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  1. IMO no. A sandwich isn't considered to be "bread" for example. Bread is just an ingredient in pizza's case. But I get your point!
  2. radtek

    Roasted Cabbage

    The American sauce... Ranch!
  3. I finally opened my latest issue of Cooks Illustrated. Features knife sharpeners. But not the EdgePro....
  4. Funny, I'm a tea-guy in winter and a coffee drinker in warmer months. Earl Grey with lemon and sugar or Lipton loose black tea (orange pekoe)...
  5. I'd have to say "the tortilla" but perhaps not hyper-regional in the sense that they are so ubiquitous. Pan Dulce in it's many varieties- I'm partial to ginger pigs (Marranitos) and pan de anis.
  6. radtek

    Roasted Cabbage

    I like doing this with radicchio. Except I cut as if to quarter, but not all the way and spread the head out like a flower, cut side down in a pan with a weight to initially press it. In this case I use a preheated saucepan as a weight. Must say that red cabbage looks tasty.
  7. Looks like you had the place to yourselves.
  8. Real quick sear. Rub with a bit of oil first. But he pounds them in the episode. I might have butterflied the 4 pieces. Looked tasty- made me hungry.
  9. radtek

    Sausage Making

    Man that is inspirational! You gotta do a short but heavy smoke pre-SV on the next one!
  10. Interesting? Not really. For pseudoscience. Recently as in the last couple years, IIRC the low cal longevity "lifestyle" has been found to be less effective as previously touted. Re-programming the body...? What a way to discredit the article. So with a grain of salt... We (our bodies) simply wear out due to extraneous factors, radiation being significant in my professional opinion. So "damaged cells" are a result of our environment actually. Of which a part is the food we eat. Be more worried about cholesterol and a sedentary lifestyle.
  11. I refused to join anything else related to ATK after being bum-rushed by their email advertising campaign.
  12. I get the magazine. Oftentimes it seems their hacks are really not necessary but I often find inspiration from their equipment tests and the occasional recipe. Mr Kimball's foreword never really seems relevant to the the particular issue it's in but more of an issue of ego...
  13. One professional cook told me the base for ice cream and cheese cake are the same- creme anglaise.
  14. Maybe they are just trying to appeal to their customer base. Or perceived customer base. Look-yo. Where are my extra sunflower seeds on my So Ambitious? Yo.
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