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Provincetown, the "Outer Cape," and Wellfleet Too


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A couple of young 'uns in our family (she is Significant Eater's oldest, and hence first, niece) just had to open a general-store-cum-sandwich shop in Provincetown last summer. After living in Gowanus/Park Slope for the previous 5-6 years. He managed Court St. Grocers; she wrote about food stuff for Huff Po.

They love the Cape. They got married on the Cape, in Truro. Going to their wedding was my first ever visit to the Cape. His family's been New Englanders/Cape Cod people for a long time. As a matter of fact, his last name is among the names that are listed on the Mayflower. The Mayflower, as you all know, landed in Provincetown Harbor. Two years ago, we visited (my 2nd ever visit) and stayed at his dad and stepmom's house in Chatham. His dad, retired, now captains a small charter fishing boat, and that was my first time catching striped bass. I blogged...Lab Day's Ovah.

We wanted to make sure they'd ironed out all issues, so we only waited a year and then visited last week. Pop + Dutch is their grocery on Commercial St. We spent 3 days and nights at the gorgeous Red Inn right at the end of Commercial St; they were mostly working, but we did get to spend some quality time together eating around town and playing.


This was the view from our room...



And we ate a bunch of this...



That's from PJ's Family Restaurant in Wellfleet, and it was great.


Since I think it gets really crazy crowded and partying to the max in July and August, our trips in June and September have been perfectly timed.

Of course, I'm blogging about everywhere we ate once again...

Provincetown - The "Outer" Cape

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Mitch Weinstein aka "weinoo"

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"505" is the area code of Albuquerque, NM, where they met in college and where they spent most of their youths. "212" is the NYC area code. II was asking them to put a club sandwich on the menu while we were there and was keeping my fingers crossed they'd name it the "212." It's the "505" however, because the mayo used on the club sandwich is spiked with New Mexico green chile.

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Mitch Weinstein aka "weinoo"

Tasty Travails - My Blog

My eGullet FoodBog - A Tale of Two Boroughs

Was it you baby...or just a Brilliant Disguise?

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No one was on either of those boars. They're just moored there - they pay the town to have the space to moor their boats.


Look at what happens at low tide!







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Mitch Weinstein aka "weinoo"

Tasty Travails - My Blog

My eGullet FoodBog - A Tale of Two Boroughs

Was it you baby...or just a Brilliant Disguise?

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Nice write-up and photos, thanks.


P-town is a lovely place that's changed a lot in the last couple of decades. Back when I was a kid and my family would rent a cottage down the Cape for a couple of weeks, we always made time for a daytrip there, climbing the amazing sand dunes on the town's outskirts as well as the monument that you can see in your photo. Food was always part of the attraction, not just seafood but the Portuguese bakeries that sold meat pies as well as sweets.  It was a culturally diverse place then, as it is now, but it was more low-key. These days it's too crowded and crazy for me, at least during peak season, and definitely more high-end food and shops. For better or worse.


I do still go to the outer Cape though, for the beaches and the bike trails, some of the most beautiful in New England. Truro especially. Your family's shop is great to know about. The outer Cape is a long drive from Boston, but the ferry will take you to Provincetown in under 90 minutes.  I bring my bike and pick up something for lunch before heading to the beach.  I will stop by Pop + Dutch next time I'm there, it sounds terrific.





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Nice write-up and photos, thanks.


I will stop by Pop + Dutch next time I'm there, it sounds terrific.



It really is a nice, little shop they've set up there. Tell 'em I said hi!

Mitch Weinstein aka "weinoo"

Tasty Travails - My Blog

My eGullet FoodBog - A Tale of Two Boroughs

Was it you baby...or just a Brilliant Disguise?

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I am on the Outer Cape now and thought I would add my dining experiences to this thread.  It's insanely crowded out here right now so we won't be traveling other than on foot until after the weekend, but I'll be out in Provincetown a couple of times and will stop in to Pop and Dutch.  I remember seeing it last year but we did not go in.


We came out Thursday night to beat the bridge traffic and stayed two nights at a hotel in Eastham before checking into our usual rental house in Wellfleet.  On Friday we had breakfast at the Fairway https://www.fairwaycapecod.com


My niece and nephew both had pancakes


fairway pancakes.jpg


My husband got the Flying Pigwich.  Ironically they forgot to put the bacon on it!  That was fine because my meal came with too much bacon so I gave him some of mine


fairway pigwich.jpg


I had the Nanny's potato pancakes with poached eggs


fairway potato pancakes.jpg


We were expecting more members of our group to join us that evening so decided to just go back to the same place for dinner.  I'm lazy like that sometimes.  My husband and I shared an order of fish tacos.  They were huge.  I could have been done eating after this.


fairway fish tacos.jpg


My niece and nephew got mozzarella sticks


fairway mozza sticks.jpg


I ordered linguini with clams for dinner.  It was enough for five people!  I prefer smaller portions.


fairway linguini and clams.jpg


My husband got lobster mac and cheese.  Again, too much food


fairway lobster mac and cheese.jpg


My niece and nephew opted for calzones


fairway calzone.jpg

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Yesterday we walked into town for a late lunch/early dinner at Winslow's Tavern in Wellfleet: http://www.winslowstavern.com


Cocktails.  Summer in a Glass (vodka, lemonade, basil) and a G+T with cucumber and jalepeno


winslows drinks.jpg


Wellfleet oysters


winslows oysters.jpg


Tuna crudo


winslows tuna crudo.jpg


Scallop crudo


winslows scallop crudo.jpg


Tomato salad with burrata, bacon jam, and parmesan crisps


winslows tomato salad.jpg


Smoked mussel pizza winslows smoked mussel pizza.jpg


Tomato pizza


winslows tomato pizza.jpg


Pig Mac


winslows pig mac.jpg


Prosciutto sandwich


winslows proscuitto sandwich.jpg


Triple chocolate mousse


winslows chocolate mousse.jpg


Salted caramel tart


winslows salted carael tart.jpg

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Taking a break from the sun and heat.  Yesterday we dined at Mac's Shack in Wellfleet.  https://www.macsseafood.com/restaurants/macs-shack/


Flowers separate the outdoor dining area from the street


macs flowers.jpg


Big kahuna roll


macs big kahuna roll.jpg


Gon jah mon roll


macs gon jah mon roll.jpg


Halibut turadito


macs halibut turadito.jpg


Spicy tuna mango martini


macs spicy tuna mango martini.jpg


Tuna tartare


macs tuna tartare.jpg


Tuna poke


macs tuna poke.jpg


Striped bass with roasted red pepper sauce, coconut foam (I hate the way foam looks, but it tasted good!), asparagus and rice

macs striped bass 2.jpg


Ritz cracker crusted bluefish

macs ritz cracker bluefish.jpg


A sushi special.  I can't remember what it was called but it's tuna with spicy scallops on top


macs sushi special.jpg


and finally, for my non-fish eating nephew, housemade pasta with a tomato-basil-macadamia nut pesto


macs pesto.jpg



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Yesterday we lost two of our six members of vacationing party to their need to return to work, so it's just my husband, niece and nephew for the rest of the trip.  We were only moderately hungry yesterday (and did not feel like driving) so went to a casual place near our rental house, the Pearl http://www.wellfleetpearl.com


clams casino


pearl clams casino.jpg


fried calamari


pearl calamari.jpg


avocado but with housemate chips


pearl avocado blt.jpg


salad with strawberries and goat cheese


pearl fresh salad.jpg


pasta with creamy pesto and chicken


pearl pesto pasta.jpg


oyster po boy


pearl oyster po boy.jpg


We are going to Provincetown today.

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 A couple more updates.  The day we went to Provincetown was HOT, so we decided not to go into town.  Instead, we had lunch at Mac's Fish House, which is about a mile away from the center of town.  https://www.macsseafood.com/restaurants/macs-provincetown  My niece is a sushi hound, so she ordered many of the same things I showed in the Mac's Shack post.  We also ordered a tempura fried spicy tuna stuffed avocado:


macs fish shack avocado.jpg


I had the swordfish pastrami rueben


macs fish shack reuben.jpg


Husband had a scallop roll


macs fish shack scallop roll.jpg


Nephew had a burger (no picture).  He's allergic to shrimp, crab, and lobster, so has pretty limited choices when dining out on the Cape.  Luckily he really likes burgers.


Yesterday we backtracked a bit and went to Chatham for the day so the kids could go shopping at the candy stores.  Mistake, it was insanely crowded.  We had lunch at the Impudent Oyster https://www.zagat.com/r/impudent-oyster-chatham/menu


Nephew's veggie burger (no fries because of his allergy)


impudent veggie burger.jpg



Tuna pan bagnat


impudent tuna.jpg


Scallop roll with housemade chips


impudent scallop roll.jpg


chopped salad


impudent chopped salad.jpg


Sticky toffee pudding


impudent sticky pudding.jpg


Salted caramel brownie sundae


impudent brownie.jpg


On the way home we stopped at PB Boulangerie for some treats.  http://pbboulangeriebistro.com






Coffee eclair, cheesecake, and chocolate tart




thursday duck harbor 2.jpg

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For our last lunch we went to the Beachcomber http://www.thebeachcomber.com This is the most famous restaurant in Wellfleet, partially for the music and bar scene.  We always go at lunch which is crazy enough.  I am too old to deal with the shenanigans at night.  The beach was not so welcoming on this day


cahooh hollow.jpg


We opted to stay up top of the dune.  It was cold enough to warrant some clam chowder


beachcomber clam chowder.jpg


My nephew loves this restaurant because they fry their fries in a separate fryer, so he can eat them


beachcombr pizza.jpg


I also had a fried clam roll.  Whole bellies of course


beachcomber fried clam roll.jpg


niece just wanted mozzarella sticks


beachcomber mozzarella sticks.jpg


For our final dinner, we returned to Mac's Shack.  Oysters French


macs shack oysters french.jpg


random sushi


macs shack sushi.jpg


the big tuna


macs shack the big tuna.jpg


striped bass


macs shack striped bass2.jpg


That's it for now.  I'll be back out there for 10 days next month and have some new places I want to try.  I'll post about them here.


truro 3.jpg

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Spectacular shots.  Thanks for posting - now I'm starving!


Winslow's and Mac's gave me some ideas on presentation, but the kicker for me was smoked mussels on a pizza, whoa! I see corn kernals, basil maybe and some sort of crema/mozza?  This needs an experiment...


Thanks again - looking forward to August report

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I'm back! This is not the long report.  We went for an impromptu weekend in Chatham.  The long trip starts on Saturday. I was with a bigger group so missed a lot of photos I would have taken.  We ate twice at Bistro on Main and I've got nothing from those meals.  


The house we rented for the weekend


stony hill mill.jpg



Impudent Oyster foods.  


chopped salad


impudent chopped salad.jpg


scallop roll


impudent scallop sandwich.jpg


turkey club with housemade chips


impudent turkey sandwich.jpg




impudent burger.jpg


fish sandwich


impudent fish sandwich.jpg


fish tacos


impudent fih tacos.jpg


butterscotch sundae for the nephew


impudent butterscotch.jpg



coconut creme brûlée 


impudent creme brulee.jpg

key lime cheesecake for the niece


bistro on main cheesecake.jpg


A breakfast at the Lazy Lobster.  This breakfast took two hours.  Annoying.


chocolate chip pancakes for the nephew


lazy lobster chocolate chip pancakes.jpg


eggs benedict with spinach/tomato instead of Canadian bacon.  Served with regrettable hash browns. This was mine and the eggs were overcooked :-(


lazy lobster eggs benedict.jpg


omelet with spinach mushrooms tomatoes and cheddar


lazy lobster veggie omelet.jpg


scrambled eggs with lobster


lazy lobster lobster eggs.jpg






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I am back on the Cape for the next 10 or so days.  Yesterday we went to an old Wellfleet  favorite and one I have already shown here, Winslows Tavern.  I love sitting on their shady front terrace.  We started with some broiled oysters.  Pesto 


winslows pesto oysters.jpg


and tabasco lime butter


winslows tabasco oysters.jpg


nephew had a salad with gorgonzola dolce, hazelnuts, pears and apples


winslows salad.jpg


we also ordered a tomato burrata salad to share


winslows burrata.jpg


and a pizza with figs and bacon jam


winslows fig pizza.jpg


crab cake sandwich


winslows crabcake.jpg


softshell crab sandwich


winslows softshell.jpg


lobster risotto cake


winslows lobster cake.jpg


double chocolate mousse


winslows mousse.jpg




winslows tiramisu.jpg


We are not dining out today, I am grilling some swordfish.  I'll put that on the dinner thread.  Tomorrow we are going someplace new to us.


Edited to add a photo of last night's sunset


1 paddleboarders.jpg

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