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PMS: Tell it Like It Is. Your cravings, Babe (Part 2)

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Well, if you don't mind diverting from the PMS theme for just a moment, when I was pregnant with my first I had really awful, lose 25 pounds morning sickness. The day I felt well enough to eat a piece of toast, my ex-husband tried to nick a piece and I smacked his hand without thought.

And despite my healthy sustainable soap box, with my second it was onion rings dipped in chocolate shake. EVERY DAY.

“Don't kid yourself, Jimmy. If a cow ever got the chance, he'd eat you and everyone you care about!”
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I haven't seen this thread in awhile. I've not been posting on it, because my cravings are boring and repetitive. Beef, beer, bourbon, chocolate. How many times can I post "Cheeseburgers. Lots of them, and stout."

This month, though...I just crave food, and a load of it. I'm eating like I'm pregnant (no way, never, hell no, nuh uh). This morning, a fast bite before work, just to stablize the old blood sugar, a pile of turkey deli meat, a chunk of sharp cheddar, and a torpedo roll, eaten as is, not in a sandwich or anything. Lunch, at 11:30 was a burrito made with leftover beans, some corn, cheese, onions, stuff, sauces, hot peppers, sour cream, more stuff...but the tortilla was one of those kind that doubles as a market umbrella. So, that should be satisfying, right? My stomach was growling about 20 minutes ago, so I just ate a bowl of last night's leftover rigationi abruzze (did I spell that right? The kind with sausage and hot peppers). Then I topped it up with a generous handful of little ginger cookies, and a glass of milk. I SHOULD be comatose, or dead or something. I'm not, because now I'm planning dinner.

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well, i haven't been posting since it seems i am finally, ALMOST done. i have had cravings but that is in relation to my oral surgery. having been living on extremely soft foods(mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, meatloaf, chicken noodle soup) i crave CRUNCH!! when all my appliances are done i want a salad of iceberg lettuce with blue cheese, bacon and red french dressing and either a piece of fried chicken or fish and chips.

carry on young 'uns.

Nothing is better than frying in lard.

Nothing.  Do not quote me on this.


Linda Ellerbee

Take Big Bites

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A couple days ago I snarfed down most of a bag of cheese twists, the puffy kind. A large bag. It was store brand, not even Cheetos. I followed up with pate and melba crackers.

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Um, I really want a pimento cheese grilled cheese sandwich. Baked beans, the really good home-made kind, sweet, smoky and spicy, with a load of black pepper, and grilled hot dog pieces floating in them. (This is usually the day-after-the-barbecue style). Espresso brownies. Jet-black bitter, kick-in-the-face dark beer, like the kind that makes Guinness look like lemonade.

I've been fantasizing about these foods. Good thing I'm having a barbecue this weekend, I've got some of those bases covered. I might just make a batch of pimento cheese, just cuz.

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Fritos. They’re usually pretty gross to me. 
  Cheesecake with a super buttery gram cracker crust. 
 Apple slices with a ton of peanut butter. 
Lays dipped in ketchup. 
Old Amsterdam Gouda 18 months. 
Fresh blackberries. 


No wonder I’m concerned about my diet!! 🙄😂

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