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Provincetown, the "Outer Cape," and Wellfleet Too


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On 10/15/2023 at 11:54 AM, TdeV said:

That Chicken pesto alfredo penne WITH lobster and shrimp sure looks good though. Won't go to waste, I hope!


It did not go to waste.  My husband's brother took it home with him.  


Belated end to this visit.  Sunday we went back to Oysterfest to watch the shuck off finals.  It was a lot less crowded, which was nice.  The fellow who won was from neighboring Eastham.  




After the shuck off they had an auction to raise money for the local school.  This fisherman contributed a 16 pound lobster.  He said the winner could keep it, but he was hoping that he would be allowed to put it back in the water with a GPS tag so that it could be tracked.




It went for $3,000 to a vegetarian who wanted it back in the water.  


We didn't eat anything at the festival other than a shared special Oysterfest gelato from Gelato Joy 







Next day we went for a couple of beach walks.  At Fisher Beach in Truro, we saw our first shark fin from shore.  It was patrolling down by this bird filled jetty.  Pretty cool




Then we went to Provincetown for a visit to my favorite bookstore




and a long walk at Herring Cove beach




Followed by dinner at Ciro and Sal's.  It was too cold to sit out in their lovely courtyard




But the inside was cozy too




We shared an order of mussels in marinara




and then husband had shrimp scampi, which he did not enjoy.  He said the garlic was bitter and raw




My shrimp puttanesca was better, so we shared that 




Which brings us to Tuesday, and time to go home.  We stopped for one last hike at Fort Hill in Eastham to take in the views.  The foliage was starting to change








And then had lunch at Mac's in Chatham.  Warm lobster roll for husband




Shrimp fried rice for me




...and that's probably it for us on Cape Cod until next year.  




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