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Confessions of a Novelty Confection Fiend


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I'll step up to honor @Toliver with my mine. Other than Regal Crown sour cherry hard candies for myself I don't have any cravings and my son as a kid was not a big candy guy but a few come to mind. My sour cherry ones are available onlin. I've put them in a cart a few times but never ordered as I feared my memory would be better than the real deal. I still think they smell just like yellow acacia blossoms. My son's top 3 - 1)the little jelly cups w/ a konjac square inside, 2) Kinder eggs, and 3) Hi-Chew


1) - banned in many countries as choking hazard but can still buy the ones w/o konjac in big plastic buckets for a song in Asian markets

2)-  Another choking recalled product but they pivoted to Kinder Joy - safer they say. The original had all the little partrs inside to assemble a toy. I found the Joy one last Christmas for my son at mainstream grocery. He was delighted.

3)- I saw them the other day in several flavors in a mainstream market. I used to delight in finding new favors for him. Like a newly released  Beanie Baby :)

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