy "garage freezer."
  7. I noticed several years ago that the frozen vegetables were from "organic" farms in China, and joke from time to time about their being grown by Chinese prisoners, but I never imagined that was actually the case. That is just crazy.
  8. My mom has had a poached egg for breakfast every day for as long as I can remember. After trying this, she e-mailed me her report: "I can't believe people go through all these machinations to poach eggs when a perfect poached egg is so easy!" She likes the doneness at four minutes (straight from the fridge, I suspect).
  9. I just tried this for lunch and it was brilliant. The eggs were laid not an hour ago so still pretty warm despite the winter weather. I like the yolks thickish, so I went for four minutes anyway and they came out picture perfect. There are going to be a lot more poached eggs on the menu henceforth!
  10. Dianabanana

    Salt Cod Diary

    Regarding the recipe for Arròs amb Capetes de Totero that LindaK posted upthread: OMFG. So good. And so good with a sauvignon blanc. And did not require any forethought! I love salt cod so much but fail at planning ahead. I'm so happy to have discovered this dish. Thank you, Linda!
  11. Also, what would you then use the special flavored nutmeg in? Traditionally, I mean. I'm sure it would be good just about anywhere you'd use nutmeg but I wonder what they use it in.
  12. Oh, how interesting about the nutmeg! I've never thought of infusing a spice with other spices. Wow. Do you rasp the outside of it before putting it in the pot? Seems like no flavor would get out unless you did, but I've never tried it.
  13. I store them right side up because otherwise the air inside them smells and tastes like the cabinet when you go to use them. Logic would dictate that that would also happen if they are stored right side up--after all they are sealed inside a cabinet all day long. But I only notice it when they are stored upside down.
  14. Okay, I've been Googling . . . could it have been black cardamom?
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