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  1. So sad, he always made me laugh, terrible news.
  2. Did this Chris Young guy give any idea as far as a timeline for his teardown of the machine? I'm still sort of tempted to pick one up and bust it open, waiting for a BB coupon to show up in the mail, but if a YouTube video is around the corner it makes more sense to wait like Anna mentioned. Don't want to have to pay for my curiosity if I don't have to!
  3. For real, though for me it's more specific, "I only wish I'd started earplugs before that Stone Temple Pilots concert back in 1992"
  4. If I'm working with anything really loud for anything outside of a few seconds, air compressors, power tools, that damn Blendtec, I just pop in a couple of foam ear plugs and they work great. If you are listening to music, I wonder if the extra cost of the noise cancelling technology would be worth it, unless you are listening to some really quiet music. Edit to say I have some nice wired ear buds with dense foam pads that block almost everything out besides whatever I am listening to.
  5. Ah yeah sorry I missed your comment, funny you mention the Blendtec, I have one too and that's exactly what it reminds me of.
  6. Have been watching a few videos, @mgaretz is this thing as loud as it seems? The couple of demos I've sat through sounded like it was screaming loud, not a huge deal but was curious.
  7. Thanks man, that's super interesting and helps a lot. I like to do breakdowns because I want to directly see and touch and feel, I want to hold the motor in my hand and measure current draw on the bench. Pictures and videos are worth 1000 words, but there is nothing like that direct contact to really give you an idea of the quality (or lack thereof) in a machine.
  8. Wife: Honey what are you doing it's 10AM on a Friday why is the scotch out? Me: Ice cream.
  9. Any interest in me picking one of these things up and doing a complete physical breakdown with pictures? My background is in electronics/mechatronics, I spend most of my days dismantling and rebuilding things (particularly old stereos but new equipment as it comes through too), and I'm really sort of curious to know what the guts of this machine look like. Maybe after a couple of drinks on a Saturday night I might be mentally lubricated enough to click that "add to cart" button...
  10. We have a Cost Plus nearby that carries these, and I feel like the one or two times I go in there every year I clear out whatever they have on the shelf.
  11. Ok there it is, price is explained by the value of the Canadian dollar vs US. Was starting to think I had a dream about kitchen equipment... https://www.cookstore.ca/pacojet-pacojet-2-system-pacojet-2-40530.html
  12. Weird, you are right, when I did a search yesterday the first place that came up had it marked at $10K (discounted from $14K! ha), but now I can't find that page. But yeah all the others that are coming up now are in the $6500 range which is still insane to me but what do I know 🙃
  13. Yiasou Shain, your narrative and pictures have made me miss Greece so much. It has been 20 years since I've been back, far far too long.
  14. This didn't really work for me either until I realized that less water is much better than more, maybe just an inch or half an inch covering the exposed stems (which I usually also trim before putting in the glass). I would imagine everyone's fridge and kitchen environment is slightly different too, I've had people swear by a given method and I could never get it to work.
  15. This is a constant struggle here too, but I have discovered a few things through some experimentation. Grocery store herbs like chives, dill, taragon, mint etc do much better with the plastic bag/paper towel method if you make a point of adding some air to the bag before sealing it up, ie blow into it and seal. As far as I can tell, pressing the air out keeps the herbs in close contact with any moisture in there, which quickens their deterioration. I keep cilantro and parsley in the fridge in a glass with a small amount of water in the bottom and a loose bag over the top. You can do the same with asparagus, though on that one I'm not sure it extends the life that much farther than just putting them in a bag in the crisper drawer. Looking forward to some more ideas, though I do also feel that after some days even herbs that are still green and fresh looking tend to lose a lot of their character and flavor.
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