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  1. Does that mean it's made from oranges? If so, I'm floored!
  2. OMG Phillippe's mustard! Since leaving LA I crave it!
  3. Korbel is importing Prosecco from Italy now, and slapping their label on it. It's good, very apple-y.
  4. I'm having a Domaine William Fevre Chablis (2018), and it's fabulous.
  5. Orbit

    Dinner 2021

    You must share your secret of how you get your shrimp to float in midair. 🙂
  6. Orbit

    Dinner 2021

    Some iberico ham, manchego cheese, rosemary crackers and Champagne for dinner....
  7. I find that wine.com makes this easy, letting you sort by price and rating.
  8. Orbit

    Dinner 2021

    Tortilla Espanola tonight!
  9. OK, stupid question here: I cook pizza on a baking stone in my (electric) oven. Would I get noticeably better results with a baking steel?
  10. Orbit

    Dinner 2021

    The eastern part of the state, rural in the middle of nowhere....
  11. Orbit

    Dinner 2021

    I wish you could smell this! My faux cassoulet
  12. Orbit

    Dinner 2021

    Bacon and shallot quiche tonight
  13. A simple gin and tonic today
  14. So it sounds like it would be ideal, but not strictly necessary for those uses. I'd always wondered. Thanks!
  15. Another absurdly basic cooking question: Why Wondra? Some recipes specify Wondra instead of all purpose flour. Is there an actual reason for this?
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