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Provincetown, the "Outer Cape," and Wellfleet Too


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Just watching Sunday Morning and they closed with a view from Cape Cod.......beautiful


good eating



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Nothing is better than frying in lard.

Nothing.  Do not quote me on this.


Linda Ellerbee

Take Big Bites

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So, I said we were going someplace new yesterday.  I lied.  It was back to some old favorites.  We had breakfast at the Fairway.  My nephew's boring pancakes


fairway pancakes.jpg


a caprese omelet


fairway caprese omelet.jpg


my niece's cannoli-stuffed french toast


fairway cannoli french toast.jpg


and my Greek scramble.  I took half of this home and ate the rest for breakfast this morning.


fairway greek scramble.jpg


For dinner, we returned to Mac's Shack.  Oysters broiled with garlic butter


macs oysters french.jpg


Oysters Rockefeller


macs oysters rockefeller 2.jpg


Salmon tartare


macs salmon tartare.jpg


Random sushi


macs sushi.jpg


Razor clams


macs razor clams.jpg


Littleneck clams steamed in beer


macs littlenecks.jpg


Linguini with pesto


macs linguini.jpg


Salmon with mussels and roasted fennel


macs salmon.jpg


Flourless chocolate torte


macs flourless chcoclate cake.jpg


Key lime pie


macs key lime pie.jpg




sunday boat 4.jpg


I promise we are going to some new places soon, including an African restaurant that I have been wanting to try.

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A quick tour of the offerings at PB Boulangerie in Wellfleet. Not recommended for dieters. 




















I bought 8 croissants, 4 blueberry danishes, 2 chocolate tarts, and a baguette.  I'll eat one croissant tomorrow. The rest will be eaten by the teens. Oh to have their metabolism.


And of course tonight's sunset.




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More foods.


Back to the Beachcomber. A fishwich.  I have ordered this at least 20 times.  Everyone that goes to Beachcomber with me laughs when I order it.


beachcomber fishwich.jpg


Oyster Po'Boy


beachcomber oyster po boy.jpg




A breakfast at the Chocolate Sparrow in Orleans. 



Blueberry crumble muffin


chocolate sparrow blueberry muffin.jpg


cinnamon roll


chocolate sparrow cinnamon roll.jpg


egg turkey and cheese sandwich


chocolate sparrow egg sandwich.jpg


Dinner.  Karoo in Eastham.




Hummus and pita


karoo hummus.jpg


Peri peri wings


karoo peri peri wings.jpg


Snail rangoons


karoo snail rangoons.jpg


Vegetarian appetizers: falafel, grape leaves, pakoras, samosas


karoo veg plate.jpg


Pap and chakalaka




Peri peri chicken and salad


karoo peri peri chicken.jpg


Meatballs and curry gravy. 


karoo borewat meatballs.jpg





karoo miketarte.jpg


Coconut milk lavender panna cotta with passion fruit sauce


karoo panna cotta.jpg


Provincetown tomorrow


marconi becky.jpg

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 A late lunch at Local 186 in Provincetown




Cocktails.  The one in the back is a smoky mescal drink, and the one in the front has cranberries. I forget their names, sorry.


local 186 cocktails.jpg


Littleneck clams with pork belly and tasty broth


local 186 clams.jpg


Onion stings


local 186 onion strings.jpg


Kobe beef burger with bacon


local 186 lobe burger.jpg


El Guapo burger (fried avocado and chipotle aioli toppings)


local 186 el guPO BURGER.jpg


Surf and turf burger


local 186 surf n turf burger.jpg


Turkey burger with bacon jam and cheddar.  Roasted garlic aioli on the side for dipping the fries into.  That was mine.  I only ate half and I am still absurdly stuffed six hours later.  Something lighter tomorrow for sure.


local 186 turkey burger.jpg



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@liamsaunt  years ago when we were in P-town we used to get Portuguese sweet bread -NOT the bread I make but more like a sweet breakfast treat my MIL loved ........have you seen it or heard of it?

Nothing is better than frying in lard.

Nothing.  Do not quote me on this.


Linda Ellerbee

Take Big Bites

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12 hours ago, suzilightning said:

@liamsaunt  years ago when we were in P-town we used to get Portuguese sweet bread -NOT the bread I make but more like a sweet breakfast treat my MIL loved ........have you seen it or heard of it?


Yes, that bread is available for sale in all of the stores out here.  I just posted a picture in the breakfast thread of a strata I made this morning using the bread.  There is a Portuguese bakery on the main drag in Provincetown that sells it in many different shapes.  The other stores typically have the english muffin shape and then just large loaves.


One more picture, a late night snack I made using local clams: clams casino dip.  The recipe was in an Elin Hilderbrand book that I just finished reading.  Quite tasty.


clams casino dip.jpg



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We spent yesterday at Head of the Meadow beach in Truro





I spied a food truck in the parking lot so went to investigate.  Tacos!




 A bean and cheese quesadilla for my nephew


joeys bean quesadilla.jpg


Cod tacos for myself and my husband


joeys fsh tacos.jpg


I have more photos from yesterday but my internet is running very slow so will update more later.  We are going on a whale watch today and I am hoping for some good photos.  There are a lot of whales around.  We spotted at least seven from the beach at Race Point the other day.

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more photos (log)
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Great photos. Do you ever go to PJs?


This do this great stuffed clam...


2016_06_07 3394.JPG


Known as stuffies. And delicious...


2016_06_07 3397.JPG


We were out in Ptown again at the beginning of June.


Another good one, if you like old school "Continental" food, is Front Street Restaurant.



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Mitch Weinstein aka "weinoo"

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8 hours ago, weinoo said:

Great photos. Do you ever go to PJs?


This do this great stuffed clam...





Oh yes, I like PJ's a lot.  But Arnold's has my favorite stuffie :-)


Whale watching off Provincetown today led to some good sightings.  Lots of humpbacks, minkies and fin whales.  






we followed the watch with an early dinner at Mac's Fish House.  Oysters


macs oysters.jpg




macs calamari.jpg


salmon-avocado hand roll


macs handroll.jpg


spicy tuna stuffed tempura fried avocado


macs avocado.jpg


Ritz cracker crusted bluefish 


macs bluefish.jpg


sea dogs (fried lobster tails)


macs sea dog.jpg


Cajun swordfish


macs swordfish.jpg


Pan-seared monkfish


macs monkfish.jpg


tonight's sunset


saturday sunset use.jpg



Time for a fire pit and s'mores.  Sounds like the end of the trip is going to get washed out by Hermine.  We'll stick it out anyway.


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16 hours ago, weinoo said:

Great photos.


Now that is an understatement! :) They are amazing in the thread itself.


Do yourself a favor, and pop some of them out into another tab. (Right click, Open in another tab) I had to scroll around some to see all of the larger images, but when I did, I was treated to a view of the whale in both the head and tail shots where I could smell the sea, hear the sea birds and spray, and felt like I was swimming way too close. The tail shot detail in the larger images reveals the vertebrae and a crop of barnacles growing on the fluke on the right side of the picture, which makes it the whale's left one, I think.


When I popped out the taco truck photo to read the menu, I could. It impressed me as rather expensive, but I guess that's normal for hot food right on the beach. The food depicted looked great. I would have gone for the Mexican street corn, yum! I got a bonus on the food truck photo, too. The guy with the baby is wearing swim trunks with some really interesting art. The giraffe's heads and torsos are depicted in the bottom cobalt blue color, and the long legs in the top aqua color.


All the dishes I tried pop out equally successfully, with such detail that you feel you are at the table eating them.


Thanks for sharing, and I am in awe of your photography skills, @liamsaunt.


Please stay safe in Hermine. It killed another person here out at our coast, I found out this morning. I hope the storm loses strength and just dumps a bunch of much needed rain up that way without any damage, flooding or storm surge.

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@Thanks for the Crepes thanks for the nice compliments on my photos!  I do enjoy taking pictures.  


@Okanagancook yes, the whales were very close to the boat.  I also had a good position because we were the second group in line to board the boat, so that helped a lot.


Yesterday we tried to revisit the Beachcomber, but no luck.  Their parking lot was full, as was the auxiliary lot that they shuttle people over from.  So, instead it was back to Winslow's Tavern.  We had some new items, but also some repeats.


It was breezy, so some clam chowder was in order.  This one had grilled corn in it, which I enjoyed.


winslows clam chowder.jpg


An arugula salad


winslows arugula salad.jpg


A pear-apple salad


winslows pear apple salad.jpg


Kale caesar salad


winslows kale caesar salad.jpg


Roasted oysters


winslows roasted oysters.jpg


Tomato salad with bacon jam and burrata


winslows tomatoes.jpg


Soft shell crab sandwich


winslows soft shell crab.jpg


The pug mac


winslows pig mac.jpg


Scallop roll


winslows scallop roll.jpg


Prosciutto panino


winslows proscuitto.jpg


Double chocolate mousse


sunday winslows mousse.jpg


Key lime tart


winslows sunday key lime.jpg


And a surprise sunset.  We thought Hermine would interfere, but last night was beautiful.


sunday sunset use.jpg


We leave for home tomorrow morning, so I have just two more meals to share for this trip.  

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That food looks spectacular.  I can understand wanting to try a new restaurant, but Winslow's Tavern doesn't look like a hardship!

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Nancy Smith, aka "Smithy"
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@Smithy, Beachcomber is a classic restaurant for me.  I have probably been there 40 times!  I will confess that I prefer Winslow's.  :-)


We tried again for Beachcomber today, but Hermine is now here on the Outer Cape, and the wind and waves were ferocious.  I have no photos of the ocean because there was so much sand violently blowing around and I was concerned that my lens would be damaged if I tried for a photo. The waves were HUGE.  We ended up having to leave because my niece was convinced the restaurant was going over the dune.  She was so scared she started to cry, so that was that.  We ended up back at Mac's Shack.


macs shack.jpg


Big kahuna roll


macs shack big kahuna.jpg




macs shack littlenecks.jpg




macs shack steamers.jpg


Tuna tartare


macs shack tuna tartare.jpg


Lobster roll


macs shack lobster roll.jpg


Burger no fries for my nephew with the crustacean allergy


macs shack burger.jpg


Fried oysters


macs shack fried oysters.jpg


Fried clams


macs shack fried clams.jpg


Fish and chips


macs shack fish and chips.jpg


Lobster tostadas


macs shack lobster tostada.jpg


Everyone has returned to the real world other than myself, my husband, and my nephew.  One more breakfast and then this food adventure is over until next month, when we are back for Columbus Day weekend and then the locally famous Wellfleet Oysterfest the following weekend.

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The last breakfast.  We went back to the Fairway.  My nephew's pancakes


fairway pancakes.jpg


My California benedict (with tomato and avocado)


fairway california bnedict.jpg


My husband's Nanny's benedict (over potato pancakes)


fairway nanny benedict.jpg


And now it's off to the food store to get ready for some home cooking.  See you on the Dinner! thread.



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  • 1 month later...

 I am back in Wellfleet for Columbus Day weekend.  We actually have the house rented through a week from Monday, but have to go back home for a few days to work and attend a funeral.  We are here through Monday, and then back again next Friday through next Monday.  Next weekend is Oysterfest and always a lot of fun.  I'll chronicle it here.  We are having a pretty mellow weekend in anticipation of next weekend's craziness.


This is the porch of our rental house on Wellfleet harbor, where we eat many meals




The view from the table:




Yesterday it was just my niece, my husband and I, and we had lunch at Mac's Shack.  My niece's poke salad:


macs tuna poke.jpg


My husband's lobster tostadas


macs lobster tostada.jpg


And my flounder paillard


macs flounder paillard.jpg


Heading to Provincetown in a bit.  Here's last night's sunset


friday sunset 2.jpg

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Saturday we returned to Mac's Fish House in Provincetown for lunch.  Oysters broiled with garlic herb butter


macs ptown oysters french.jpg


Fried calamari


macs ptown fried calamari.jpg


Salmon hand roll


macs ptown salmon handroll.jpg


Tempura fried spicy tuna stuffed avocado


macs ptown avocado.jpg


Warm lobster roll


macs ptown lobster roll.jpg


Burger with salad


macs fish house burger.jpg


Flounder BLT


macs ptown flounder blt.jpg


Fish sandwich


macs ptown fishwich.jpg


Brownie with chocolate sauce and ice cream


macsptown brownie.jpg


Creme brulee


macsptown creme brulee.jpg


And this morning some of us went to breakfast at the Wicked Oyster in Wellfleet




Huevos rancheros


wicked oyster huevos rancheros.jpg


Omelet stuffed with bacon, avocado, and sour cream


wicked oyster coastal omelet.jpg


Banana walnut pancakes


wicked oyster banana walnut pancakes.jpg


Blueberry pancakes


wicked oyster blueberry pancakes.jpg


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Here is my report of Wellfleet Oysterfest.  First, we were all shocked to learn, two days before 'fest, that there was a norovirus outbreak in Wellfleet that was potentially caused by contamination of the shellfish beds in Wellfleet harbor, an unprecedented event.  This led to the complete closure of all shellfisheries in Wellfleet.  It was going to be an Oysterfest with no oysters!  The organizers brought in oysters from other areas of the Cape, but made the decision to not have any raw shellfish served.  So, this was very much a different Oysterfest than in prior years.  I feel so badly for the shellfishermen in Wellfleet, as Oysterfest weekend accounts for a good chunk of their winter income.  Anyway, on to some photos.


Day One, Saturday


Despite the lack of raw oysters, the festival was completely packed!




This photo was taken at around 11AM.  As the day went on, it got more and more crowded, to the point that you could not get near the food tents.  We ended up leaving earlier than planned due to the crowds.  


Backside bakes quahog balls 


backside bakes quohog balls.jpg


Chequesett chocolate pot du creme


chequesett chocolate pot du creme.jpg


Clam cake from a stand I forget the name of


clam cake.jpg


Offerings at Eat this Shellfish


eat this shellfish.jpg


Lemon sugar crepe from Cape Cod Cones


lemon sugar crepe.jpg


Banana nutella crepe from same


nutella banana crepe.jpg


Clam and crab cakes from Harmons (our favorite of the day)


harmons clam cakes.jpg


Tabasco-lime oysters from Winslows Tavern


winslows tabasco oysters.jpg


Porky's Concessions, featuring the "BBQ Sundae" (we did not try)




Fried dough


porks fried dough.jpg


and a sausage sub 


porkys sausage sub.jpg


The menu at Fairway's stall


faireway menu.jpg


Not food, but I thought I would show the necklace that my husband bought for me from one of the vendors.  It is created from a c.1830 watch fob.  It is lucky for his wallet that I don't like traditional jewelry, this is my style


necklace 2.jpg


No festival is complete without kettle corn


kettle corn.jpg


And of course I have to show you last night's sunset


satursday sunset flat.jpg


with concurrent moon rise behind the dunes


moon 3.jpg


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On 8/28/2016 at 8:41 AM, blue_dolphin said:

@liamsaunt, your photographs are just stunning.  Granted, you've got some pretty wonderful subject matter in those gorgeous dishes, but you've done a magnificent job in capturing them.  Thank you for sharing.


Agreed. I want to go.

Don't ask. Eat it.


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Day two  of Oysterfest, Sunday.  Unfortunately, day two of fest corresponded with a 1PM Patriots game, so all guys in my group decided to stay at the house to watch.  So, the samplings are limited to what I tried along with my sister, niece and nephew.


First up, breakfast crepe with spinach, tomato, potato, cheddar and egg


breakfast crepe.jpg


My niece had a coffee frozen yogurt pop for breakfast, because she could


buzz bar.jpg


nephew went for a mango smoothie


mango smoothie.jpg


Hatch's booth




Mac's booth


macs menu.jpg


and their grilled oysters with garlic butter (oysters from Dennis)


macs rosted oysters.jpg


buttermilk fried oysters (from Dennis)


wicked oyster fried oyster.jpg


At the shuck off, on the right is Mac Hay, the organizer of the festival and owner of Mac's Shack, Mac's Fish House Provincetown, and fish markets in Wellfleet, Truro, Ptown, and Eastham.



And shuckers in action, last year's champion Calen from Wellfleet on left, and this year's champion "some guy from Newport so I forget his name" on right


calen 2.jpg


One last sunset end


sunday end.jpg

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