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  1. Let's have a contest. Who can name the 3 ingredients that would be the most disgusting when eaten together? Bonus points if any TWO of those ingredients would go together just fine. My entry: ketchup, cottage cheese, and oysters
  2. I usually get my spices at an Indian grocery. They are a ton cheaper than at the Safeway. I have jam jars that are about 15 years old that I keep the spices in. I guess I could also buy seeds and grind them. Where do you go for your cheap, fresh, spices?
  3. I was in Santa Fe recently, and had this amazing chili at a cafe on the plaza. It was the spiciest chili I ever had, but not just spicy, intensely flavorful too. Just looking for a recipe that might replicate this...I feel like New Mexican chili powder is different from the stuff you buy in like a Safeway.
  4. 1. whole wheat bread 2. primo taglio peppered salami 3. inglehoffer's stone ground mustard 4. slab of fontina cheese 5. glass of 2% milk
  5. I am, in many senses, a food storage dunce. Part of the reason is that my family growing up was fairly large (well, there were 5 of us total, but 4 were males) and there were no leftovers, or food got consumed so quickly it could be sitting out on the counter and not spoil before it got eaten. Part of the reason is that I lived with roommates for many years; similar situation. The past few years have been more difficult. Allow me to pose my food storage conundrums. * a brick of cheese - I put in a ziplock bag, but if I don't take a bit for 2 days, it starts getting hard. * sausages - if I buy 4 or 6, do I cook and refrigerate, or just refrigerate? How long will they keep? * bread - I've long ago learned to keep refrigerated, and it seems okay. In general, I seek your advice!
  6. I had the opportunity to attend a dinner at Art Of The Table, a new supper club that opened up a few months ago in Wallingford. I was there for Cajun and Jazz night. I'm not going to write a full review, but here are my observations... - the chef and the manager, Dustin and Laurie, spend a lot of time with the guests, talking about the food, the wine, Dustin's crazy life as a chef, etc. They're very interesting. - the food was fantastic. I'm probably not as much of a foodie type as a lot of you guys, but the four course meal with amuse bouche was really tasty. The andouille sausage and chicken gumbo, and the blackened ling cod with vegetables, were my favorites. - dessert was incredible too. Homemde bourbon ice cream and chocolate pecan pie. A great meal, a decent price, and interesting conversation with a bunch of strangers...everyone in the area should try it once. Dustin is just getting the place off the ground, and he's really relying on word of mouth for now. So give it a try and if you like it, get the word out. Some links: http://blog.nwsource.com/entertainment/arc...082107_art.html http://www.artofthetable.net/
  7. This is an old favorite that my grandmother used to make. I recently got the recipe from my mom (who does not make the rolls) and I am going to try it for Thanksgiving this year. I am transcribing the recipe exactly as it is on the card. ICEBOX ROLLS 2 cups hot water 1 heaping Tablesp salt 1/2 cup shortening 1/2 cup sugar Mix and cool to lukewarm. Soften 1 cake compressed yeast in 1/4 cup lukewarm water, add 1 tsp sugar, and add to above mixture. Add two well-beaten eggs. Add 4 cups flour and beat well. Then stir in 3 more cups of flour. Do NOT knead. Set in icebox until ready to make out. Let dough rise about 3 hours before baking. 400 degrees 10 min. Now, this is written in kind of confusing language for a highly logical engineer such as myself. I assume I mix it up as described, then refrigerate for 3 hours before baking? Or do I let it sit in the open (covered by a cheesecloth, maybe) for 3 hours, then refrigerate until ready to bake? Also, some of the ingredients are smudged - do the quantities look correct? Lastly, would you assume this recipe makes 12 rolls worth? Thanks...I am a baking novice!
  8. It's all on the table, but I would prefer not to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, either prepping or serving.
  9. I'm having about 6 people over to watch a movie next week. Low key. What kind of stuff would you recommend? I'm thinking beer, chips, and a pie or two. But I would like to put a personal touch on it.
  10. A friend is having a BBQ on the 13th at a state park near here. I'd like to bring something unique - are there any Indian dishes that would make good BBQ side dishes? Failing that, do you have any other recommendations?
  12. In Turkey, they'll usually eat olives, tomatoes, bread with butter and jam or honey, cheese, egg, and tea or coffee.
  13. The worst has to be both of the times I tried to prepare Quiche. I almost puked. For some reason I just can NOT make a quiche. Such is my burden.
  14. I'm curious how frequently folks use the dining room. I have many friends and acquaintances who use it perhaps 10 times per year, only on special occasions. We use our dining room for nearly every meal. We figure, it's a nice room, why not use it? Sure, our table and carpet gets a little more worn, but we get such great use out of that room. How about you?
  15. Smarmotron


    I use it exclusively for defrosting meat and reheating meat or casseroles.
  16. I usually take a lunch 3x per week. Wednesdays we walk down to an Indian place and get a box to go. And Fridays I walk to a nearby Teriyaki place to get something. I feel no shame in bringing my lunch, it tastes great and saves money, too.
  17. It's time someone said something. It's time someone did something! The infusion of sugar into everything from barbeque sauce to curry to coleslaw must end! It eradicates subtle and traditional flavours, and enslaves all the savouries with which it makes contact. I fail to grasp why so many people (evidently) like everything so sweet? Is it because it's a cheap and easy way to make a bland dish flavorful, even if that flavor is wholly out of place?
  18. What's a vegetable? Actually tomorrow features asparagus, Sat, squash and Sunday carrots. K? ← mmmmmm....squash.... I like eating verbs.
  19. No one has mentioned Roman cuisine yet! Liquamen, Passum, Liebstoeckl, Defritum, Poleiminze, Caroenum....these things mean nothing to you!??! I maintain that you have not lived until you've had a Pullum Frontonianum with some wine.
  20. Okay, I don't know the marketing regions of Tim's Cascade Chips, but I assume it's limited to the NW or maybe the West. These things are great! I can't imagine ever eating another brand of chip. They're thick, flavorful, salty, and come in a great range. In fact, I even spotted Wasabi on the shelf today - and it didn't disappoint. My favorite has to be the sea salt and vinegar brand, though. Anyone else adore these?
  21. You guys are too funny. Did your parents really not catch on when you came home eyes all strabic and smelling like you swallowed a perfumery? My strategy was to come home chewing grape gum, poke my head into the family room to greet the 'rents, then head straight upstairs. Only got caught once, and it's because I was stumbling drunk.
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