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  1. Also more of a casserole in a way but Greek pastitsio would be a great use for it, basically Greek lasagna. I like the recipe in Greece: The Cookbook by Vefa Alexiadou, but here's a recipe that is similar and seems to hit all the right notes (though I haven't tried it personally).
  2. Thanks to you all for your comments on this book, I have loved cooking from DRR and didn't even know this existed. I really like a lot of Vivian Howard's recipes, they feel new and fresh to my west coast tastes, something really different. Looking forward to trying some of these out too.
  3. I do agree with this 100%, I'm not even particularly crazy about apples but those Honeycrisps are amazing, utterly addicting, like pistachios in apple form. I'm not at all averse to new flavors and genetics in produce, especially when they come up with something truly special like the Honeycrisp. But this pink pineapple looks a lot like a square watermelon, if you get what I'm saying.
  4. Yiannos

    Pee-Pee Boy

    This is hilarious and really ingenious at the same time, so smart.
  5. @Shelby Happy belated birthday, that dinner looks amazing, exactly the kind of feast I'd love to have on a day like that. And don't worry so much about turning 46, I've been 46 for like 10 months now and it's not so baOH GOD IS 2020 ALL MY FAULT?
  6. Yiannos

    Breakfast 2020!

    @blue_dolphin So many of my favorite things on one plate, beautiful breakfast!
  7. Why, why, WHY? I mean, I know why, but still, WHY?!?!
  8. If you bite a tiny bit of both ends off one, you can suck your coffee through it like a straw. A chocolatey cookie straw.
  9. Yiannos

    Breakfast 2020!

    If there is a food that I could eat myself to death with, it would be the kouign amann. If I could make them with any success I feel confident that I would be eating one instead of writing this reply.
  10. Not in mainland China, but my wife and I went to a Chinese wedding banquet in San Francisco many years ago. I have never experienced anything like it before or since, and I feel like at least a few of the bullet points in @liuzhou's post are very close to the truth in our case, but the evening left my memory just a little bit fuzzy.
  11. "On the next episode of Good Eats..."
  12. Yeah I noticed this trend recently too, especially scrolling down the front page now you'll see something that looks interesting only to be met with a "sponsored by" heading for the "article". It sometimes feels like the whole world is going in this direction, where some outside influence helps decide what you ingest online in the name of sending some $$$ their way.
  13. Ugh I hope this doesn't change the site, I really like Serious Eats for it's balance of useful information without a lot of BS, and lots of great food personalities sharing their knowledge.
  14. I just take the gasket off and throw it in the dishwasher when I am done cooking, and unless I cooked something super funky it rarely holds onto any odors. Not sure if this is right or wrong, but being silicone it should be fine in there and it still works perfectly after a couple of years now.
  15. So like, "Pardon me good sir, knowest thou where one might find a rest stop for my carriage, I have a need to beef"?
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