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  1. That's always been my feeling. Rat with a fuzzy tail ← It's funny. I've always heard people claim that and ever quite believed it. But apparently they ARE actually rodents (click me for Wikipedia entry!). The same Order as rats (Rodentia), although a different Family. If you truly hate squirrels, you can perhaps indulge in a bit of "Squirrel Fishing".
  2. Shrimp glue? Wouldn't it be shrimp paste?
  3. I second Jason's suggestion: Pierre Ferrand Ambre. The best everyday cognac I've ever come across. I've found it cheaper than the $40 figure Jason mentioned, although I don't know if ever quite as cheap as the $25 you are asking for. Maybe $32 or $33 for 750ml.
  4. Heh. Everytime I pass by the Bendix diner (a very famous greasy spoon, featuring among other things, a blind waiter who's worked there for many years), in New Jersey, there's a different letter burnt out on their neon sign. I wonder how that affects what people call it. Click for fancy artwork of Bendix, curiously with all of the neon letters successfully lit: http://www.art.com/asp/sp-asp/_/pd--100550...endix_Diner.htm
  5. Seeing as how it's a bit past 2004, I'm going to lock this topic. Talking in 2005 about best meals in 2004 makes sense. In 2006? Well, someone can make a 2005 version of this topic if they need it.
  6. jhlurie

    Jones Sodas

    I'm glad to hear this one tastes better than the last set of holiday sodas, bur frankly I think the whole idea of these sodas has gotten out of hand. They just can't make them cheap enough to be worth buying, so nobody buys them, and they just wind up (still too expensive) on the discount rack after the holiday is over. For holiday candy varieties? That seems to work. Soda? Not so well.
  7. I'm going to give a (mostly unnecessary) caution about sticking to food related stories. You guys are doing great, but I have to at least say it. My grandparents as a group were a study in contrasts. My maternal grandmother was an avid cook, of the most stereotypical "Jewish grandmother" kind, and every social occasion was draped in chicken schmaltz and full bellies. My maternal grandfather couldn't even boil water, but it wasn't an issue in that household. Furthermore, at least half of his life he had dietary restrictions (high blood pressure, divoticulosis, and later on diabetes), so ther
  8. I'm with Marlene -- I'm not eating any more, and there hasn't been a marked difference in the taste of things, but my sense of smell has picked up considerably. And yes, salt and crunch have taken center stage. ← A little basic research shows some articles out there which say that smoking does two things to taste buds: inhibits their function, and kills them outright. Taste buds apparently regenerate every few weeks. As people age though the number of functional taste buds goes down from approximately 10,000 to about half that. Smoking apparently retards that even further. So any "recov
  9. Plus the extra benefit of all those better functioning taste buds! It seems a bit weird to say that reading a blog like this has been enjoyable, but it has been.
  10. ← Website for Uncle Jo's, which includes the menu, phone and address info: http://www.unclejoschicken.com/ Contact info for CiA do Sanduiche: http://www.insiderpages.com/profiles/CiaDo...QtyS3LsTimhH3w/
  11. I know! These little secret places in and around Englewood are always interesting, but this one was a real shocker to me too. Although Mr. Jun's english is only so-so, if you can get by that barrier you are left speaking to a VERY well educated man too. He's a fascinating guy, and I hope he's willing to give you a more formal tour at some point, Jay.
  12. I was by Amazing last week and have to say... Until I visited and tried the thing I didn't quite "get" it. Now I've lived in NJ for many years--a mere mile or so from Callahan's/Hiram's --so I understand the impact of a good hot dog on local culture. It's much more than mere interchangable fast food. It's a meal as often as a snack here, and ideally they shouldn't all taste alike. That said, I still didn't understand what the big deal was with one more new hot dog place... But Amazing Hot Dog blows away all boundries, I think. First, there's the deep fried thing. I've not been a frequent
  13. I missed out on these a few years back, when I was in N.O., but Our Noble Founder gifted me with one after his last visit. Even a few days old and slightly squashed it kicked ass. Beef tallow rules!
  14. I used to enjoy this place quite a bit, but I've pretty much entirely given it up for Minado, in nearby Little Ferry (although there are other locations, which reportedly are as good, or even better)--at least in the category of "mass quantity" sushi, as opposed to the really good stuff.
  15. Well the kinks don't appear to be in the menu, they appear to be in the service department. Sometimes that's easy to fix, but sometimes it just never happens (I'll use their very close Montclair neighbor Little Saigon as an example of a place where the food rocks, but the service hasn't gotten one iota better, despite more than a year of complaints),
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