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  1. I have only just found this topic and have thoroughly enjoyed it start to finish. Please may I request a continuation @liuzhou.
  2. My gripe is Maple Syrup, hate the stuff. Couple of decades ago I was visiting Florida with the family and friends. One morning we all trooped into a IHOP for breakfast and ordered, obviously, pancakes. I seem to recall someone pouring the maple syrup over mine. One mouthful and that was it. All I could taste then for the whole day was the syrup. I have been avoiding the smell of it ever since.
  3. Yes. I love this method and I'm the same about judging doneness. D
  4. My oh my. What crap news. I've watched, listened and read him for years. His "Les Halles" book is on my permanent access cookbook stand and has never been filed away. I just read my entry in it and it's September 2008. Ive just added Mort 08/06/18. What a bloody shame. YouTube is going to notice some heavy traffic now. I'll be one of them. Thinking of his family and friends now. Very sad. D
  5. I have just bought a very fresh Turbot. It is my first one. I'm asking for cooking suggestions for what I understand is one of the best fish in the world. TIA D
  6. Doofa

    Dinner 2018

    @liuzhou Thank you for the link. Thats really interesting stuff. I'm going to add it to my list of things to try. D
  7. Doofa

    Dinner 2018

    @liuzhou I want it all. Whats Pork Floss?
  8. Doofa

    Breakfast! 2018

    @liuzhou What temp is it? I've just had very late snack of 4 crumpets with Brie cheese and big slice of Victoria sponge cake. Now I'm slugged. D
  9. Doofa

    Dinner 2018

    You crease me at times
  10. Isn't all that chicken butchery a thing of beauty. Oh to have access to such chickens. And the chicken skin, oh my. Thanks to @btbyrd for sharing, I've now subscribed. D
  11. No. Waste of money. @btbyrd nailed it.
  12. Oh my that looks good. I love those lovely spears too. I'm now hungry and it is 00:03 here, I may have to do something about this. D
  13. @liuzhou Thanks for sharing. I remember watching him through the series in 2010. I honestly had him tagged as a winner. He has popped up as a judge in subsequent years. What a lesson. D
  14. Doofa

    Dinner 2018

    I make some dishes because I'm off my head some of my best meals. Well done looks super. D
  15. I'll never visit Vietnam, but I don't need to. I just read about your visit. What a superb lesson in sharing and describing an experience. I'm in awe of your descriptive process of a visit to another country. Thank you for this. D
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