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  1. I would think it is not the motor making that sound, but rather whatever kind of clutch setup they are using to engage/disengage the motor from the transmission. I find it sort of weird that they are saying the motor and it's "magnetics" are what is making the sound, induction motors are inherently silent as you have a core/shaft essentially floating inside a larger coil whose magnetic field induces the rotation of the inner motor shaft.
  2. I can hear my dad now, in his heavy Mediterranean accent, "ah, this is just the Greek disease". OPA!
  3. Ah OK gotcha, just misunderstood what you were saying!
  4. This will tell you nothing assuming the oven is on the 220V side of the breaker box. If 220 was "leaking" into the 120v house wiring @GlorifiedRice would most definitely know.
  5. Some almost too ripe bananas and a few pantry items led to Mary Berry's banana and honey tealoaf:
  6. Oh yes totally agree, and I have no idea how these taste, but looking at them all I can think is "neat!" but I really want to think more "yum!" I guess. All that fine sugar and detail work just looks very dry and crunchy to me, but incredibly creative and artistic nonetheless.
  7. Cuisinart Recall

    Yeah I see what you are saying, time will tell I guess...
  8. Cuisinart Recall

    I disagree, looking at the pictures of the old style with the metal rivets, it looks like the rivet material is much harder than the metal used in the blade and the rivets won after years of use and abuse. Having the softer plastic posts helping to secure the blade should prevent that cracking as the plastic will give long before the metal in this new design. You saw the same kind of thing years ago when KitchenAid replaced the metal primary gears in some of their mixers with a fiberglass type of material. The metal gears worked fine until something jammed up during use, in which case the toughness of the gear helped destroyed the other transmission innards. The fiberglass gear is designed to break before the damage is done, is easy to replace on it's own, and in this way acts as a fail-safe protecting the more expensive parts of the machine.
  9. Cuisinart Recall

    Like most places, there are all kinds of items of really incredible quality coming out of China, along with the duds. And not every product I have purchased that was made here at home has been the best, though I do feel better about keeping the work and money here.
  10. Worst cooking show ever

    I have no problem with the winning/losing aspect of competitions. My children play sports and understand pretty well that sometimes in life it feels like you spend a lot of time losing in the name of winning. My problem is with letting this all play out on a national (arguably international) stage in the name of keeping a flailing conglomerate like Food Network alive. I was flipping through the channels the other day and there was a kids episode of Beat Bobby Flay on. After the competition was over, three child "judges" came out and gave their critiques of the food. They spoke almost identically to the food critics and restaurateurs they have on these shows every single day, like they had been placed in front of a set and forced to absorb the mannerisms and lingo. Again competition is fine in life, necessary I think sometimes even. But when I see a kid bawl their eyes out on national television, telling the world about how they don't think they will ever be a good cook, followed by a commercial for Sargento cheese and Ritz crackers, I have to wonder who is really winning and who is really losing in all of this... Edit: I guess I should say too that I wasn't responding to you directly above, just to the grumbling about these exploitative shows in general...
  11. Worst cooking show ever

    I agree about the kids shows, very exploitative if you ask me. So many young tears shed and hopes crushed in the name of advertising and entertainment...
  12. This reminds me a lot of all those damn cake shows on TV, where they are more sculpting "edible" (I'm looking at you, fondant) items than making flavors and food people actually want to eat.
  13. How do you decide what to cook

    I do this exact same thing, sometimes I can't think of a particular pairing for a protein or something, and inevitably I'll browse through the "weekly harvest" list from the co-ops around here in Nor Cal. I always seem to be struck with an idea or two just from seeing what is in season and fresh nearby.
  14. This is a great recommendation, good blend of geeky and practical, with lots of detailed how/why info and recipes that work well without much fuss.
  15. The dude's personality rubs me the wrong way, and the constant dipping of fingers into sauces and things to taste kinda grosses me out, but that is an interesting article and now I maybe dislike him a little less. But just a little