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  1. We have good luck using a Resolve stain stick.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions and memories! I am feeling inspired to cook. Italian.
  3. OK patrickamory, I clicked the Leipä link. Wow, on many counts. At one point they mention "pine flour." What??? So I looked around. This page tells you how you make pine flour for your Finnish bread, as well as other ways to consume a pine tree http://wildblessings.com/2013/03/19/pine-is-fine/
  4. I have not yet cooked from Marcella's books. But I recently spent time eating in the Piedmont, and was thinking about cooking my way in that direction. It might be a nice tribute to Marcella if some of you would name your favorites among her recipes. Particularly if they worked in an American kitchen.
  5. Thanks minas6907 and Kerry, I will carry on my chocolates. Now I just have to be sure that I get them home without eating them.....
  6. Dear Chocolate People, Next week I am flying from Switzerland to California, and I don't dare show up without boxes of chocolates. Would you carry them on or check them in your luggage? I have no experience with this.
  7. Julia Child's Queen of Sheba chocolate cake needs no help whatsoever.
  8. Well now I'm wondering how you came to that combination. Did you drink some Scotch first by itself? Good question....can't remember...
  9. Fig Newtons, warmed in the microwave, accompanied by a peaty, smokey Scotch. The whole is mysteriously far, far greater than the sum of its parts.
  10. My sister's latest boyfriend was divorced at 50. He had never cooked for himself, was living on junk food, and had no interest in learning to cook. She started out by noticing what he would order when they went out to a restaurant, and then asked him to help her when she made simple versions of those same dishes at home. I think they started out with salad and chili. He was shocked at how easy it was. Now he has a small repertoire, and proudly makes dinner when she has to work late. Quite a turn around.
  11. nibor

    Happy Rosh Hashanah!

    I think it looks gorgeous! Was the liver really that green?
  12. If you let the frozen cheese sit out for 15-20 minutes you might be able to grate what you need off the surface. Then stick it back in the freezer.
  13. My sister lives in Seattle and also reports no butter tarts. They are also a Michigan thing pastrygirl, but Michigan can be somewhat Canada-like.
  14. This is speck at my grocery store in Zurich today. This is what is called speck in Germany as well. If you order bacon for breakfast in a restaurant in either country, you will be served speck. I don't know my pig parts, but it is bacon-like, comes either in blocks (as in this photo - about the size of small bricks) or thick slices, and it tastes more meaty than bacon in the US. I didn't look at the ingredient list, but I suspect that it doesn't have as much sugar added as US bacon.
  15. This brings in another aspect of not liking something. Any ingredient from the red pepper family gives me serious problems digestively speaking. So of course over time I have come to hate Mexican food. Maybe I used to like it, before this problem arose. But I don't remember that time anymore. Now I can't even stand to look at it.
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