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  1. Most Japanese kids love natto, mine all ate it when they were young though my oldest (and pickiest) won't touch it any more. Just a warning, no matter how careful you are it will get everywhere. Hair, clothes, chair, table and surrounding walls. I used to strip my kids down to their diaper and then throw them in the bath afterwards...
  2. I still can't decide on a place for dinner for my husband and I, though Valentino at the Venetian is at the top of my list now. I was looking at the Venetian because I was being lazy and didn't want to venture out....but Is there a great restaurant I'm going to miss? I'm thinking about someplace with a tasting menu in the ~$150/pp range, but non-French. I like good solid food and don't really care for this new wave frothy stuff, something I can really sink my teeth in and with bold flavors. If you could pick one place in Vegas with these requirements where would it be? David and Jeff, I was g
  3. This is a pretty old thread, any updates for the Sedona area? I'll be in Sedona for 3 days right at Christmas with my 3 children (ages 15, 14 and 11) and am looking for some good places to eat. Our hotel seems to have a pretty decent breakfast buffet so we are looking or lunches and dinners. What will the restaurant situation be on Christmas day? Are most places open and serving from the regular menu? I have a couple places I'm looking at: Red Rock BBQ. BBQ is non-existent in Japan and I get cravings... Haunted Burger (in Jerome) this one is for the kids.... Either Hideaway or Picazzo's for pi
  4. Sounds great! We are actually avoiding the entire strip for the days leading up to NYE thus our staying in Henderson. We head to Venetian on 1/1 and am trying to get our reservations in now for the restaurants that need them. Of course with our group I'm not really planning too many "nice" meals. Is there a certain time of day that would be the best to hit a buffet? We are thinking of going on Tues 1/3.
  5. This was the other pizza place I had bookmarked, I'm going to take a look at it again thanks!
  6. I think we'll be there at the same time! We are arriving via the Grand Canyon on 12/28 and headed back to Tokyo on 1/4.
  7. I'm taking the family to Vegas for about a week and need some help with food choices, it's overwhelming there is so much to choose from. The family on the Vegas portion of the trip (we are spending the week before in Arizona) will consist of my husband and I, our 3 children (ages 15,14, and 11) and my in-laws...So we need so family friendly places. Except for 3 nights at the Venetian, we will be based in Henderson. Some specific things I'm looking for: A nice restaurant for my husband and I for one night, preferably something in the Venetian/Palazzo. My husband doesn't really care for French s
  8. Someone is making a lot of money on that rice cooker. You can buy the same one here in Japan for just under 30,000 yen ($390 US). My rice cooker cost about that 2 or 3 years ago and I love it. It does make great rice, but you have to have good rice to start with. Nothing is going to make bad rice taste good. I choose a rice cooker over a pot for convenience. I make rice everyday and at different times, I need hot rice at 5:20am for my husband's lunch and I don't want to wake up at 4:30 to get the pot on. The timer also comes in handy when I am driving the kids around in the evening and want
  9. You will find many "Japanese" products that are either made/manufactured/processed in China or made in Japan using Chinese products. Not only for sale overseas but in Japan as well. Anything that is made in Japan with Japanese ingredients is going to much more expensive that it's made in China counterpart. So if you are seeing a wide range of prices on the shelves the more expensive things will most likely be Japanese made. These particular pickles that you bought were processed in China for the Japanese market and then imported by the company Shin Shin. in Japanese your package says: 原産国名:中国
  10. I was planning on bringing my iPad, so no problems.
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