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  1. I can chime in here a little, I have used compressed air for year working on old audio equipment etc. The problem I think with an airbrush designed around a can of air vs a dedicated compressor is the consistency of the air pressure. The pressure you get from a new can vs 3/4 vs 1/2 and so on is so different, I would think whatever nozzle you were using would only work well for a very specific volume of canned air. It also seems to vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. If I were just starting out and experimenting with this kind of thing, I'd look at a small compressor from Harbor Freight if you have one nearby. I know they sell small airbrush kits, but to be honest I am unfamiliar with what kind of nozzles and things you might need that are food safe/easy to clean to make it so, so maybe just a small inexpensive compressor on it's own to get you going. To be honest I am not a fan of Harbor Freight, their stuff is the cheapest of the cheap, and any tools I need to last I always spend more on something more durable, but for giving things a try that I don't normally do (i.e. welding, airbrushing like you, basic woodwork etc) I think their cheap stuff gives you an opportunity to dip your toes in the water without spending an arm and a leg.
  2. Not sure about how rice flour and those other starches would do, but anything I fry at home goes into a 175 - 200 degree oven on a cooling rack set into a sheet pan until I am done frying the entire quantity of fries onion rings etc. Everything stays nice and crunchy until I am ready to serve but again not 100% positive about how your particular ingredients would end up.
  3. Electrolux buying Anova?

    It's actually an ARM processor, which I believe does allow for USB programming.
  4. Electrolux buying Anova?

    I recently had a fellow member's Anova here on my bench for repair, and I was a little surprised to find a USB port tied to the PCB along with the usual headers and things. I can't help but wonder if that will allow some communication with the unit? You can see it in the upper right corner of the pic below. I wasn't too keen on experimenting with someone else's stuff, but maybe someday after that extra glass of wine or something I will crack open my own Anova and see if there is any I/O capability in there. Might just be to allow for firmware revisions or something too...
  5. No I hear you, and I'm not saying I disagree. I'm sure there are loads of great things we are unable to get because of bureaucracy/ignorance/unfounded science, but I think that some, like pasteurization discussed above, are probably the right thing to do in the long run.
  6. So plutonium? Lead in baby formula? Farmed human meat? I think there has to be a middle ground somewhere...
  7. This is brilliant, thanks for the idea!
  8. @weedy man you should have just packed that sucker up and sent it to me for repair .
  9. Then there is more work to be done, I guess.
  10. Where I live, these programs are available at public schools all year long.
  11. There are children out there who, without these programs, would go hungry on a daily basis. So do we just let them starve? Or starve until we can educate people so that this problems goes away (never)? There will always, always be hungry children out there and like it or not these kids are our future. Maybe I'm just a stupid hippie or something but it takes a village...
  12. I would think it is not the motor making that sound, but rather whatever kind of clutch setup they are using to engage/disengage the motor from the transmission. I find it sort of weird that they are saying the motor and it's "magnetics" are what is making the sound, induction motors are inherently silent as you have a core/shaft essentially floating inside a larger coil whose magnetic field induces the rotation of the inner motor shaft.
  13. I can hear my dad now, in his heavy Mediterranean accent, "ah, this is just the Greek disease". OPA!
  14. Ah OK gotcha, just misunderstood what you were saying!