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Fruit around the world


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A recent thread on paw-paw (omnipresent and well known here) made me wonder about fruit that we take for granted. What fruit do you currently have in your kitchen? Here's mine:










Gerhard Groenewald



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I'm in Seattle in the US, and the only fresh fruits I have on hand at the moment are apples, lemons and limes - all of which I seem to always have around. The next most frequently stocked would be bananas and pears. Others would be purchased for specific recipes or uses.

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My cupboards are completely bare!

2 1/2 lemons

4 tomatoes (they are a fruit, right?)

pineapple, mikan, and yellow peaches (in cans! :biggrin: )

I will come back in a couple days after I go shopping!

Kristin Wagner, aka "torakris"


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I have some Jamaican "ugly-fruit" that I got at the Downingtown, PA Wegman's.

-- Jeff

"I don't care to belong to a club that accepts people like me as members." -- Groucho Marx

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We currently have:

navel oranges







None of this is local :sad:

John Sconzo, M.D. aka "docsconz"

"Remember that a very good sardine is always preferable to a not that good lobster."

- Ferran Adria on eGullet 12/16/2004.

Docsconz - Musings on Food and Life

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we're getting our first fresh strawberries this week!! at home I have granny smith apples, honeydew & red grapes only.

in the restaurant we have lemons, apples, pears, limes, pink grapefruit, oranges and are thinking about pomelos,...need to take a trip to the asian super market none of it is local alas but the strawberries will be.

"sometimes I comb my hair with a fork" Eloise

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Has anyone ever had durian?  I have heard funny things about  it.

I had it for the first time last week in Minneapolis, actually. I'm not sure if the smell is overrated, or if it was a denatured batch I had, because it was bad smelling, but not as powerful as I had been led to believe. It was a creamy taste, not tart at all, almost like a pudding (American usage, not British). Tasty, but too sweet for me.

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when i was in costa rica a few years ago, they had these great fruits that they called (in english) rose apples.

the best way i can describe one is a cross between a pear and an apple maybe... more of a pear shape but with red skin like an apple. but the flavor was incredible, better than a pear or an apple (but with flavor components of each...) i've never seen these in the states, and can't find much online about them. has anyone else ever had these? do they go by another name in the states?

"Things go better with cake." -Marcel Desaulniers


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Pineapple -- Cost Rica

Delicious Apples -- Washington state (?)

Macintosh Apples -- "

Apricots -- California

Anjou Pears -- perhaps west coast

Bananas -- Ecuador (and not very good)

Kiwi -- I think NZ

Mango -- Mexico, I think

Grape Tomatos -- Florida

Lemon - California

Blackberries -- Mexico

Canteloupe -- ripe southern (Georgia) just arriving this week, excellent bouquet, sweet and juicy

Dried Fruit







organic Thompson seedless raisins

organic Turkish apricots

Bottled fruit

Morello cherries

frozen fruit

wild blueberries

Preserved fruit

strawberry jam

wild blueberry jam

blackberry jam

boysenberry jam

wild chokecherry jelly

mandarine-orange jam

Dundee orange marmalade

Beaujolais nouveau jelly

red currant jam

pomegranate molasses

pekmez, Turkish grape molasses-like syrup

raisinee, Swiss apple molasses-like syrup

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