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  1. I no longer have this problem due to age, but in the past it was all about Champagne, chocolate, and potato chips, popcorn or anything salty.
  2. We're doing this: Roast chicken Deviled eggs Candied yams Cornbread dressing Gravy Mashed potatoes Whole cranberry sauce from a can Korbel and Beaujolais to drink
  3. Welcome!! I envy your living in France!
  4. Orbit

    Lunch 2019

    Lunch in an Argentinian restaurant in Monterrey, Mexico. Very large beef....
  5. Greetings from Santiago, Mexico (near Monterrey) Day of the Dead display.
  6. Thanks! I'll be sure not to leave them in too long.
  7. I crack them on a flat surface, and ocassionally end up with a mess if I crack harder than is needed.
  8. Newbie question: Can you put pizza dough in the freezer for use later?
  9. Reviving this thread to ask a question. When using a bread machine, do you sift the salt and sugar in with the flour, or mix it together? Or do you just dump it on top of the flour?
  10. Orbit

    Roast poultry porn

    I just roasted a chicken on Saturday and forgot to take a picture....It's chicken salad now!
  11. Interesting. Perhaps the servers have an unconscious idea that men want extra food/sauce. They might not even realize they're doing it.
  12. I recently had my first gout attack (ouch!) and was looking at gout cookbooks on Amazon. I wondered if anyone here was similarly afflicted and had recommendations. There were so many I couldn't decide between them!
  13. Miracle Whip is fine by me. I combine it with ketchup on burgers. I never put ketchup on eggs, it kills the delicate flavor.
  14. Does anyone know what the "fake" burger is made of? I have gout and have to avoid things like dried beans etc.
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