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  1. Click here for the terms under which this event is listed in eG Forums.
  2. Wesport's Blue, Views & Barbecue Festival. HOST'S NOTE: This is an member-organized event and not an official eGullet Society event. Click here for the terms under which this event is listed in eG Forums. CA
  3. Bingo. That's what I have gleaned over my years of visiting Ecuador, another big ceviche country. Tomato or even catsup in the sierras. None on the coast. There are no hard and fast rules, other than the requisite citrus, even if the seafood is first cooked with heat.
  4. If need be, I think I could survive very well on rice, beans, Tabasco sauce and jug wine.
  5. mmmmm..... Warm Martinis out of a bottle.
  6. Ron Zacapa Centenario 23 is great for sipping on its own. No ice needed. It will also mix well.
  7. I search for Schott Zwiesel Tritan on eBay.
  8. Thanks for the heads-up, Gary. Good read. I'll be sure to try Zazu.
  9. You can try Ben's Deli. I always have a pastrami sandwich. It's not quite Katz's, but it's so good. On the wall, they have old photos of the area, including one of the large Howard Johnson's restaurant that was on Queens Blvd. I believe Jacques Pepin put in some time in that HJ kitchen. Pierre Franey might have also.
  10. I have hard-cooked a dozen eggs in a Black & Decker food steamer, according to their directions. It couldn't have been easier, but I think that their suggestion of 30 minutes was too long.
  11. If he likes Jack Daniel's, get him a different brand of Tennessee whiskey. George Dickel No:12 is quite respectable.
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