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    What are some of your favorite types of kamaboko? and what are some of your favorite uses? for more information including types and recipes look here: http://home.earthlink.net/~marutama/facts.htm#facts
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    Canned corned beef

    My MIL gave me 2 large cans of corned beef, I have to admit I have never eaten this before and actually don't even care for the real stuff. Are there any good uses for this? I am too cheap to just through it out.
  3. A while ago a Korean friend of mine taught me a wonderful dish call dakgalbi. This very simple dish of chicken (are other meats used?) and vegetables has quickly become a staple in my house. It couldn't be any easier to prepare, kochujang marinated chicken is layered in a pan with various vegetables. The heat is turned on and a lid placed on top, the dish is stir a couple of times during the 20 or so minutes of cooking. The most recent version I made had chicken thighs, cabbage, onions, Japanese sweet potato and green beans with bean sprouts and green onions added at the end. before cooking ready to eat not the prettiest dish to look at in my pictures but it sure tastes good!
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    Ikea's kitchen goods

    Ikea has come to Japan. Store #2 opened not far from my house yesterday, I have been browsing the catalogue that mysteriosly appeared in my mailbox a couple weeks ago and have been circling items I am interested in. The prices on some of this stuff just seems to good to be true, especially for Japan. Some of the things I am interested in are various dishes, coffee mugs, glassware and silverware. Also roasting pans, gratin dishes and some cute ice cube trays. I would love to hear other's experiences with Ikea products, good and bad. Any product recommendations? Anything I should avoid?
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    Krispy Kreme

    I have never been to a Krispy Kreme store and actually I had never even heard of them until a month ago when there was a thread about them right here on egullet. Now I just heard (through an e-mail group I belong to in Japan) that they are coming to Japan and everyone in the group is going crazy with anticipation. What makes them so different from the Mister Donut that we have here? I checked their locator page and the closest to Cleveland (I will be there in Dec.) is near Akron, is it worth the drive? I do enjoy donuts, especially coconut, no creams for me. On a side note here, just after the Krispy Kreme thread ended a Japanese friend of mine brought me a print out of an e-mail she received from a friend who is living in Kentucky. The e-mail seemed to be a mass mailing announcing the arrival of the new krispy kreme calendar. She said she looked in every dictionary she had and couldn't figure out what Krispy Kreme was and did I know. Thanks to egullet I did! If it had been just a couple weeks earlier I might have been as confused as she was.
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    Osechi ryouri

    I decided to pull this out of the osechi for dogs thread, so it doesn't get lost and anyway it deserves a thread of its own! helenjp wrote: So what kind of osechi does everybody actually make every year? I guess our staples (apart from sekihan and nishime) are some kind of konbu rolls (since husband comes from Hokkaido), salmon cured in honey and a little salt (cheaper than smoked salmon so I can make enough for 4-5 boys and men!), and some kind of marinated or pickled vegetable dish. What about soup? We have a decade long battle over whether to have clear soup with chicken, komatuna, grilled mochi and yuzu, or white miso with round mochi, daikon, and buri decorated with a mountain of tororo konbu and katsuobushi.
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    We have mentioned shochu in various threads, but now it deserves its own! Great article on the popularity of this liquor: http://www.japantimes.co.jp/cgi-bin/getart...l20040530x1.htm "For years, many nihonshu brewers were trying to sell their shochu licenses," Tominaga said. "But no one wanted to buy them because the drink was so unpopular. Shochu had a strong image of being a cheap drink for lower-class people and alcoholics." and now It's not only its price and taste that's behind this trend. "Shochu is actually good for your health," said Tojo, "and it's this health benefit that's had the biggest influence on the boom."
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    Cooking beet roots and greens

    OK I don't like beets, I never have but I am trying to, so a friend suggested I try borscht (sp?). I have never made, nor eaten for a matter of fact, this in my life. Beets are close to impossible to find in Japan but on my last trip to Costco, I found some, pre-cooked (steamed) and packaged in their juices, beets. They have an expiration date of 9/03 so I figured I have some time to figure out what to do with them. Since they are already cooked I figure roasting in out of the question, any suggestions?
  9. torakris

    Boudin sausages

    I attempted to make boudin sausages last night even though I have neither seen nor eaten them before... The intro to the recipe just sounded so good! However they exploded on me, into a huge puffy mass. They still tasted quite good but what did I do wrong? Should I have stuffed them into the casings a little bit looser? Did I steam them over two high a heat? I used medium and cooked them on metal steamer with many small holes. Is the pork mixture always cooked before stuffing? I used quite a bit of fat, actually more than the recipe called for but they were still on the dry side.... The recipe called for the cooked meat to be ground with the attachment with 1/4 inch holes, but it turned out quite smooth like cheap tuna fish. Are there supposed to be no chunks in it?
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    I have just found myself with 2 1/2 heads of cabbage and I need to do something with them. My family all hate coleslaw so that is out of the question, normally I might try braising it but it is just too hot for that. We can have have some stirfries, but we will be eating them for a week before they are gone. Any ideas?
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    I made gyoza last night and it has been years since I made them. I always thought it was too time consuming and would occasionally by them already prepared but my kids never cared for them, so I rarely served them. Well I have discovered that letting my kids help me means that it takes almost no time at all and I just can't get over how different they taste! I think I will never buy them again..... I just made the simple typical filling of pork and Chinese cabbage and it was good but could have been so much better. Anyone have some favorite gyoza fillings they want to share? My gyoza EDIT and by the way my kids loved them!!
  12. What's your favorite kimchi? What is one of the most unusual ones you have eaten? Check out this site for some less common examples: http://www.kimchi.or.kr/english/kind/index.html
  13. I was reading this article from Nipponia: Japanese Cuisine: a fest for the eyes and was curious how many of us really pay attention to the dishes we use when we plate our Japanese foods. I have to admit that being an always in a hurry mother of three young kids I rarely do, but occasionally I stare at the gorgeous pottery in the stores thinking someday...
  14. I copied my post from the School lunch thread and am posting it here as well, what do you think? Do you think it would be better if they had a choice? Do you think this helpd them grow into less picky adults? I love the school lunch sysytem in Japan. Everyone eats the exact same food, there are no choices, if you finish everyhting on your plate you are allowed to have seconds or whatever you would like. The monthly menu is the same for the entire city, so you know what every child in Yokohama is eating and the amounts are controlled as well. The menu lists calories and protein as well as every single ingredient that goes into the making of the food. All of the food is made hot at the school and served in the classrooms by the students themselves. here is a sample of next week's menu: Mon-- bread rolls, milk, deep fried chikuwa (a fish paste product) with sesame seeds, suiton (a soup with pork, potatoes, daikon, carrots, komatsuna- similar to spinach), peach jelly (100%) fruit Tues-- white rice, milk, mabodofu (tofu and ground pork dish), chinese salad made with bean sprouts, cucumbers, carrots and peaunts with slighly spicy dressing, mandarin orange Weds-- raisan bread, milk, spaghetti with meat sauce (with onions, carrots, celery, and mushroms), daikon, cucumber, carrot salad, apple Thurs-- white rice, milk, sukiyaki style braised dish with beef, shirataki, tofu, chrysanthemum (sp?), and scallions, napa cabbage ohitashi, and for dessert something called ougiage which I have never heard of before. Fri--milk, egg salad sandwiches, vegetable soup with pork, bacon, potatoes, cabbage, onions, carrots, and komatsuna, ice cream They use no instant products all of the food is made from scratch, for example the vegetable soup lists pork bones, water, soy sauce, salt and pepper in the ingredient list as well. The parents are also invited at least once a quarter to come and "sample" the lunches, I actually found them to be quite good! But what is most important is that the kids like it and eat it. The lunches at my second daughter's private kindergarten/preschool are even better! But those come from a private catering company. The following link shows children serving and eating kyushoku (school lunch) http://www.e-village.jp/earth-c/html/cultu...tml/000018.html Edited for link
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    Brunswick sardines in soybean oil

    My MIL gave me 5 tins of these. I have never used tinned sardines in any type of oil before and am unsure what to do with them... help...
  16. Most Japanese kids love natto, mine all ate it when they were young though my oldest (and pickiest) won't touch it any more. Just a warning, no matter how careful you are it will get everywhere. Hair, clothes, chair, table and surrounding walls. I used to strip my kids down to their diaper and then throw them in the bath afterwards...
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    I really think fall is the best season for takikomi-gohan, so amny of the fall vegetables are a perfect match to be slowly cooked with the rice. I am determined to make my family love this stuff as much as I do! What are some of your takikomi favorites?
  18. I still can't decide on a place for dinner for my husband and I, though Valentino at the Venetian is at the top of my list now. I was looking at the Venetian because I was being lazy and didn't want to venture out....but Is there a great restaurant I'm going to miss? I'm thinking about someplace with a tasting menu in the ~$150/pp range, but non-French. I like good solid food and don't really care for this new wave frothy stuff, something I can really sink my teeth in and with bold flavors. If you could pick one place in Vegas with these requirements where would it be? David and Jeff, I was going through your Vegas Uncork'd report sand all I can say is Wow!
  19. This is a pretty old thread, any updates for the Sedona area? I'll be in Sedona for 3 days right at Christmas with my 3 children (ages 15, 14 and 11) and am looking for some good places to eat. Our hotel seems to have a pretty decent breakfast buffet so we are looking or lunches and dinners. What will the restaurant situation be on Christmas day? Are most places open and serving from the regular menu? I have a couple places I'm looking at: Red Rock BBQ. BBQ is non-existent in Japan and I get cravings... Haunted Burger (in Jerome) this one is for the kids.... Either Hideaway or Picazzo's for pizza Wildflower for a lunch The Cowboy Club Grille I was thinking of going here for Christmas dinner, should I make reservations and how far in advance? Any other family friendly reasonably priced places?
  20. Sounds great! We are actually avoiding the entire strip for the days leading up to NYE thus our staying in Henderson. We head to Venetian on 1/1 and am trying to get our reservations in now for the restaurants that need them. Of course with our group I'm not really planning too many "nice" meals. Is there a certain time of day that would be the best to hit a buffet? We are thinking of going on Tues 1/3.
  21. This was the other pizza place I had bookmarked, I'm going to take a look at it again thanks!
  22. I think we'll be there at the same time! We are arriving via the Grand Canyon on 12/28 and headed back to Tokyo on 1/4.