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  1. Thank you so much for taking time to show us everything. Really enjoyed this. D
  2. Well thank you so much. It's been a wonderful trip and I'm very glad to tag along. Tx. D
  3. We need more photo's Andie. Fascinating. D
  4. Very much looking forward to this. Have a safe trip. D
  5. Well high damn. I can't even get one first hand in the UK never mind second hand. I have an email from the company stating that they have no current plans for release in the UK.
  6. For under two years my choice is Instapot which is used on a weekly/daily basis and my latest acquisition a Watanabe Gyuto knife which is used/worshipped every day. Love them both. I leave out quite a lot of other stuff as like @btbyrd I'm a fairly early adopter so much of my kit is older than two years. Chamber vac and Polyscience circulator are well over time. All as a result of egullet and what I have learned here. D
  7. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2017)

    Do you mean sprayed with butter. I have never seen one of those before. D
  8. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    Keep your head down man. You are in my thoughts. I've never experienced more than a force 10 from inshore, can't imagine. Take care and keep us updated if you can. D
  9. Hi Tom. Well done. I'm now encouraged to have another go myself. I did manage it when the MC books hit the market, which I still cook from and enjoy. I shall continue to watch your post with interest and welcome to the boards of culinary information. Almost all you need is here. D
  10. @TomRahav Can you let us know how you get on with your quest. D
  11. Thank you very much @Tropicalseniorfor the recipe, very kind of you. When I get a break in my current cooking schedule I will give it a go. I have the coeliac under control for the most part, I just make most of what I eat. D
  12. @Tropicalsenior Please do post the recipe. New York cheesecake is my favourite. I have to modify the recipe as I'm a Coeliac, so hopefully this one will yield. Tx. D
  13. @rotuts Thanks for the rotation. I have a variety of cutting boards and two very large polythene(?) catering boards which are my fav for use with my better knives, Shun, Tojiro and now the Watanabe. Several composite boards make up the rest. I'm very picky about my boards and knives. Correct it is the Gyuto 180mm and the stone its on is reclaimed sandstone from a very old cottage. I am looking into the Edge pro system as you suggested. Currently I have a similar Lansky system and was wondering if there was a favourable comparison between the two systems. Yes they are stunning and I suspect it won't be my last purchase. The silly pic in the middle is my pathetic take on the "Bourdain" chef jacket moniker. I'd like that as a header on my notepaper but have never seen it a avatar type picture.
  14. @rotuts Sorry for delay. Knife is from Watanabe. I got put onto them after reading a post by you about import duty. I jumped down that "rabbit hole" and popped ups having bought one. I'm virtually besotted with it. I now need a sharpening regime/system so am looking for advice from these boards. After a couple of days it claimed its first casualty...my finger. I have a superstition that any knife I have will have to cut me before I can master it. I'm leaning towards a sharpening system as I'm not much good freehand. I also need to understand why my ceramic Honing steel is out. I'll try post a shot now ( this is a first ) This one needs rotating and not sure how. I opted for the D shaped handle as I have learnt from my Shuns that they feel a better grip in my hands.
  15. The gyuto has arrived with it's Saya. I'm delighted with it. A question I have. Do any of you owners of the Saya cover use any further oil treatment on it.