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  1. I did this the first few times I made these recipes. Now I add just a little bit of the hot milk at first and whisk thoroughly to get any lumps out, adding the rest slowly after it has smoothed out. This makes me sad.
  2. I believe I read somewhere that this is exactly why she uses this step. I have made many of the ice creams in her book and have always been very happy with the custardy texture sans eggs, though I have nothing against eggs at all. Her lemon recipe is fantastic and I find I like it better than those recipes I have made with a traditional custard base.
  3. That Guinness/chocolate is one of the best flavors in that book, everyone loves it, even those who don't drink any kind of beer at all. That sweetness of the chocolate countering the bitterness of the beer and then the creaminess shared by both... Wonderful combination.
  4. Toasted coconut is given as a topping at the end, with no toasting of the coconut before steeping or anything like that. I've only made it using toasted coconut ala @David Lebovitz, and usually take the toasting a little farther than I maybe should because I really love the flavor.
  5. @JoNorvelleWalker I just got the Beranbaum book in the mail today thanks to the praise you guys have given it, and coconut is the first to try on my list but I am currently waiting to get my kitchen back in service as it is being updated. Coconut is my favorite flavor of ice cream and I'm excited to get a different take on it.
  6. I feel like someone out there speaks the same language as me all of a sudden
  7. Thank you guys for mentioning Rose Levy Beranbaum's ice cream book, I just ordered a copy as I am curious for some of her interesting flavor combinations. I have a couple of her baking books which I find really interesting so hoping for some good ideas.
  8. I'm in California just outside of Sacramento, and I believe at least a couple of the natural food stores around here sell raw milk. We are among a handful of states that allow retail sales, according to a quick search. Have never tried it but this site always has a way of piquing my curiosity...
  9. Hm, good thing there are lots of other shows available for you to watch then I guess 🤷‍♀️
  10. This is correct, I totally get what you're saying and of course I do this. The same thing happens to me as a musician listening to music, I can't help but dissect and analyze. But I find I am always happiest when I am able to just listen.
  11. I feel like if you are eating something that someone got right, and it's delicious, questions like this don't even come into the equation.
  12. I don't want to speak for @Margaret Pilgrim but I think what she is trying to say, and I agree in a sense, is that you can make truly exceptional ice cream without ever having to add anything else. I'm not good at much in this life, but I have made ice cream countless times at this point and have never felt the need to introduce anything but the usual suspects as far as ingredients go. I do play with different qualities of ingredients, ie chocolates vanillas fruit flavors etc etc, or more or less or no eggs, that kind of thing, it is a balance always... But I've always felt like I have been able to manage the attributes of ice cream with a little less of this or a little more of that. Now I'm not particularly adventurous as far as flavors go, I can understand needing something exotic to balance out some peculiarities of an ingredient that might affect texture or intensity of flavor or whatever. But I feel like I have made some of the best ice cream I've ever had using nothing but milk cream eggs sugar etc. I get this argument too, and you are right, but this applies to literally EVERYTHING on this planet... While there are many "chemicals" that may subjectively improve an ice cream, I can't imagine you want to just toss whatever into your food that makes it better just because deep down in its molecular structure somewhere it originated naturally on Earth, if that makes sense.
  13. "I was at karate class, I swear"
  14. Alton Brown has a recipe for something he calls Orange Delicious which is pretty close to what I remember Orange Julius being like back in the day.
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