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  1. You can come by Delicatessen on 7th & Chestnut, it's BYOB, traditional deli fare like smoked fish platters (nova, whitefish, whitefish salad, kipper salmon or lox), bagels, of course, eggs, also a few twists like The Benny Rubinson, Poached eggs & grilled pastrami over rye toast with Russian dressing Hollandaise or the Monty Cristoberg, eggs over easy, corned beef, roast turkey on Challah French toast with warm maple syrup, there's blueberry kugel and cheese blintzes and latkes too.
  2. My gosh, I have not been on here for so long! Anyhow met these really sweet young guys from Chicago who are starting up a website here is Philly called Dish86, I offered to put some feelers out for them ...the goal of Dish86 is to help restaurants fill their empty seats on off nights while providing diners upgrades, deals etc. Unlike Groupon or Living Social, its a more select database, there are not 10,000 1/2 price dinners on offer, maybe 4 tables at one place, 6 at another. Membership is by invitation-only, they're accepting members during the private beta There's a similar site in Chicago,
  3. I've been to Wokano on 11th & washington a couple of times, they serve dimsum everyday til 3, Its quite good, they bring around the standards: dumplings, sticky rice etc, and have a menu of "others" some quite adventurous for the western palate (like mine) like duck feet , jellyfish etc. If there is something you want but don't see on the cart they'll get it for you if they have it. LOVED the sticky rice and chive dumplings and the garlicky steamed spare ribs were amazing. The space if HUGE and bright and there's some sort of entertainment portion featuring "Ktv", not 100% sure what that
  4. Katie, the greens are actually vegetarian, no porkiness in the recipe, though pork-y flavor..hmm chalk that up to Tamara's fabulous ways...too bad the corn was dry, thinking of trying a method where we can keep the husks on. There'll be ribs & pork tomorrow!!!!!!
  5. Bluehen, Come check out Bebe's Barbeque in the Italian Market! Now I am biased, as I've been helping Mark Coates (Owner) out in the kitchen and with some guerilla marketing. That's right Y'all, I'm in the BBQ world yet again! Still opening softly, working out the new smoker, space etc. But I think its good, those Smoked Joint boys taught me alot about BBQ. This is much smaller operation, mostly to go right now till the Lunch counter is finished. North Caroline style, menu changes daily, but the basics are there, Ribs, Pulled Pork, Mac & Cheese, Collards etc. Most of the recipes are from
  6. Hershels has BIALY"S!!! Real bialy's not like the dreck that everyone else has... A Bially tosted well, butter on one side, scallion cream cheese on the other, some baked salmon, a squeeze of lemon, a slice pf jarlsberg and a leaf of boston lettuce = one of the most perfect breakfast sandwichs- ever ..THANK you Herschels. I no longer have to schlep from kossars when i'm in the city,.
  7. admittedly I made mistakes at bella and have since learned from them, also am no longer in the biz, since I maybe wasn't that good at it, I was not able to reach my expections, I was trying to run an underfunded restaurant with ambitions that exceeded by experience and skill level. I made an effort to accomondate unhappy customers whenever I could, sometimes I could not. I tried snackbar 2 more times ignoring my boyfriends remarks, because i wanted to try it out again for myself so not too sure about the irony of my statement about my chef burning the food at bella because she was on the phone
  8. ok here are the ingredients i have on hand for valentines dinner chicken breasts stock cream black truffle butter and oil savoy cabbage bacon potatoes well stocked pantry of lots of stuff. whatcha think..i'm stuck
  9. wow, everyone loves snackbar here's how my first night at snackbar was, and second and third NIGHT NUMBER ONE way back in Nov..relatively new boyfriend and I are returning from seeing La Boheme, we walk by snackbar on my way home, it is finally open hooray, I bat my eyelashes, oohplease lets go here and in we swoop, we are settle by the fire and find ourselves seated right next to George and Evan Turney from Valanni and Mercato ..even better, hadn't seen them since the summer, chat chat hello the notice at another table there are two of my favorite customers from Bella..I get up and say hell
  10. I have a fondness for Criag Laban, as a former restaurnt owner I found him a delight to speak to and though he gave us 1 bell, it was an optimistic lovely 1 bell though unfortunately well deserved since my chef at the time decided that cooking food without burning it was less important than her boyfriend. nonetheless I have always enjoyed my conversations with him finding him extremely knowledgable about food, very charming and kinder than anyone suspects, and in regard to his review of Bella, I was somewhat ashamed to have dissappointed him since he had professed high hopes and was incredibly
  11. In any event - last week there was an article in the NYT dining section with recipes for lemons. Tried the spaghetti limone - and it was fabulous. You can find it on the NYT website. Robyn ←
  12. donnamarie..to simply perk them up you may want to just add some flavor ideas; lemon, lime or orange zest and a tbls of juice use flavored sugar ..i make vanilla sugar, lavender sugar, rose sugar and kaffir lime suger basically by putting a vanilla been or some drief rose petals, or lavender buds or kaffir lime leaves in sugar sealing teh container and letting it sit for a while..have had my kafir lime sugar sitting for about a month and it is amazingly fragrant plan to make a kaffir lime cookie with white choclate drizzle you could add almond extract also you could dip them after baking
  13. Have you tried Di'Bruno's? Thier kippered salmon is close to west coast style smoked salmon (hot smoked), also I have a had some pretty decent version that I bought prepacked (gasp!!!) at my local fruit store on 20th & manning, I believe Trader Joes has a verison as well..as does whole foods as an FYI if you are feeling adevnturous you can try to hot smoke salmon yourself..alton brown has a cardboard box smoked version that comes out fantastic..it was the genesis of the now defunct smoked joint's smoked salmon (which I think was the best thing on thier menu) Aggreably none of these comes
  14. Thanks all K8memohis..good tips not really ambitious=s enough to start making my own donuts and not sure abalone fritters would go off so well for a breakfast meeting but thanks!!! Decided to go with Frangellis on 9th & Ritner..they have pumpkin donuts
  15. Hello all...long time no posting..I have a doughnut emergency Clients of mine want fabu doughnuts for a morning event on Thursday and I am at a loss (they refused Dunkin's) Also need they to be accessible within CC for pick-up Thursday am... I turn to you my egulleteers to help me with my freid dough crisis!!!
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