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  1. Anna N and Soba, thanks for reporting on your efforts. I've moved this to the top of my list, although it will probably not supplant my beloved Parisian Home Cooking
  2. Soba, PM me and I'll see if it's one that I have a duplicate of. I've also got dupes of many of the spiral-bound recipe booklets.
  3. hjshorter

    Steven Shaw

    Like so many here, finding this site has enriched my life in ways too numerous to count. What a legacy you leave, Steven Shaw. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Peace and light to your wife and little boy.
  4. That weekend doesn't work for me either. Would have loved to see the Philly Folks again. I might just have to plan another trip up there, maybe in the fall.
  5. I might be able to come up for Sunday brunch. Maybe Saturday, too. Let me see if I can work this out. I would love to see you Philly folks again.
  6. Thanks for the update. I work in downtown Bethesda and have been meaning to get over there. Can you tell me anything about the wine list? The website makes it sound interesting, but this is Montgomery County...
  7. How much do I love this thread? Let me count the ways... Enough to look it up after not posting in months. It's summer in Washington, DC, which means larb season is upon us. My favorite is chicken, but I've been known to larb cold leftover beef, ground pork, and once I even larbed lamb. What do you larb?
  8. I agree with a lot of what's been said on this thread, but frankly, this kind of language is not going to win over your average time-stressed parent. I have two kids, one in 5th and one in 3rd grade. Getting everyone up, dressed, fed, and out the door to two different schools with all the homework, permission slips, etc., plus getting myself ready for work is challenging. I breathe a sigh of relief on the days when I don't have to pack two lunches with radically different components because they don't like to eat the same things. Granted, I live in an excellent school district that offers reasonably nutritious lunches and my kids will usually choose fruit and vegetables along with their tacos, so I feel comfortable letting them buy lunch occasionally.
  9. Very sorry that you've gone through this, Steven. I had I-131 treatment for stage III thyroid cancer in 2006, and the differences between what your doctor recommended and the regimen I follow are interesting. I do the low-iodine diet for three weeks before my yearly follow up whole-body scans, & started the latest on Tuesday, April 13. If the cancer hasn't come back this time, we move to an every-other-year schedule. What keeps me going, honestly, is fear. If I mess up, then the scan is less effective, and the doctor may miss a new growth.
  10. Bacon omelet on an English muffin, with American cheese. Washed down by coffee with sugar, no cream.
  11. I have done a low-iodine diet for the last three years. This was an invaluable resource: THYCA Low-iodine cookbook. Good luck. It's a terribly dull diet.
  12. Thank you Charles - you are an awesome host & partner in crime, both online and in person. Heather
  13. Thank you for all your hard work, Maggie! I hope you do post more. Hanging with you & the Heartland crew at the first pig pickin' ranks right up there with my fondest memories. Cheers, Heather
  14. True of mine. I have both wood and stainless, and prefer the wooden because it's finer. Like Charles, I use it for soups - smoother than a baby's a** is how a friend once described my soups, and that's thanks to the tamis. I also strain my ice cream custards through the tamis. The larger chinois is great for straining stocks, and things that might have more chunks to catch.
  15. I prefer Addis Ababa these days. Ask to sit upstairs, and have a great time.
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