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  1. I think it is a super idea. I don't use kindle for various reasons but I do wish this was the norm. D
  2. Thinking of odd snacking at odd times Iv'e recently started on Toast left to go cold then a few Anchovies and heaven awaits. This can happen at anytime.
  3. In my experience and some time ago I did a temp test in my slow cooker, It does get hotter than you think. Personally I think its a fast way to ruin your tagine. A slow cooker delivers heat all over the inside of the cooker and all that surface area is or should be in contact with the pot. Your tagine would not be. Although it would get radiant heat from the sides and conductive heat from contact. I wouldn't, and you lose the benefit of the lid. Light a BBQ grill outside having a hot end and a cooler end and play with the pot on that. Then when and if it explodes its not on your nice clean stove top. Bottom line. Tagines are made to perform in a certain way as are crockpots. D
  4. Buying Japanese knives (UK)

    Welcome to the pleasure dome @rich66 crumple this desire of yours I took advice from these boards and shipped in a Watanabe Gyuto. its my finest bit of kit. My other knives are Tojiro which are super for heavy veg stuff. My finer knives are Shun. All very good at what they do. The star though is the Watanabe, shipped direct, signed by the maker and staggeringly sharp. Ive shaved with it. I bought a wooden Sabe to go with it.It's a lot less than you are considering. Damascus doesn't make it sharper just prettier.The Watanabe is folded steel, beautiful pattern and an absolute pleasure to use.Other members to these boards have the same knive. D
  5. Well funny enough. When I began living alone some ten or so years ago now I learnt early on to get a bit selfish with my time. I executed long winded meals and menu to please entirely myself. When my ex and I were together we rarely ate before 9pm. Now alone as you do, it is when or if the fancy takes me. It's not healthy though but I'm so selfish with my time now I think I will always eat late and for the most part I like it this way. I am an owl person and useless in the mornings. I may have toast if anything at all but only if home and not working. The freedom to eat...aren't we lucky to be us.
  6. Last night it was almost 1am. That was very unusual for me. Usually I tend to eat later 10pm is a good average. If I have had a large lunch I may not eat a meal again until the following breakfast/lunch. I prefer later eating should I go out to eat, but generally I'll go with whatever fits in with others, especially if they have young families. I also tend to eat often on a whim with no plan whatsoever. Considering I'm obsessed with food I couldn't plan a round of toast. I should add I live alone and have to consider only myself.
  7. Cuts and scrapes

    I have wiped my blade on my apron and slashed the fabric not far from my femoral artery. I think lack of concentration and some red fluid in a glass had something to do with it.
  8. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Ah, I stand enlightened. Definitely no apologies required. Thanks. D
  9. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    BSOA = ? No idea SINL = Sister in Law ? is this one correct
  10. @andiesenji What a beautiful piece and super historian you are. We all should treasure you. There, my first digital treasure. D
  11. Well, I'm so pleased that others jump through a few hoops too. Thanks
  12. I am currently using one or two of my sieve's. As I have done for years, however I have never found a way to quickly clean them PIA. I have no jet wash just a hot tap ( pretty primitive here although I have masses of equipment ) Can the Eg family help out with odd tips and methods. Currently I am dipping a conventionally done chicken stock, against an instapot chicken stock for a side by side. Thank you one and all, I love this place. D
  13. Thank you so much for taking time to show us everything. Really enjoyed this. D
  14. Well thank you so much. It's been a wonderful trip and I'm very glad to tag along. Tx. D
  15. We need more photo's Andie. Fascinating. D