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No added Salt ( or very low salt ) spice mixtures and rubs


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Ive been paint attention to commercial levels of salt for a while now.


as time marches on , its going to be more and more important .


this site 




was recommended by @Ann_T  


the owner was very helpful via email , as this site is in Canada , and Im not.


my CreditCard company charges 3%  for foreign transaction .   someone has to pay  for


their computers electricity , that automatically makes this calculation .


I got quite a few items   .  I didn't want to wonder what that item I didn't get tastes like


more or less , and waded out a few that seemed very similar.


this spice collection is hot.  after all , its in their name :




Im very pleased w this collection , and am glad I splurged a bit.


10 % off at the time of my purchase ( Canadian )  shipping to USA  was extra 


free to Canada w a minimum purchase .


I tried the curry , mixed into some Aldi Mayo last night :




it was for the Dinner AF's TJ's fish sticks 


Im very happy w these


I also have some mixtures from Penzey's 




and I thought Sauer's




but can't locate them at the moment.


if you have a source of no-salt mixture


P.S.:  I wish HM's had a few interesting combo's that were not hot.


please chime in .


its worth looking into commercial levels of salt 


earlier rather than later .

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you bet.


Im going to review my current stock 


and re-stock up.


I love ' curry '  mixtures 


I hav several from them


the Maharajah is exceptional  


it was always more expensive , possibly due to the dried shallots.


prices everywhere have gone up 


seems the same for those dried shallots.


but when I work up n order , Ill sneak in a small vial.


my current unit is anti ancient.

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purchased from where ?


HM's ' jerk '





I have had curried goat in Jamaica 


and tried to find goat here


maybe it had more allspice i  it.


thanks for the suggestion.

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