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  1. For opening shellfish. Probably oysters.
  2. I intend changing not one jot because it's easter. Meaningless to me. However, I do intend to consume fried Goose egg on toast for breakfast, a snooze. Half a doz Oysters on the half shell for a late lunch with possibly lamb chops and chips. For supper the other half dozen oysters if they survive lunch. D
  3. Breakfast! 2018

    Welcome to the eG boards @moesurf. You have made an impressive start. D
  4. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Got them on the Island, but they sure as hell weren't grown here
  5. Satay from scratch

    @JohnT That is what I thought.D
  6. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    That all looks wonderful. Will you share what is the medium the Escargot is in please. D
  7. MAP-Pro Torches

    I store my Map and my ordinary domestic blow lamp on my verandah, about two feet from where I'm sitting now. The gas if it leaks will head to the floor and the answer is ventilation. My Map is stored with valve on as it's autospark. My Colman blow lamp is stored with the valve head fitted and ready to go. I don't really worry as they are very safe. Ive got that much LP gas here I wouldn't stand a chance. Oh, I live in a wooden chalet. Matchwood. I'm very careful. D
  8. Anyone using a LP Gas stove?

    Yep. If I want fast high heat I have a small compact camping stove that I can turn to. I had a whole new learning curve when I had to have electric. D
  9. Anyone using a LP Gas stove?

    Many years ago in UK an odd caravan would blow up. LPG is heavier than air it would leak in the caravan sink to the floor and on striking a match would ignite. The manufactures learnt to then store the gas bottle on the outside of the van with a safety valve. They are this way now. I use LPG for my heating and hot water, supplied in tanks that are outside on a manifold. It also burns hotter than natural gas. My cooking is electric and has to be as LP cookers can't be installed near a window here. You need the ventilation though as LPG is 15% water. If it's not vented damp mould will ensue. The manifold is tested on every delivery for leaks by pouring a mix of water and detergent over the valve then watch for bubbles. On this Island many homes run on LPG as they are rural and have access problems for a gas line. It's also expensive as we need to import it. Any burners for LPG need adapting and checking of same. Treated with care Iv'e had no problems. D
  10. I went to see him in early February. He visited the Island with his "Ten Food Commandments" book tour. He did an hour or so on his new book ( very Funny ) Then he did an hour Q&A and general discussion with the audience. I asked him where does he get his nice jackets from and he told me and then why he wasn't on here anymore. He didn't know we were still going. I put him straight on that one. I was a reference he made in a book that got me to these boards. He finished with " A nightingale Sings in Berkeley Sq" played on a beautiful grand piano. Great fun. D
  11. @Nathan on BBC Radio 4.

    Yes sorry you have identified him correctly. Enjoy. D
  12. @Nathan on BBC Radio 4.

    Indeed he is. Make sure you listen again it's a worthwhile discussion. D
  13. Half way thru Giles Coren. How to eat Out. A very funny and irreverent look at dining out.He is of course an absolute snob just like his father. Also underway is The Angry Chef, Anthony Warner. A wonderful rant about food science or lack of it. He has a blog by the same name. Worth a look. D
  14. FYI. On todays Food Programme, BBC Radio 4 which will be podcasted I think tomorrow after its repeat. He outlined the Bread tome, and I found very interesting the economics of bread. It's all a bit beyond me as a Coeliac most of it is out of my reach. One can listen to it on Radio 4 website. Furthermore R4 is my constant companion and the last bastion of civilisation
  15. Cooking Issues Podcast

    Ive been listening on and off for a few years. Nearly always enjoyed it. The Kitchen Cabinet is a very good podcast. It's an extended version of the BBC Radio 4 programme. The host is Jay Rayner. Also listen to "The Fridge Light" from CBC radio. I have to be driving or something long and tedious.......like gardening! Almost never listen at home as I don't have the boredom Gene when home...never.D