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  1. Offal: Sourcing, Cooking, Eating

    liuzhou and teonzo. Thank you. Is there some membrane to remove pre or post sous vide cooking and is it difficult?
  2. I don't travel much, but have family connection in HK so really looking forward to this.
  3. Offal: Sourcing, Cooking, Eating

    Whilst I await the delivery of Offal cookbook. Whats with the soaking of chicken livers in milk. Is it absolutely necessary? Next Q.. What to do with an Ox Tongue. This is solely for work sandwiches and will not appear in another dish. I've only recently found a butcher that can supply them so new territory. TIA D
  4. Offal: Sourcing, Cooking, Eating

    I have just put this in my basket. Thanks for the recommendation.
  5. @gfweb Thanks for this and duly noted. D
  6. Many moons ago when I worked on the engineering shop floor the machinery would be switched off at 10 and back on again at 10-15 prompt. This in honesty wasn't the " office " tea break. The timings were strict as we years ago had to fight to get a tea break at all and once in place the old brit adage came to the fore, use or lose it. D
  7. Quite right too. Northern Englishman here, everything should stop for tea at about, Prompt 10am...Then we can eat tea at about 5-6 ish. It's just the rest of the world that's wrong. We'll show those damnable european peasants the error of there ways. Arrrghh...Angry now
  8. Pardon my ignorance but why the mention of garlic, are you referring to pickled garlic? D
  9. liuzhou. I do exactly the same and no living alone makes it worse. Unless I'm being really switched on ( not often ) I just buy too much food then beat myself up for being stupid. The only trick I employ is trying not to be hungry when I shop. Doofa
  10. Chef's shortcuts

    Ah, Iv'e just gone down same rabbit hole.
  11. Canning Jar Lids

    WOW. What a fantastic response to my amateur question. Thank you one and all so much. ( I knew that I would get a super response) D
  12. Canning Jar Lids

    Q. Can canning jar lids be re-used? I have made a version of " Starbucks Bites" sous vide. First batch of four has been successful. I want to know if the two part preserving jar lids can be re-used or do I need a fresh lid per process. TIA....D
  13. Thanks @Shelby for suggestion. I split the difference with you and went for 9 minutes. Result, one solid boiled goose egg with no discoloration whatsoever. Next I will go for 8 minutes to make laying on a sandwich easier. Thanks again. D
  14. Finally I'm a member of the IP community. I have been reading up on the"pot"on these super informative threads and suddenly have the urge to try a pressure cooked goose egg, well as soon as I take the soup out of the IP that is. Has any of my learned friends an idea of a time and pressure. My eggs are ≈ 150gms or around 3 medium hens eggs. Would I just treble the suggested cooking times used up thread, or is there a formula? TIA. Artichokes are now on my list. D
  15. Just curious and It's a job cleaning my rig