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  1. As a mostly-Greek guy with a half Turkish/half Russian last name, welcome! Also love coffee.
  2. Oh god, this is the best thing I've read in a while. Reminds me of when my dad told me that cotton candy in Greek is "malli tis grias" which means "old lady hair". All I could think was "EW gross who the hell wants to eat old lady hair" but apparently you guys are good with mouse shit in Belgium so I just don't know anymore.
  3. This is the correct question
  4. Maybe saucers missing their cups? I normally come here to relax.
  5. Could it maybe be just a sort of fancy set of serving plates for pastries, bread, charcuterie, or other dry stuff? I can't imagine anything else but service ware with those felt bottoms.
  6. Here's the company at least, though I didn't dig much deeper Art d'Inox
  7. We have a corner cabinet in our current setup that I also hate. It has a lazy susan which is fine for things that fit in the height/width constraints of the platters, but inevitably some stuff needs to be taken apart to fit ie my food processor, blender, etc. Have you looked at anything like this? Corner drawers If I had to live with it I would probably do something like this, but in all honesty it will probably get ripped out when I get the kitchen remodeled.
  8. I know this is totally unrelated, but I feel exactly the same way about buying tickets for things online, movies, concerts, etc. It just always feels like "Oh here's a buzzword we can charge you a few dollars for so why not?". I don't really visit Pizza Hut very much, and I'm in Nor Cal, but just reading this is enough to put me off them for good.
  9. I sometimes feel this way too, but then I go and eat a pie I made or something and it goes away.
  10. Yiannos

    Food recalls

    Ah OK that makes more sense, in my head it was salted caramel Red Bull.
  11. Yiasou Athena! You will love this place, so much to learn and play with, courtesy of the wonderful minds who hang out here. Edit: to be clear, I am not one of those people hahaha... ☹️
  12. Yiannos

    Food recalls

    Man I don't know what bothers me more, the glass or the fact that a salted caramel "energy drink" exists at all.
  13. Welcome! I never know what to say so here's some music/a namesake: Edvard Grieg - Arietta
  14. Yiannos

    Yuzu juice

    Sorry to revive an old thread, but on a recent trip I too purchased this same bottle of yuzu as @ElsieD did and was wondering if anyone had any more yuzu ideas or recipes to kick around. I did a little digging and found that this particular brand/style of juice is a little different from other yuzu juice I have tried. It is made from the second pressing of the fruit, after being juiced for drinking, and so while similar in flavor I think it is meant more for culinary use. Drinking it straight it is incredibly sour with a slight bitter note, but I'd imagine it would do well in things like sorbets or granitas, maybe cocktails. I like the salad dressing idea up above too. Anyway, was curious if anyone out there had discovered anything else interesting to make with this stuff.
  15. Yiannos


    David Lebovitz has a fig ice cream in his book The Perfect Scoop which is pretty good, assuming you are OK with the texture of the seeds as they are sort of tough to strain out of the thick base (I never bother). I also like to just freeze figs whole in bags to eat out of hand, they are really good cold like this if you let them soften just for a minute or two. Also brulee them to use as an accompaniment to desserts. Edit: here's the ice cream
  16. Sounds like you just need some tortilla chips
  17. My initial reaction every year: This is 'effin gross and humans are dumb. Then, immediately after: How big does your stomach have to stretch to hold all that? Or are you forcing some of it down into your upper intestine? How do you train for something like this? What does it do to your poo? Does everyone just puke it all out afterwards? Do you have to see a special doctor if you are preparing for something like this? What do your parents/spouses/siblings/co-workers/friends all think? Do you just smell like hot dogs all the time? How much does...
  18. Wow that is super counter-intuitive, I didn't mess with it a ton as the temp matched my thermometer, sorry I got it backwards. I'm happy you got it figured out!
  19. It is the former, I have the old model with that firmware too and have done the Thermoworks experiment. Works just like calibrating an oven with that feature, set for your desired temp, measure actual temp with an external thermometer, and then use the temperature adjustment on the calibration screen to correct any deviation.
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