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  2. kayb

    The Bread Topic (2016-)

    What really cool ideas! I'd like to hear more about some examples of the "stuffs."
  3. kayb

    Dinner 2019

    Any dinner would be wonderful with that cute little guy.
  4. Duvel

    Dinner 2019

    Tonight was supposed to be a night out with my little one: he picks me up at work, we go for sushi in Central and then back home. Unfortunately, he did not feel so well and just wanted me to come home and eat pizza. My wife said I could just order in, but ... Selfmade pizza is more tasty and faster (with a bit of help, of course). 26 min later we were both very happy campers and the little one was feeling fine again. Mission accomplished 🤗
  5. shain

    Dinner 2019

    Family dinner the day after Passover eve. Persian dishes. Ghalieh Mahi - pan-fried fish, stewed with feungreek, herbs (coriander, dill, parsley), caramelized onion, turmeric, chili. I had myself an omelette with nuts and cheese, served over the base stew. "Green" rice with dill, onion, peas, cranberries, aniseed, turmeric and more spices. Fresh fennel salad, with walnuts, ewe milk feta, toasted walnuts, olive oil, orange zest. Tahdig - the rice crust.
  6. Maison Rustique

    Vintage Cocktail Books

    Very cool. Thank you!!
  7. I'll be snickering all day over "corn in the Cobb." I'm easily amused...
  8. gulfporter

    Lunch 2019

    Lisbon lunch today. Smoked cod with a peri -peri pepper relish. And a small basket of deep-fried cuttlefish with a creamy tartar sauce. I tried a featured rose' which was surprisingly dry and refreshing, with a satisfying bitter note. The last time I had a rose' was in the 1970s when they were sweet and cloying. DH had a local draft beer. Tab was 25 euros in a local but hipster-ish place off the tourist track.
  9. Today
  10. Well there was that turkey. 😀 What a pretty hotel.
  11. I am almost awake now and I remember what Kerry said when we spotted that turkey as we arrived at the hotel, “You know it will be a drinking weekend when the first thing you spot is a Wild Turkey.” It’s cool and rainy out there but I thought I’d share the view from my hotel room anyway. Normally in my home I look at the back end of somebody else’s house and not much else so I’m enjoying this very much. There are small Keurig coffee makers in each room and I thought you might enjoy this little bit of wyzdom: The dining room is quite lovely. This is only a very small part of it. There was quite a spread for breakfast but I only wanted eggs and some toast: Kerry added a few other things to her plate. She had some tea with her breakfast with lots of milk as usual. The staff were very attentive — almost too attentive — but so pleasant and they spoke quietly as if expecting that everyone would arrive for breakfast hungover.
  12. What thread do I need to open to see how you cooked that friendly specimen? Teo
  13. Couple of quick clarifications - we are tested medical residents and it’s for the College of Family Physicians. Everything else is the gods honest truth, including the corn on the salad!
  14. liuzhou

    Lunch 2019

    Well, I haven't noticed any signs of rampant idiocy! Lamb / mutton does have a noticeable aroma which some people find difficult! It doesn't bother me at all. Many people down here in southern China, can't deal with it at all, but it's popular in the north-west. I remember requesting lambs' liver here once and the wait staff recoiling in horror!
  15. No! I've come over all shaky. A fit of the vapors, methinks. I may have to lie down for a day or three! Although , a couple or three of those Guinnesses may help. Purely for medicinal reasons, you understand.
  16. Yay!!! Road trip!!! What an great unexpected surprise I hope @liuzhou has recovered from seeing corn in that Cobb salad.......
  17. OK, but the question is how do you dispose of it?
  18. CantCookStillTry

    Lunch 2019

    Not topic friendly but wanting to learn. I had hoarded a couple of lamb leg bones (in the freezer) to make stock. It was the first time I had tried lamb stock, intended for a barley based soup, but it smelled. Not bad exactly but ... strong. I have no problem with the smell of lamb or mutton whilst cooking or cooked ... but the stock whiffed "strong". It tasted fine but the smell made me throw it out just in case. Does lamb stock have a strong smell whilst cooking? Much more so than beef? Am I an idiot?
  19. Yana Sizzzlers

    What do people do with oil used for deep frying?

    soybean oil because it is neutral in flavor .
  20. Just finished the last of a bag of blood oranges. They held up well, probably had them for a month in the fridge. It was a good value and I will look for them again next year, the oranges were Sunkist brand and I think there were 10 in the bag, only had one that had a bad spot.
  21. What kind of oil do you use in your several restaurants in India?
  22. CantCookStillTry

    Lunch 2019

    I bought some pork sausages that (to me) were horrible - heavy on the Fennel. So deskinned, added Sage & White Pepper, sweated onion, carrot and spinach. Partially cooked the sausage meat to defat a little - combine with a little faffing about and Voila! Lunchbox fodder for the small dude.
  23. Yana Sizzzlers

    What do people do with oil used for deep frying?

    Even I also used same type of oil for fish & for some time bbq. I like to ask something, What Is The Healthiest Oil For Deep Frying?
  24. Gotcha. You thought that London. It is this London: Yes, we are in London, Ontario. This weekend Kerry is helping to examine medical students taking their final exams before getting their licence to practice. The venue is London, Ontario. She invited me along so I could have a change of pace. She will spend most of the time living up to the expectations of the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons but we will do our best to keep you amused with whatever food-based adventures we can muster. I will be taking advantage of a quiet hotel room to work on a personal project. This was my first clue that it was going to be an interesting weekend: we saw this handsome chap just as we entered the hotel grounds. That this would be a challenging weekend became apparent when I entered my room: I am 4 feet 9 1/2 inches tall. This bed comes almost to my waist. Verticality is not my only challenge. Getting into this bed would require some ingenuity. Between Kerry and the front desk the problem is more or less solved. By the time we arrived at the hotel and stashed our belongings it was getting towards 8 PM. Neither one of us was seriously hungry and so we opted to just grab something ready-made from one of the local supermarkets. This one was almost as well stocked with beer as our beer store: This is just a small example of the selection available. Kerry had a Guinness with a Cobb salad and some thousand Island dressing. I had a Rickards Red with a chicken Caesar salad. Not the most exciting meals but we will try to do better. I have been tasked with the enormous responsibility of researching the available restaurants. I am open to suggestions. The hotel puts on a buffet breakfast and we will saunter down there somewhere around 7:30 this morning.
  25. Another catching up post - this was my contribution to the Passover eve dinner desserts. Icebox cakes (as I've been taught they are called in English - In Hebrew it's "biscuit cake"). One flavored with coconut and topped with sweetened coconut flakes. The other flavored with peanut butter and topped with caramelized peanuts. Both had the biscuits dipped in coffee and covered with grated chocolate. Our hostess made a passover classic - nuts tart (walnuts and hazelnuts) lightly soaked in liquor and topped with apricot jam and whipped cream. No picture.
  26. demiglace


    Yay, it's popsicle season!
  27. HungryChris

    Gardening: (2016– )

    Wild ramp omelet. I'm not sure if these ramps in my two modest patches can be called wild, as I put them together with several trips to the Union Square Farmer's Market over a few years, planting them when I got them home. They do not propagate well at my low altitude, so I leave the bulbs in the ground and have to be happy with just the leaves, which I greatly enjoy. HC
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